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Mixxxed Nuts

Mixxxed Nuts begins with muscular, curvalicious DeAngelo Jackson washing a red car. He is soon joined by Cody Kyler, who helps him out until they decide their time will be better spent lounging in the backyard by the pool. Once there, Cody wastes no time getting DeAngelo's prong in his hungry mouth. Cody later rides DeAngelo's big dick enthusiastically, his own prick hard and bouncing. DeAngelo rewards him with an awesome load.

Mixxxed NutsScene two features popular Flavaworks model Mr. Saukei and Tony Michaels. Tony pulls a muscle; Saukei offers his help and soon, of course, the hot pair is making out. You'll never think of washing machines the same way again as Mr. Saukei and Tony take turns blowing each other on the washing machine. And then Tony Michaels gets rimmed.

I will take this moment to rhapsodize a bit about Tony's ass: I don't consider myself much of an ass man, but goddamn Tony's got back! What a plump, juicy set of ass cheeks he's got. "Love the way that ass shakes," cries Mr. Saukei as he fucks Tony, and how right he is. I could watch that ass bounce all day, and later on we're treated to some more of that amazing butt in scene four.

The next scene stars Anubis and Brian Werner talking about clubs in Paris. Brian shows Anubis how Paris boys do it and this scene showcases Anubis's memorably noisy rimming of Brian's eager asshole. Yum.

Now we're back to Tony Michaels! Indy invites Tony to his hotel room; the chemistry between these two is great to watch as Tony fucks Indy all kinds of ways with his thick pole before Indy gets a turn at Tony's uber-delicious ass. This is probably my favorite scene in Mixxxed Nuts. Indy sprays cum on Tony's chest who returns the favor by shooting his thick creamy load on Indy's jaw.

In the last scene, DeAngelo and Cody from scene one return, this time plowing the hell out of drunk Frenchman named Jules who claims, "White wine make me always horny." Lavishly tattooed Jules services DeAngelo and Cody with dexterous hands and mouth, then takes Cody up his ass before DeAngelo fills his hole with dark meat. The scene ends with DeAngelo's hot jizz shooting all over his own chiseled abs.

Fans of muscular men and interracial sex should enjoy this Flavaworks title. Though I found it to be predictable, by-the-numbers porn, it's enjoyable enough, with attractive models and arousing sex. And of course there is that jiggly, scrumptious, out-of-this-world Tony Michaels booty -- it will leave you horny and smiling for days, I guarantee it.


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Categories: Pro Studio, Vanilla Suck & Fuck

The Intern (Director's Edition) - Scenes 4 and 5

While this is a review for Michael Lucas' The Intern Director's Edition, I will be focusing on scenes 4 and 5 featuring super-hung Ben Andrews, who plays Benny, geeky intern at Trojan Studios for porn director Alexander Mann, played by Lucas.

The InternA take-off on the television series Ugly Betty, this video is funny and sexy, but it's the sex scenes with "Ugly" Benny that really got me off, especially the scene featuring Christian Cruz playing Lucas' assistant. It is one of my favorite scenes ever.

During the filming of an Alexander Mann video in scene one, Christian catches a glimpse of intern Benny's aroused crotch and becomes so taken by Benny's remarkable bulge that he orchestrates a situation to discover what lies coiled inside Benny's pants. Christian "accidentally" spills coffee all over Benny's lap and they go to the bathroom to clean him up. As Christian takes a towel to wipe off the stain on Benny's lap, Benny's cock grows hard, prompting Christian to ask, "What's this?" and when he takes Benny's pants off he discovers that the new intern is hung to the max.

Christian Cruz is remarkably funny in this scene and has some of the best lines in the video. "Goodness! I think I love you," he says with believable awe as he kneels before Benny and gazes at his humongous dick. And what a dick it is: long, fat and uncut, Ben Andrews' monster cock is definitely awe-inspiring and for me the combination of awkward, bespectacled geekiness and huge cock sent me over the edge. I'm a fan of bespectacled nerdy men and it's great to see a major studio porn scene where the geek is allowed to remain so throughout the scene, wearing his eyeglasses for the entirety of the scene.

Ben Andrews nails the part of soft-spoken, socially-awkward, fashion-challenged Benny wonderfully, breaking the stereotype that nerds can't be sexually attractive. You'll relish watching his gorgeous cock plowing Christian's mouth and Christian's delirium as he takes Ben's dick on. Some of my favorite Christian Cruz lines: "It's like a fucking elephant" (spoken with a mouthful of cock), "Your cock is so big you're gonna make me throw up!" "It's like getting fisted."

