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Categories: Pro Studio, Fetish, Bareback

Triple Play

Whoa! That was my constant cry as I watched this Hot Desert Knight video starring one of my favorite men in porn, Will West. This amazing video features oral, anal, and fisting (hence the title) and while I am not a fisting fan I was thoroughly aroused by this video.

Triple PlayStarring only five men (Will West, RJ, Musclecub, Mac and Chris Cohand) in one extended scene, Triple Play manages to keep you turned on throughout. There is no plot, just a bunch of guys in a room going through extremes to please each other. There is so much action here I lost track of who was fucking and/or fisting who, but I have to say it was all deliciously arousing.

Besides Will West, the actor that turns me on the most here is RJ, a shaved-head, bespectacled, bearded guy who tops, fists and bottoms like a beast from hell. One of the hottest scenes here is when RJ fucks the hell out of Will West with his big dick ("I'm fucking seeing stars, man!" Will cries at one point), and after RJ dumps his load in Will's ass RJ is abruptly and brutally fucked by Chris Cohand, whose ass had previously been used and thoroughly abused by cocks and fists. It is a truly awesome moment and guaranteed to make you want to shoot all over the place.

Mac and Chris Cohand take the brunt of penetration here, but everyone gets fucked and fisted in Triple Play, allowing the bottoms to "get their revenge" on their tormentors in amazingly raunchy ways. Assholes get fucked by both cocks and fists, often simultaneously, and you'll get off on all the deliriously dirty dialogue throughout: "You've got a greedy fucking butt."; "I'm fucking spear-fucking your hole."; "Ride daddy's dick -- good boy!"; "You can take care of a whole party, can't you boy?".

There's not enough oral sex to please this oral hound, but that is a small quibble considering the intensity of the scenes here. There are plenty of closeups of big cocks plunging into tight holes, and fist-fucking enthusiasts will certainly get off on the extreme erotic scenes where assholes get fucked by dicks and fists all at once. There is even double-fisting, which made this viewer dizzy with wonder that a butthole could take so much! A special touch: Musclecub has a ruler tattooed along his arm so you can see how far he fist-fucks!

At the end of Triple Play there aren't the usual end-of-scene cumshots but there is plenty of grunting, screaming and laughter amongst the players. I love it when Will West tries to fuck Musclecub some more even after everyone is thoroughly spent. You can tell that these men had a great, mind-altering experience, and that's enough to get you off and send your own cum flying all over the computer screen.

The Crisco sure drips and flies in Triple Play, and while personally I wouldn't let a fist in my ass this video shows the absolute ecstasy that can be had during such an experience.


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Categories: Pro Studio, Bareback

100% Bareback Beef

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This Hot Desert Knights offering, 100% Bareback Beef, is a bareback lover's feast from sweaty start to dripping finish. By the side of a red jeep Jay Benjamin feeds his plump and juicy dick to Larry Wolf, stuffing his mouth and throat, rubbing the drooling head along Larry's crack and (after a thorough rimming) thrusting balls-deep into his hole. "Hold that ass still, boy," warns Jay as he fucks Larry's well-greased hole. Jay is a hot fucker and he looks great paired with hungry Larry Wolf in this first scene.

I love Will West and I enjoyed his scene with hung stud Ben Gunn who gives him a sensuous body massage before fucking his mouth and ass. Horny Will gets a go at Ben's butt, showing as little mercy as was shown to him, until he shoots inside Ben, droplets of cum spilling all over as he withdraws and shoves his dick back in. The scene ends with Will covered in Ben's jizz, licking and sucking the cream off the fat dark cock.

Scene 3 brings together sexy bears Steve Hurley and Steve Parker. The oral action between these two is intense; Hurley growls like a dangerous beast as he devours Parker's asshole. Parker then takes Hurley's beefy cock inside him with gusto, delighting in the thickness drilling at his hole. Parker drinks Hurley's cum straight off the cock and shoots his own juice across Hurley's chest and stomach, licking it off the sweaty hairy flesh.

Next we see Jay Benjamin taking kickboxing lessons with Damien. They're interrupted by wrestlers Jeff Allen and Chad Adams but the kickboxers will not give up the practice space. A struggle ensues; Jay and Damien force the wrestlers to give them head and eventually to bend over and get fucked. After Jay shoots a healthy load in Jeff's mouth (one of the video's hottest moments) they are joined by Larry Wolf, Ben Gunn, Will West and Steve Parker for some rough energetic group sex. At nearly thirty minutes in length, this last scene turned me on so much I couldn't wait to spill my load along with these hunks.

100% Bareback Beef is a fun little scorcher that will leave you dripping in sweat and cum. Highly recommended!


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Categories: Pro Studio, Fetish, Bareback

Cum Fucking Skinheads

After a lengthy introduction showing the upcoming action, Cum Fucking Skinheads begins in a bar with a skinhead in a white tank top sucking off another skinhead. A third skinhead in a black tank top, muscled arms and neck thick with tattoos, strides in and promptly pisses on the cocksucker. A fourth guy wanders inside and is quickly forced into submission.

As the bottoms are spit and pissed on, gagged and fucked, the guy in the black tank top pisses all over the place, getting sucked, fucking, pissing some more, and having enough left to pour into a glass for one of the guys to drink -- and staying hard throughout! Forget sprinklers, this guy's all you need to keep your lawn watered. This amazing scene ends with thick creamy loads and more piss.

The second scene takes place at the same bar, where two guys fondle each other and make out. One goes down on the other who smokes a cigarette and drinks beer while he gets sucked. Here it's beer and not piss that flows abundantly, poured over one guy's asshole while getting rimmed. A good, energetic scene, not as intense as the previous one but no less arousing.

