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Archives for: May 2010


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Mixxxed Nuts

Mixxxed Nuts begins with muscular, curvalicious DeAngelo Jackson washing a red car. He is soon joined by Cody Kyler, who helps him out until they decide their time will be better spent lounging in the backyard by the pool. Once there, Cody wastes no time getting DeAngelo's prong in his hungry mouth. Cody later rides DeAngelo's big dick enthusiastically, his own prick hard and bouncing. DeAngelo rewards him with an awesome load.

Mixxxed NutsScene two features popular Flavaworks model Mr. Saukei and Tony Michaels. Tony pulls a muscle; Saukei offers his help and soon, of course, the hot pair is making out. You'll never think of washing machines the same way again as Mr. Saukei and Tony take turns blowing each other on the washing machine. And then Tony Michaels gets rimmed.

I will take this moment to rhapsodize a bit about Tony's ass: I don't consider myself much of an ass man, but goddamn Tony's got back! What a plump, juicy set of ass cheeks he's got. "Love the way that ass shakes," cries Mr. Saukei as he fucks Tony, and how right he is. I could watch that ass bounce all day, and later on we're treated to some more of that amazing butt in scene four.

The next scene stars Anubis and Brian Werner talking about clubs in Paris. Brian shows Anubis how Paris boys do it and this scene showcases Anubis's memorably noisy rimming of Brian's eager asshole. Yum.

Now we're back to Tony Michaels! Indy invites Tony to his hotel room; the chemistry between these two is great to watch as Tony fucks Indy all kinds of ways with his thick pole before Indy gets a turn at Tony's uber-delicious ass. This is probably my favorite scene in Mixxxed Nuts. Indy sprays cum on Tony's chest who returns the favor by shooting his thick creamy load on Indy's jaw.

In the last scene, DeAngelo and Cody from scene one return, this time plowing the hell out of drunk Frenchman named Jules who claims, "White wine make me always horny." Lavishly tattooed Jules services DeAngelo and Cody with dexterous hands and mouth, then takes Cody up his ass before DeAngelo fills his hole with dark meat. The scene ends with DeAngelo's hot jizz shooting all over his own chiseled abs.

Fans of muscular men and interracial sex should enjoy this Flavaworks title. Though I found it to be predictable, by-the-numbers porn, it's enjoyable enough, with attractive models and arousing sex. And of course there is that jiggly, scrumptious, out-of-this-world Tony Michaels booty -- it will leave you horny and smiling for days, I guarantee it.


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