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Categories: Pro Studio, Fetish, Bareback

Triple Play

Whoa! That was my constant cry as I watched this Hot Desert Knight video starring one of my favorite men in porn, Will West. This amazing video features oral, anal, and fisting (hence the title) and while I am not a fisting fan I was thoroughly aroused by this video.

Triple PlayStarring only five men (Will West, RJ, Musclecub, Mac and Chris Cohand) in one extended scene, Triple Play manages to keep you turned on throughout. There is no plot, just a bunch of guys in a room going through extremes to please each other. There is so much action here I lost track of who was fucking and/or fisting who, but I have to say it was all deliciously arousing.

Besides Will West, the actor that turns me on the most here is RJ, a shaved-head, bespectacled, bearded guy who tops, fists and bottoms like a beast from hell. One of the hottest scenes here is when RJ fucks the hell out of Will West with his big dick ("I'm fucking seeing stars, man!" Will cries at one point), and after RJ dumps his load in Will's ass RJ is abruptly and brutally fucked by Chris Cohand, whose ass had previously been used and thoroughly abused by cocks and fists. It is a truly awesome moment and guaranteed to make you want to shoot all over the place.

Mac and Chris Cohand take the brunt of penetration here, but everyone gets fucked and fisted in Triple Play, allowing the bottoms to "get their revenge" on their tormentors in amazingly raunchy ways. Assholes get fucked by both cocks and fists, often simultaneously, and you'll get off on all the deliriously dirty dialogue throughout: "You've got a greedy fucking butt."; "I'm fucking spear-fucking your hole."; "Ride daddy's dick -- good boy!"; "You can take care of a whole party, can't you boy?".

There's not enough oral sex to please this oral hound, but that is a small quibble considering the intensity of the scenes here. There are plenty of closeups of big cocks plunging into tight holes, and fist-fucking enthusiasts will certainly get off on the extreme erotic scenes where assholes get fucked by dicks and fists all at once. There is even double-fisting, which made this viewer dizzy with wonder that a butthole could take so much! A special touch: Musclecub has a ruler tattooed along his arm so you can see how far he fist-fucks!

At the end of Triple Play there aren't the usual end-of-scene cumshots but there is plenty of grunting, screaming and laughter amongst the players. I love it when Will West tries to fuck Musclecub some more even after everyone is thoroughly spent. You can tell that these men had a great, mind-altering experience, and that's enough to get you off and send your own cum flying all over the computer screen.

The Crisco sure drips and flies in Triple Play, and while personally I wouldn't let a fist in my ass this video shows the absolute ecstasy that can be had during such an experience.


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Categories: Pro Studio, Fetish, Bareback

Cum Fucking Skinheads

After a lengthy introduction showing the upcoming action, Cum Fucking Skinheads begins in a bar with a skinhead in a white tank top sucking off another skinhead. A third skinhead in a black tank top, muscled arms and neck thick with tattoos, strides in and promptly pisses on the cocksucker. A fourth guy wanders inside and is quickly forced into submission.

As the bottoms are spit and pissed on, gagged and fucked, the guy in the black tank top pisses all over the place, getting sucked, fucking, pissing some more, and having enough left to pour into a glass for one of the guys to drink -- and staying hard throughout! Forget sprinklers, this guy's all you need to keep your lawn watered. This amazing scene ends with thick creamy loads and more piss.

The second scene takes place at the same bar, where two guys fondle each other and make out. One goes down on the other who smokes a cigarette and drinks beer while he gets sucked. Here it's beer and not piss that flows abundantly, poured over one guy's asshole while getting rimmed. A good, energetic scene, not as intense as the previous one but no less arousing.

Next, Leslie Blue, also featured in the first scene, sits in a bathroom stall watching Alfredo take a copious piss in a urinal before kneeling to take him in his mouth. Alfredo chokes Leslie with cock and piss, then pounds his ass and cums in his mouth, and then rinsing it with extra pee like a water pick.

