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Post details: The Intern (Director's Edition) - Scenes 4 and 5


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The Intern (Director's Edition) - Scenes 4 and 5

While this is a review for Michael Lucas' The Intern Director's Edition, I will be focusing on scenes 4 and 5 featuring super-hung Ben Andrews, who plays Benny, geeky intern at Trojan Studios for porn director Alexander Mann, played by Lucas.

The InternA take-off on the television series Ugly Betty, this video is funny and sexy, but it's the sex scenes with "Ugly" Benny that really got me off, especially the scene featuring Christian Cruz playing Lucas' assistant. It is one of my favorite scenes ever.

During the filming of an Alexander Mann video in scene one, Christian catches a glimpse of intern Benny's aroused crotch and becomes so taken by Benny's remarkable bulge that he orchestrates a situation to discover what lies coiled inside Benny's pants. Christian "accidentally" spills coffee all over Benny's lap and they go to the bathroom to clean him up. As Christian takes a towel to wipe off the stain on Benny's lap, Benny's cock grows hard, prompting Christian to ask, "What's this?" and when he takes Benny's pants off he discovers that the new intern is hung to the max.

Christian Cruz is remarkably funny in this scene and has some of the best lines in the video. "Goodness! I think I love you," he says with believable awe as he kneels before Benny and gazes at his humongous dick. And what a dick it is: long, fat and uncut, Ben Andrews' monster cock is definitely awe-inspiring and for me the combination of awkward, bespectacled geekiness and huge cock sent me over the edge. I'm a fan of bespectacled nerdy men and it's great to see a major studio porn scene where the geek is allowed to remain so throughout the scene, wearing his eyeglasses for the entirety of the scene.

Ben Andrews nails the part of soft-spoken, socially-awkward, fashion-challenged Benny wonderfully, breaking the stereotype that nerds can't be sexually attractive. You'll relish watching his gorgeous cock plowing Christian's mouth and Christian's delirium as he takes Ben's dick on. Some of my favorite Christian Cruz lines: "It's like a fucking elephant" (spoken with a mouthful of cock), "Your cock is so big you're gonna make me throw up!" "It's like getting fisted."

Eager to get fucked by Benny's dick, Christian quickly goes through the boxes of different-sized condoms available in the staff restroom till he reaches the "You-Gotta-Be-Kidding" size condoms.

I loved watching Ben Andrews fuck the hell out of Christian Cruz. Ben is not merely a big-dicked stud, he knows how to please a man. He rims Christian with his long and nimble tongue, making Christian cry, "You're a fucking natural," and Ben is a wonderful rimmer; I kept fantasizing about sitting on his face and sucking that wonderful cock.

Christian blows a huge load while getting fucked, and it is awesome to watch him take Ben's load in his mouth, savoring that huge pole and hot cream. When Benny worries that he might get fired for this office indiscretion, Christian assures him that he has job security. Christian later tells his boss, who's been looking for "the next huge cock" that Benny is the real deal. "I started speaking in tongues, I'm in love," Christian tells Michael Lucas. And so Benny gets his moment in the limelight when Alexander Mann decides to feature him in his next video, to the shock and dismay of his crew.

In scene 5 when they see what Benny's packing the crew quickly changes its tune, though Benny's co-star Derrick Hanson, upon first glimpsing Benny's dick cries, "What am I supposed to do with that?!" In this scene, Benny's all spruced-up, hair styled and eyeglasses gone. Though he still looks hot, I wish they had left Benny's geekiness intact for this last scene, but that's a personal quibble, given my fondness for geeky men.

In the scene, Benny and Derrick are college dorm roommates who play a game where the one with the biggest dick gets sucked off by the loser. Derrick is a good loser, taking on Ben's dick with growing appreciation. While Ben gets plenty of head, we get to also see him suck cock and lick ass, swirling, playful tongue afire. After he fucks the hell out of Derrick, Ben ends the scene by uttering the words, "That's what I call an After-School Special."

If you like comedy with your porn, Michael Lucas' The Intern Director's Edition is a must-see, and if you love nerdy men with big cocks you'll have a ball with Ben Andrews in his two sex scenes. I've seen Ben in other porn scenes, but his performance in this video remains my favorite (blame it on the eyeglasses). I'd love to see more geek porn available to us fans of the bespectacled nerdy set.


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