Eager to get fucked by Benny's dick, Christian quickly goes through the boxes of different-sized condoms available in the staff restroom till he reaches the "You-Gotta-Be-Kidding" size condoms.

I loved watching Ben Andrews fuck the hell out of Christian Cruz. Ben is not merely a big-dicked stud, he knows how to please a man. He rims Christian with his long and nimble tongue, making Christian cry, "You're a fucking natural," and Ben is a wonderful rimmer; I kept fantasizing about sitting on his face and sucking that wonderful cock.

Christian blows a huge load while getting fucked, and it is awesome to watch him take Ben's load in his mouth, savoring that huge pole and hot cream. When Benny worries that he might get fired for this office indiscretion, Christian assures him that he has job security. Christian later tells his boss, who's been looking for "the next huge cock" that Benny is the real deal. "I started speaking in tongues, I'm in love," Christian tells Michael Lucas. And so Benny gets his moment in the limelight when Alexander Mann decides to feature him in his next video, to the shock and dismay of his crew.

In scene 5 when they see what Benny's packing the crew quickly changes its tune, though Benny's co-star Derrick Hanson, upon first glimpsing Benny's dick cries, "What am I supposed to do with that?!" In this scene, Benny's all spruced-up, hair styled and eyeglasses gone. Though he still looks hot, I wish they had left Benny's geekiness intact for this last scene, but that's a personal quibble, given my fondness for geeky men.

In the scene, Benny and Derrick are college dorm roommates who play a game where the one with the biggest dick gets sucked off by the loser. Derrick is a good loser, taking on Ben's dick with growing appreciation. While Ben gets plenty of head, we get to also see him suck cock and lick ass, swirling, playful tongue afire. After he fucks the hell out of Derrick, Ben ends the scene by uttering the words, "That's what I call an After-School Special."

If you like comedy with your porn, Michael Lucas' The Intern Director's Edition is a must-see, and if you love nerdy men with big cocks you'll have a ball with Ben Andrews in his two sex scenes. I've seen Ben in other porn scenes, but his performance in this video remains my favorite (blame it on the eyeglasses). I'd love to see more geek porn available to us fans of the bespectacled nerdy set.


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Categories: Pro Studio, Vanilla Suck & Fuck

No Rest In This Room

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Hung Brazilian men and restroom sex -- you won't need plot or subtitles to enjoy this latest hunk-fest from Alexander Pictures.

Inside a shopping mall's adult store Hernan Medina buys a silver dildo and takes his purchase to the men's room, where he tries out his new purchase and loves it so much he can't help groaning out loud. Meanwhile, sexy officers Miguel Torres and Cristo Torres are cruising each other at the urinals when they hear Hernan and decide to have themselves some fun. After some roughhousing and cocksucking, Miguel pounds both Hernan and hairy-faced Cristo with his huge meat pole, bringing this scene to a cum-splashed ending.

The cops leave Hernan in the men's room, where he takes a break to later watch Eesteban Mendoza and Miguel Montalvo get hot and heavy before they're caught by janitor Victor Jimenez. The three men give Hernan a great show as the janitor fucks the two men and then all three jack together, fat drops of cum spattering the lens.

Daniel Trejo is checking himself out in the mirror when Omar Juarez enters the men's room and makes it obvious that he wants some action. As Daniel gives in to the persistent Omar, Hernan once again watches from his stall with gleaming horny eyes, licking those rosy full lips.

Next, Christian Duarte's standing by the sinks looking over some Alexander Pictures DVDs which he throws back into a bag when someone walks in, but it turns out the guys know each other and Christian shares his purchases with buddy Niko Tomiar (aka Nabih Sirajh). As they ogle over the pictures, Tommy Lima enters to use the urinal. After a brief exchange the three men are naked and fucking for Hernan's viewing pleasure. Niko fucks Christian and Tommy with his massive dong before cumming, leaving them to finish without him.