In scene 4, we see the second bottom from the first scene inside a red-and-green cell, sitting naked on the floor. A tall lean man in an orange jacket enters the room and makes the guy lick his beer-splashed boots before forcing his long uncut prick down his throat. This top is a snarling, spitting fuck-and-piss machine. With quick and brutal thrusts he makes his prisoner gag till he's choking and drooling on the floor, and then he fucks his ass without mercy, bending him every which way to drill him deeper.

I don't consider myself much of a watersports aficionado, but the scenes in this movie had me wanting to blow my load many times. There is something incredibly hot about watching hard cocks streaming arc after arc of piss, fountains of it drenching eager, thirsty mouths and butts. With a great-looking cast of rough fuckers, Cum Fucking Skinheads features intensely aggressive sex and rivers of male juice. If you're a fan of Cazzo Films you'll enjoy this offering from Raptor Entertainment.


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Categories: Pro Studio, Fetish, Vanilla Suck & Fuck

Captured: Director's Cut

Be still my throbbing cock! I knew this would be a yummy video to watch but I had no idea what I was truly in for with the Director's Cut of Captured.

Scenes one and two begin innocently enough. Densely tattooed Steve Cannon can shape-shift from dog to man, and as a dog he meets hunky Dillon Press sprawled invitingly across the ground. Good bitch dog that he is, Steve lies at Dillon's crotch and turns human, the better to suck Dillon's meat and take his new buddy's fingers (up to four) into his hole, which later gets a good, deep fucking (doggy-style, of course). I like how Dillon shoots his spunk all over Steve's cock and works those nipples till Steve creams all over himself.

In scene two, Steve the dog is the catalyst to a pool-side threesome featuring Kevin Brown, Marcos Pirelli and Chad Savage. I really enjoyed the underwater cocksucking shots and watching darkly handsome Marcos Pirelli's body being worshiped, but it's the next scene that really got me working up a sweat.

Hitchhiker Joshua Adams gets picked up by a Q-Haul truck driven by Jacob Slader and in no time they're in the back of the truck having some deliriously intense sex. If you haven't seen Jacob Slader in action before prepare yourself; Jacob is one of the most gleefully nasty fuckers in gay porn and here he spits and growls like the fuck machine that he is. He even bitch-slaps his own cock (that naughty meat pole), which tirelessly rams Joshua's throat and asshole, at times seeming to fuck as if on fast-forward -- it's a wonder Joshua doesn't pass out!

Speaking of passing out, there are moments in the last scene that would make those with weaker hearts lose consciousness, but our fearless performers rise to the occasion with jaw-dropping endurance. Steve the dog is back and he's found a new friend, blond Billy Cochran, who takes him into a dungeon and locks Steve (back in human form) inside a cage. Billy then joins the fun already in progress. Luca Di Corso gets blown by Billy before a Saint Peter's Cross while Shane Rollins gets rimmed by Alex Leon and Rod Barry sits on a sling getting serviced by Vin Nolan.

Shane and Rod make a dangerously sexy duo. No manhole is safe around these two. Shane taunts poor Steve, who rattles his cage as Shane tells him he must wait his turn. And Rod is one aggressive fuck, doling out verbal abuse like the raunchiest poetry. One of my favorite shots is when he and Shane finally turn their attention to Steve, still inside the cage. While Steve chokes on Shane's big hard-on, Rod takes his foot to the back of Steve's head to make him swallow even deeper.

Steve is finally let out of his cage and placed in the sling where he gets the pounding of a lifetime (by everyone except Billy Cochran). This part will make you pant like a dog in heat if you haven't been doing so already. Steve gets taken violently and relentlessly, his fuckers spitting and shouting with insane animal abandon, Steve's greedy hole drooling lube as those huge cocks mark their territory.

Just when I thought it couldn't get more intense director Doug Jeffries throws in a scene where Shane and Rod take turns stuffing Billy's hole with first a 14-inch dildo ("Oink oink, motherfucker," shouts Shane), then with a humongous green bat, and finally with their own fists. If this isn't your cup of tea you might want to watch the edited version of Captured instead or just hit fast-forward. I'm not into fisting at all, but Shane and Rod are so amazingly perverse I couldn't help being both appalled and mesmerized.

