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Archives for: August 2009


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All Night Fuck Fest

With today's Internet it's easier than ever for almost anyone to have their fifteen-minutes of porn fame. At websites such as Xtube and Dudesnude, average men and home-grown gods rack up star ratings, hundreds of visitor comments and rabid followings matching (and in some cases I imagine overshadowing) those of some male porn celebrities.

MaverickMan22 is an aggressive top with salt-and-pepper hair, olive skin and a big fat fuck pole that relishes nothing more than burying itself into a mouth, throat or ass. I've seen his videos on Xtube before and I was delighted to see AMVC's release of three scenes featuring this intense top and his lover Muscle Boy pounding the hell out of their delicious buddy Little T.

In the first scene, MaverickMan and Muscle Boy, a dark-haired young fucker, take turns fucking Little T.'s mouth. Then T. sucks both cocks at the same time while MaverickMan and Muscle Boy kiss and lick each other. Little T. strips to reveal a plump curved cock and shapely, edible ass. With his rough daddy voice MaverickMan commands T. to choke on his cock. Muscle Boy is first to fuck T. while slurping on MaverickMan's tool; and what a tool it is: a plump stiff hole-fucker promising, at first sight, nothing but the deepest hardest fucking. At one point Muscle Boy fucks T. doggy-style and then MaverickMan takes over, wrapping his arms tight around T. as he fucks him. MaverickMan cums in T.'s mouth, then Muscle Boy fucks T. while the latter sucks MaverickMan off. Even when they take a break in the kitchen, Little T. can't keep his mouth idle and he services both men next to an open refrigerator.

All Night Fuck FestThe next scene begins with Little T. blowing Muscle Boy while MaverickMan whips out his meat, then they both feed Little T., one hungry cocksucker. Muscle Boy rubs his face in T.'s crack and sucks MaverickMan, getting him ready for T.'s asshole. Both take turns fucking T.'s butt in various positions. Little T. does a leg split for MaverickMan's amusement then he crawls between MaverickMan's legs for more cocksucking. MaverickMan blows a creamy load in T.'s face and open mouth, followed by more fucking from Muscle Boy and another load in T.'s face. As if to hammer in that Little T.'s one naughty boy, the scene ends with MaverickMan spanking T.'s buttocks.

Scene three has MaverickMan in ubiquitous white tank top and blue jeans sitting at his desk with Little T. on his knees sucking on that raging hardon. MaverickMan loves stuffing his meat down a hole, grabbing T.'s head with both hands as he plunges his dick in that hungry mouth. While T. blows Muscle Boy, MaverickMan delights in fondling T.'s asshole and expressing how much he loves it, licking it and rubbing his dick against the well-fucked hole. Muscle Boy screws and slaps Little T.'s ass, sticking it to him hard. After a long blowjob session, T. sits astride MaverickMan's cock and we get to watch T.'s delicious cock bobbing enticingly as he gets fucked. After getting bred by MaverickMan, T. gets two more loads in his mouth from this insatiable couple.

All Night Fuck Fest will arouse fans of amateur porn featuring aggressive sex and enthusiastic players eager for each others' loads. It will make you wonder what hot shenanigans could be going on in your own apartment building!


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