Next, Leslie Blue, also featured in the first scene, sits in a bathroom stall watching Alfredo take a copious piss in a urinal before kneeling to take him in his mouth. Alfredo chokes Leslie with cock and piss, then pounds his ass and cums in his mouth, and then rinsing it with extra pee like a water pick.

In scene 4, we see the second bottom from the first scene inside a red-and-green cell, sitting naked on the floor. A tall lean man in an orange jacket enters the room and makes the guy lick his beer-splashed boots before forcing his long uncut prick down his throat. This top is a snarling, spitting fuck-and-piss machine. With quick and brutal thrusts he makes his prisoner gag till he's choking and drooling on the floor, and then he fucks his ass without mercy, bending him every which way to drill him deeper.

I don't consider myself much of a watersports aficionado, but the scenes in this movie had me wanting to blow my load many times. There is something incredibly hot about watching hard cocks streaming arc after arc of piss, fountains of it drenching eager, thirsty mouths and butts. With a great-looking cast of rough fuckers, Cum Fucking Skinheads features intensely aggressive sex and rivers of male juice. If you're a fan of Cazzo Films you'll enjoy this offering from Raptor Entertainment.


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Categories: Pro Studio, Bareback

Dungeon Gang Bang

At the beginning of Dungeon Gang Bang, Steve Tuck and Jarod Steel are the ones getting banged, but soon more men are offering up their holes, struck with a severe case of cock-fever. The video alternates between shots of group action and extended scenes focusing on several of the performers. The cum flows early and constantly throughout. Guys who at one moment are fucking ass without mercy are later getting plowed themselves; watching and hearing these men enjoying each other is enough to make one want to be part of the festivities.

While everyone's great here, Ardon Masters and Steve Tuck are the star pigs in this orgy. Their raunchy enthusiasm for sex is extraordinary and they share some of the hottest moments in Dungeon Gang Bang. Ardon is sinuously versatile, fucking ass as hard as he can take it himself. "Cum in those guts," he cries before Leo Sargent breeds his hole after a long hard fuck. When Jarod cums on Ardon's ass and back, Steve greedily laps the juice while getting fucked by Coby Kincade's meaty uncut dick.

Alan Gregory's also fine, fucking Steve good till he creams his hole, and later in the sling getting fucked by Jarod. Bull-necked Hank Cruz pounds Jarod balls-deep, blasting the night's first load and stuffing his prick back in over and over. I liked Tom Colt's devilish gaze and goateed face. He looks great plowing ass and I was sorry he wasn't shown more often.

One of my new favorites is bearded Duke Savage. Duke is one horny fucker, and I fell for his furry chest and his juicy plump cock. I loved the close-ups of Duke's cock sliding wetly in and out of Steve's greedy asshole. In the last scene he joins Ardon and Steve in a steamy threesome. Steve takes two loads from Ardon, and another load from Duke. Steve then fills Ardon's mouth with cum, bringing the video to an end.

Hot Desert Knights once again delivers some of the hottest bareback pig action out there. "I'm fucking cum-hungry," says Ardon Masters at one point; you'll be cum-hungry too after watching Dungeon Gang Bang.


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Categories: Pro Studio, Bareback

Plantin' Seed

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I don't know why I waited so long to finally watch Plantin' Seed, and now that I have I must say it was definitely worth the wait. From the very start this one is a scorcher. Ravenous Joey Sommers milks two cocks at the Folsom Gulch gloryhole and spits their loads into a plastic container. But the action truly begins when Antonio Vela gets his ass fucked by Brad McGuire's huge uncut plower and his mouth attacked by tattooed alpha guy Jesse O'Toole. As they take turns fucking Antonio, ruddy Tom Sawyer licks as much ass as he can handle, which is a lot. Jesse cums inside Antonio's hole twice, and then Brad splashes a great load on Antonio's hole, plunging his cock back in for some more fucking. This is one of the hottest scenes I've ever seen in a porn movie -- but wait, it gets better!

After Joey milks three more cocks and collects their juice, we come to that insatiable pig-bottom Billy Wild getting the banging of a lifetime from Jacob Scott, Jesse O'Toole, Steve Parker, and Jeffery. Rarely have I seen fucking this intense. You can practically smell and feel the heat of these men as they fuck and lick and suck and slurp away at each other. Steve's orgasms are priceless, hot and funny to hear and watch. Jacob Scott, a longtime favorite of mine, is a fierce top here and as he fucks Billy's well-bred hole towards the end, all that cum leaks out in copious amounts, a sight to warm any bareback lover's heart and groin.

Apparently after everyone else left the set, Jesse couldn't leave without stuffing his big pole deep inside Jacob's wonderful ass. One of the best things about this scene is Jacob's grinning like a well-fed child as Jesse fucks and kisses him, and later as Jesse's cream leaks out of him. No faking here; these two are really into each other and we get a ringside seat. Can this get any better? Meanwhile, that indefatigable Joey collects four more loads for his container. What could he possibly be up to?

Next comes lucky Jonas getting bred for the first time. Jake Ryan, Kevin Slater and Jeremy get to do the honors of loading Jonas's hole with spooge while Joey, back from the gloryhole, hungrily sucks and licks them all. As throughout the rest of the video, the talk is dirty, the sex is rough, and the smiles on these horny faces tell of the heart-pounding good time had by all.

But wait, what about Joey's container of cum? In an incredible shot a funnel is inserted into Jonas's asshole and the contents of the container are poured in. While church bells toll, Joey and Jeremy slurp and finger the cum out of Jonas which is poured into a wine glass and drained by Jeremy.

I predict you'll want to watch Plantin' Seed over and over; it's that good.


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