For the grand finale, Steve Cannon gets showered in cum and piss, and by the time the last splash trickles out you'll agree that he's been a very bad dog -- so bad you'll want to reward him with many treats!


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Categories: Pro Studio, Fetish

Slurpin' Jizz

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I was so blown away by Treasure Island Media's Plantin' Seed that I just had to have more of that unbelievably intense bareback action. This time, I decided to check out their cock-sucking vid Slurpin' Jizz and I was not disappointed.

Director Paul Morris gets right to the action with fearless Joey Sommers polishing hunky Mike's beautiful tool in a bathroom. If you've never seen Joey in action you'll understand the moment you see this scene that he is a true die-hard cock lover. With his big long-lashed eyes gazing up at Mike, Joey's mouth hungrily feeds on cock and balls with glee, and when Mike blows wonderful thick ropes of jizz, Joey slurps it down like the manna from cock-heaven that it is, and he looks great with all the cum dripping off his goateed face.

In scene two Billy Bowers blows Dick Richards and Adam, getting more and more turned on by their dueling hard-ons until they both shoot in his mouth at once. It's a brief scene, not as intense as the previous one or as the following scenes, but still enjoyable.

Next Jason Croft gets a hefty package from fucker Keith. Keith, tall dark and lean, with mustache and soul patch, turned me on right away. His boner's a sight to behold, a nice slab of thick man meat, juicy and suckable. I love watching that cock slapping Jason's mouth. That they're both in business attire is an extra turn-on for me.

Scene four features Markie's fat cock being serviced by John, who milks a fine load out of that dick, even scooping cum off his own chest and chin to feed himself some more. I liked how Markie sighed and trembled as his orgasm approached -- love seeing a guy so turned on by a blowjob!

Scene five is one of my favorites in the video. I love group cocksucking and there's plenty of that here. Timmy, Ray and Ryan take turns worshiping Jason's plump dick. There are great close-ups of Ray paying loving attention to Jason's cock with slow, teasing strokes of his tongue. And though I'm not usually into "surfer" types, I got off on baseball-capped Ryan's youthful goateed face and very hairy chest. Lucky Timmy drinks down three helpings of man juice and licks those spent cocks clean. To top it off, shameless Damon Dogg joins in and licks Timmy's balls till his mouth is filled with spooge.

In Alex, who gets the works from legendary Erich Lange in scene six, I found one of my ideal types. Swarthy, hairy-chested, goateed and wearing glasses, Alex is freaking hot, and I'd happily trade places with Erich to get a chance to wolf down Alex's big uncut meatpole and hanging balls. Erich goes to town on Alex, giving that cock the attention it deserves. Alex briefly returns the favor by sucking Erich off, before Erich eagerly opens his mouth wide for Alex's gooey load, which splashes Erich's cheek before squirting into his thirsty mouth -- yum!

Scene seven brings Damon Dogg back to service big-dicked Jeremy, another fucker I'd love to get my mouth and hands on. There's something about Jeremy that drives me wild. That long meaty beast between his legs loves the attention Damon gives to it, and you can see the big grin on his face as he rams his cock down Damon's throat, making me wish I could see Jeremy breed some ass. And what a hot blast of cream he gives Damon, just wonderful.

For the final scene, JC Carter works the gloryhole at Folsom Gulch, sucking a total of seven guys (including the tireless Damon Dogg) and collecting their loads inside a jar which, once full, Damon pours into JC's mouth. I was very impressed!

If you're in the mood for some raw cocksucking and cum guzzling, Slurpin' Jizz is worth a viewing. Many viewings, indeed.


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Categories: Pro Studio, Fetish, Vanilla Suck & Fuck


Want to watch this movie now? Go here to watch a scene or the entire movie:


Confession: I'm a sucker for prison porn. Must be something about men locked in close quarters, seeing and smelling each other at their basest, some doing things they'd never do as free men. But of course, real prison is nothing like the world of Steven Scarborough's Justice; if it were, I'd be finding ways to get myself arrested!

