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Houseboy sounds good, right? Just looking at the cover of the film, you probably know what you’re getting yourself into. The film is about two boys (Steven and Justin) working as house cleaners who’d do anything to please the customer. They wipe the furniture nice and slow and even wear jockstraps to add more pleasure to the eyes.

HouseboyThe storyline is fairly simple. Mark can’t make it to a customer because he is preoccupied by this hot guy in his bed so he sends his friend, Steven, to do the job for him. Steven is hesitant at first, but eventually agrees.

The next scene shows Steven being welcomed by Neil, the customer. Though Neil just finished having sex, it does not stop him from being turned on by Steven. Mesmerized by Steven, all Neil does is watch the houseboy do the duties wearing only a jockstrap. Neil does not touch the boy in their first meeting together but lets Steven go with a generous tip.

In between stories, other scenes include Justin being hired by a male couple only to know that he isn’t there to clean houses. Another shows Steven hooking up with two guys whom he met online. But back to the story, Steven goes back to Neil and tells him that he can't be a houseboy anymore. And, with this decision, comes a benefit: he can screw around with the customer without any strings attached.

This film is for just about anyone. It's categories can be under twinks, muscle, fetish (underwear), role play, group, and so much more. The director did a good job in making sure an audience of wide variety will enjoy this film.

As for the performers, the main actors Steven, Justin, and Neil are gorgeous. Steven and Justin are toned athletic young guys who enjoy hooking up and having fun. Beautiful and toned, and they leave the viewers asking for more. Neil, on the other hand, is a beautifully built man who has an even more beautiful package. These hunks knows how to look good in front of a camera. Aside from these main characters, I cannot say the same for the supporting cast. Some of them are pretty, but some of them are just bland. But still, the number of beautiful handsome guys trumps the boring-looking guys. It is worth it, I would say.

In terms of the sex, you can expect pretty much everything normal (whatever your standards are): blowjobs, doggie-style, missionary, rimiming. I'm a big underwear fanatic and this film did good in that area. Everything from CKs, 2xist, and lots of hip hugging fabric really spiced the scene. I especially liked Neil in his first scene where he only wears ordinary white undies. But when you see his package gaining momentum, I tell you, if Neil would have worn anything tighter the underwear would have torn.

Two scenes of group action can be enjoyed. The thing about a three-way is there is always that one person who can't connect with the other two. This was very much seen when Steven had his two guys, one of which can't really seem to connect. Maybe it is just me, but it was actually funny how this guy tried. The more he tried, it made it look more amateurish.

Though I liked Neil and his body, I was very disappointed with his sex scenes. Neil is what I like to call a "lazy top." He pretty much stays still all throughout his scene till they change into a missionary position where he thrusts his member into his partner. It was a bit boring to see him being licked, sucked, and even sat on to have sex. He only moves during the missionary position and when he stands up to get sucked. But hey, if you're as gorgeous as he is, maybe it is fine after all. As you would expect, there is a lot of twink action which doesn't necessarily scream hardcore. But in return, you still get to see hot young guys having fun in all their naked glory.

The background and settings are not bad. Camera angles could have been better. It was very funny when I heard a voice (maybe the director's) in the middle of a scene. Also, the music was both a turn on and a turn off. I wished they'd kept the music on during the sex scenes, because when they turned it off suddenly it felt as if I was watching an amateur film rather than a studio-worked film.

Overall, this film is pretty good. If you're looking for hot guys (slim, athletic, toned) this is the right one. Explore the boys of Europe and see how they fulfill their sexual desires.


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