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Archives for: March 2010


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Triple Play

Whoa! That was my constant cry as I watched this Hot Desert Knight video starring one of my favorite men in porn, Will West. This amazing video features oral, anal, and fisting (hence the title) and while I am not a fisting fan I was thoroughly aroused by this video.

Triple PlayStarring only five men (Will West, RJ, Musclecub, Mac and Chris Cohand) in one extended scene, Triple Play manages to keep you turned on throughout. There is no plot, just a bunch of guys in a room going through extremes to please each other. There is so much action here I lost track of who was fucking and/or fisting who, but I have to say it was all deliciously arousing.

Besides Will West, the actor that turns me on the most here is RJ, a shaved-head, bespectacled, bearded guy who tops, fists and bottoms like a beast from hell. One of the hottest scenes here is when RJ fucks the hell out of Will West with his big dick ("I'm fucking seeing stars, man!" Will cries at one point), and after RJ dumps his load in Will's ass RJ is abruptly and brutally fucked by Chris Cohand, whose ass had previously been used and thoroughly abused by cocks and fists. It is a truly awesome moment and guaranteed to make you want to shoot all over the place.

Mac and Chris Cohand take the brunt of penetration here, but everyone gets fucked and fisted in Triple Play, allowing the bottoms to "get their revenge" on their tormentors in amazingly raunchy ways. Assholes get fucked by both cocks and fists, often simultaneously, and you'll get off on all the deliriously dirty dialogue throughout: "You've got a greedy fucking butt."; "I'm fucking spear-fucking your hole."; "Ride daddy's dick -- good boy!"; "You can take care of a whole party, can't you boy?".

There's not enough oral sex to please this oral hound, but that is a small quibble considering the intensity of the scenes here. There are plenty of closeups of big cocks plunging into tight holes, and fist-fucking enthusiasts will certainly get off on the extreme erotic scenes where assholes get fucked by dicks and fists all at once. There is even double-fisting, which made this viewer dizzy with wonder that a butthole could take so much! A special touch: Musclecub has a ruler tattooed along his arm so you can see how far he fist-fucks!

At the end of Triple Play there aren't the usual end-of-scene cumshots but there is plenty of grunting, screaming and laughter amongst the players. I love it when Will West tries to fuck Musclecub some more even after everyone is thoroughly spent. You can tell that these men had a great, mind-altering experience, and that's enough to get you off and send your own cum flying all over the computer screen.

The Crisco sure drips and flies in Triple Play, and while personally I wouldn't let a fist in my ass this video shows the absolute ecstasy that can be had during such an experience.


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