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Archives for: July 2008


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100% Bareback Beef

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This Hot Desert Knights offering, 100% Bareback Beef, is a bareback lover's feast from sweaty start to dripping finish. By the side of a red jeep Jay Benjamin feeds his plump and juicy dick to Larry Wolf, stuffing his mouth and throat, rubbing the drooling head along Larry's crack and (after a thorough rimming) thrusting balls-deep into his hole. "Hold that ass still, boy," warns Jay as he fucks Larry's well-greased hole. Jay is a hot fucker and he looks great paired with hungry Larry Wolf in this first scene.

I love Will West and I enjoyed his scene with hung stud Ben Gunn who gives him a sensuous body massage before fucking his mouth and ass. Horny Will gets a go at Ben's butt, showing as little mercy as was shown to him, until he shoots inside Ben, droplets of cum spilling all over as he withdraws and shoves his dick back in. The scene ends with Will covered in Ben's jizz, licking and sucking the cream off the fat dark cock.

Scene 3 brings together sexy bears Steve Hurley and Steve Parker. The oral action between these two is intense; Hurley growls like a dangerous beast as he devours Parker's asshole. Parker then takes Hurley's beefy cock inside him with gusto, delighting in the thickness drilling at his hole. Parker drinks Hurley's cum straight off the cock and shoots his own juice across Hurley's chest and stomach, licking it off the sweaty hairy flesh.

Next we see Jay Benjamin taking kickboxing lessons with Damien. They're interrupted by wrestlers Jeff Allen and Chad Adams but the kickboxers will not give up the practice space. A struggle ensues; Jay and Damien force the wrestlers to give them head and eventually to bend over and get fucked. After Jay shoots a healthy load in Jeff's mouth (one of the video's hottest moments) they are joined by Larry Wolf, Ben Gunn, Will West and Steve Parker for some rough energetic group sex. At nearly thirty minutes in length, this last scene turned me on so much I couldn't wait to spill my load along with these hunks.

100% Bareback Beef is a fun little scorcher that will leave you dripping in sweat and cum. Highly recommended!


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Categories: Pro Studio, Fetish, Bareback

Cum Fucking Skinheads

After a lengthy introduction showing the upcoming action, Cum Fucking Skinheads begins in a bar with a skinhead in a white tank top sucking off another skinhead. A third skinhead in a black tank top, muscled arms and neck thick with tattoos, strides in and promptly pisses on the cocksucker. A fourth guy wanders inside and is quickly forced into submission.

As the bottoms are spit and pissed on, gagged and fucked, the guy in the black tank top pisses all over the place, getting sucked, fucking, pissing some more, and having enough left to pour into a glass for one of the guys to drink -- and staying hard throughout! Forget sprinklers, this guy's all you need to keep your lawn watered. This amazing scene ends with thick creamy loads and more piss.

The second scene takes place at the same bar, where two guys fondle each other and make out. One goes down on the other who smokes a cigarette and drinks beer while he gets sucked. Here it's beer and not piss that flows abundantly, poured over one guy's asshole while getting rimmed. A good, energetic scene, not as intense as the previous one but no less arousing.

Next, Leslie Blue, also featured in the first scene, sits in a bathroom stall watching Alfredo take a copious piss in a urinal before kneeling to take him in his mouth. Alfredo chokes Leslie with cock and piss, then pounds his ass and cums in his mouth, and then rinsing it with extra pee like a water pick.

In scene 4, we see the second bottom from the first scene inside a red-and-green cell, sitting naked on the floor. A tall lean man in an orange jacket enters the room and makes the guy lick his beer-splashed boots before forcing his long uncut prick down his throat. This top is a snarling, spitting fuck-and-piss machine. With quick and brutal thrusts he makes his prisoner gag till he's choking and drooling on the floor, and then he fucks his ass without mercy, bending him every which way to drill him deeper.

I don't consider myself much of a watersports aficionado, but the scenes in this movie had me wanting to blow my load many times. There is something incredibly hot about watching hard cocks streaming arc after arc of piss, fountains of it drenching eager, thirsty mouths and butts. With a great-looking cast of rough fuckers, Cum Fucking Skinheads features intensely aggressive sex and rivers of male juice. If you're a fan of Cazzo Films you'll enjoy this offering from Raptor Entertainment.

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