In the last scene, beefy Gregorio Guerrero and lean, shaved-headed Manuel Lozano have a torrid fuck inside one of the stalls when they're interrupted by Pedro Pineda. When Pedro enters the adjacent stall, the guys continue to fuck until Gregorio unloads all over Manuel's ass. After Gregorio leaves Manuel doesn't miss a beat and soon has Pedro's dark uncut monster down throat and asshole. Pedro looks delicious as his brown body pumps into Manuel with sinuous hip action, ass cheeks flexing invitingly. Manuel is rewarded with more cum, this time in his open mouth, dripping thick and white down his chin.

No Rest In This Room
is another winner from director Alexander, a scorching men's room fantasy ideal for repeated viewings.


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Categories: Pro Studio, Vanilla Suck & Fuck

Collin O'Neal's Spain - Scene 2

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I couldn't get enough of hot Spaniard Aitor Crash in Street Dogs, so I was very eager to check out his scene in Collin O'Neal's Spain.

Aitor Crash and Dennis D'Nello find a guy on the internet for a threesome. Igor Bad is the lucky third man, and as soon as he enters this scene the couple is all over him, smacking his ass and licking and kissing his smooth body. Aitor is a delight to watch, whether he's spitting and munching on Igor's ass, throwing his head back as he gets blown, or simply grabbing Igor's head, kissing him deep and long. Aitor and Dennis take turns rimming Igor whose succulent round butt is a sight to behold. This is one great-looking threesome; the performers are hot and horny for each other, fierce and demanding in their lust but never rushing through the sex.

The threesome moves from living room to bedroom, lying on snow-white sheets. It's almost a half-hour into the scene before Aitor at last sticks his delicious uncut prick inside Igor's hole, and it is definitely worth the wait. Aitor fucks like a dream, knowing when to ram hard, when to slow down, and ever-attentive to pleasuring his partners. At one point Dennis is banging away at Igor and Aitor, unable to resist, fucks Dennis, who eventually shoots a load with Aitor's cock thrusting inside him.

Aitor, however, isn't ready to blow yet and so Igor's hard-working hole gets another serving of that insatiable cock. When he is ready to cum, Aitor does so across Igor's chest while Igor licks his nipples. Igor lets out his own load, pumping it from a thick brown pole, and smears the mess all over himself with both hands.

At over forty-five minutes, this scene from Collin O'Neal's Spain feels like a full movie. The actors fuck in a variety of positions and differing levels of intensity, keeping things from getting monotonous. And what can I say, I just want to be Aitor Crash's bitch. Watch him in this awesome scene and you, too, will be down on your knees in adoration!


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Categories: Pro Studio, Vanilla Suck & Fuck

Jungle Cruisers 2 - Scene 1

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Honestly, I don't know what it is that they eat down there, but Brazilian men tend to have some of the most distinctively humongous cocks, and one of the best examples resides between the legs of sexy tough guy Gomez Aguilar.

In this first scene of Jungle Cruisers 2, we meet shirtless buddies Antonio Pinto and Marcos Santos as they make their way into a jungle where they find an abandoned shack. After wandering around for a bit the men spy Gomez Aguilar stroking his crotch. When Gomez whips out his jungle beast, Antonio Pinto can't resist going to take a closer look. While Marcos watches from the bushes, Antonio walks up to Gomez and in no time stuffs himself with cock.

When they talk about cocks being so big they need their own zip code, this Brazilian meat pole would be one of them. The thing is like an alien creature, master of the body attached to it. Its shocking pink head, thick brown foreskin and heavy ripe balls make it seem like some obscene jungle fruit. Not a pretty cock, this one; it's the kind of brutal monster you'd expect to find prowling abandoned jungle shacks. Gomez rams himself into Antonio, stuffing him to full capacity and making him work for it. There's nothing like watching a huge dick thrusting into a hungry mouth and there's plenty of that here.

But Gomez doesn't just stand there being worshiped. He bends Antonio over and rims him, stopping to rub his cock along the wet crack, teasing Antonio with tongue and cock until Gomez finally fucks him from behind. Antonio does a great job taking all that huge meat inside him and we see shots of his friend Marcos watching the action, stroking himself and licking his lips.

Antonio shoots wonderful strings of cum into the air and takes Gomez's load on his face. The cum looks so hot coating that monster dong and I watched jealously as Antonio licked the juice from it. Gomez gives him a peck on the lips and walks away, leaving a happy satiated Antonio to return to his friend.

This scene is a great intro to a steamy movie, capturing the allure of the dangerous, sensual jungle of our fantasies, and showcasing one of Brazil's finest cocks!


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