Shane Rollins plays an orphan who's recently moved to San Francisco. Over tinkly piano music Shane narrates his semi-idyllic life story. You just know things are going to go wrong for this guy very soon. And they do. A brush against a stranger on the street finds Shane getting framed for a crime he didn't commit. [Un]fortunately, the arresting officers (Tony Mecelli, Robert Van Damme) aren't buying his story. They also don't appreciate his lack of respect and decide to teach him some manners the rough way.

"I ain't sucking no cock, you pig," says Shane. Right. In no time Robert pries Shane's mouth open to take Tony's cock. This is a rough and dirty scene. Highlights: Tony and Robert's verbal abuse; Shane gagging and drooling on Tony's long prick as he gets fucked by Robert, begging for cock (exactly how innocent is this guy after all?); Tony's succulent lips and Robert's phallic nose; and of course Shane's big meat bouncing up and down as he gets pounded.

In the next scene Shane gets thrown into a cell with Nick Piston, Jordan Vaughn and Brad Star. The three guys are friendly but Shane is so pissed off about his situation that he curses them. You'd think he would've learned his lesson and minded his manners. Nick and his comrades decide to set him right in one of my favorite scenes. I love how Nick Piston orders everyone around, even forcing Jordan Vaughn to suck Shane's cock. Nick's deep, boner-inducing voice and rough demeanor remind me of Jason Branch. There is a priceless close-up of Nick's face as he slam-fucks Shane's hole; a fierce scowl indicating Shane is getting the shit fucked out of him.

When Shane meets his sleazy lawyer (Ty Hudson), he's told that he could be put in the infirmary and away from his cell mates but that it will cost him extra. At first he refuses to blow the lawyer, but when Ty starts to leave Shane relents and moves towards him. On his knees, Shane sucks Ty off. The sound in this scene is incredible, lots of slurping and licking of cocks and assholes. Ty can't keep his mouth off Shane's dick and he gives his client some very special treatment. Totally worth it for the shot of Ty eating Shane's ass!

Just when I thought it couldn't possibly get hotter, the next scene brings doctor Kent North, his orderly Carlos Morales, and their patient Nick Horn (a slight resemblance to Shane Rollins with his shaved head and goatee), who's got a recurring itch in his pants that needs immediate attention. Kent pops Nick's cock out of his prison uniform and the examination begins. All three performers are great here; I especially liked watching Nick Horn getting sucked and pounding ass.

At this point I wonder how much longer I can hold off before I shoot my own load, and the next scene doesn't make things any easier. Trevor Knight is put in Shane's cell and Shane recognizes him as the guy who framed him. After a scuffle, Shane shows Trevor how things are done in prison and proceeds to make him his bitch. Shane unleashes his character's pent-up anger wonderfully, abusing Trevor's mouth and ass with arousing glee. Making things even hotter is the cop (Mike Roberts) who is secretly watching them and jerking his beautiful cock. Among many good shots in this movie is one of Mike jerking off against a dark hallway interrupted by pools of light. Hungry for cock, Shane lets Trevor fuck him, and it's a fuck of epic proportions. Trevor shoves his large tool into Shane with a series of jackhammer thrusts that took my breath away as much as his splashing cumshot over Shane's chest did.

After serving 18 months of his sentence, Shane meets with the parole board (Marc Williams, Duke Michaels, Parker Williams), who tell him they're willing to let him out if he satisfies their demands. A seasoned prison bitch by now, Shane doesn't protest and gets down to business. What a great finish to a hot movie. Shane has to work hard for his freedom, and he earns it with gusto. Even a bailiff (Marco Paris) is ordered to join Shane in pleasuring the parole officers and the fucking gets progressively hotter, ending in fountains of cum.

What happens with Shane and Trevor? You'll have to see the end to find out. I absolutely loved Justice, and here's hoping that it grabs the many awards it deserves.


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