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Archives for: May 2008


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Kansas City Trucking Co.

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If you've never seen director Joe Gage's early work, do yourself a favor and start with Kansas City Trucking Co., the first part of his "Working Man Trilogy" (followed by El Paso Wrecking Corp. and L.A. Tool and Die). Watching it is a truly erotic and hallucinatory experience; they just don't make them like this anymore.

Kansas City Trucking Co., made in 1976, stars the late Richard Locke, one of the hottest stars of classic porn and one who deserves to be rediscovered by today's viewers of gay porn, especially those who like their men hairy, bad-ass and unapologetically sexual. Richard plays trucker Hank, returning from a completed assignment to the dispatcher's office where boss Jack Wrangler's been jerking his hefty meat until Hank interrupts him. Next thing you know Jack's getting busy on Hank's dick with mouth and asshole while they wait for new employee Joe (Steve Boyd) to show up.

Here's where we first encounter one of the many disorienting moments in this film. Gage plays with fantasy, dream and reality in ways that leave the viewer scratching his head with one hand while jacking off with the other. Is the sex between Hank and Jack really happening or is it only going on in Hank's (or Jack's) head? As the film progresses questions of reality versus fantasy become irrelevant; one is transported by the hypnotic images and sounds into a sexual wonderland rarely matched by today's porn.

Hank's next assignment, with newbie Joe riding shotgun, is a drive to Los Angeles. On the way there they spot a jeep-driving cowboy (Dane Tremmell) who waves hi to Hank before picking up hitchhiker Skip Sheppard for some sex on the side of the road. We next see Skip kneeling on the hood of the jeep, spilling big drops of jizz all over the windshield while the cowboy strokes his meaty cock in the driver's seat, one of the many dreamy interludes throughout Hank and Joe's journey.

Driving through the night, Hank smokes a cigarette, catching glimpses of Joe asleep. Joe is dreaming, not of his girlfriend, but of Jack Wrangler whipping out his humongous cock and balls and jerking furiously till he shoots a big load all over himself, swooning to the ground bathed in sweat and cum!

In the next scene Joe is awake, stroking his crotch to a straight porn magazine. Hank fondles Joe's package and encourages him to pull his dick out to get off. He stops the truck at the side of the road and they beat off together. Steve Boyd's cock is amazing, a smooth plump monster you can't take your eyes off, and the hunger in Richard Locke's bearded face is priceless; he looks like the Big Bad Wolf ready to pounce and devour, turning Joe on with his dirty talk (actually a Gage voice-over). You'll have a hard time not spilling your own load when Joe shoots his cream on the magazine pages, followed by Hank's milky spurts. Joe falls asleep again and this time dreams of stuffing his pole in Jack's hungry mouth, spilling beer over his cock and over Jack's face, all the while hearing Hank's words from their earlier jack-off session. But when his girlfriend's smiling face suddenly pops up Joe is startled and wakes up.

Next, Duff Paxton and Bud Jasper are driving in a convertible alongside Hank's truck, sharing a joint and fondling each other. They spot a naked man standing by a shack in the desert and pull aside to investigate. Soon they're in a hot threesome with "desert rat" Kurt Williams. I love the way Duff slams into his buddy's ass and later when he unloads a creamy load in Kurt's mouth, watching it drip from tongue and chin.

For the final sex scene, Hank and Joe reach Los Angeles and stop at a truckers' bunkhouse for the night. Fantasy and reality blur and disorient like no other scene so far. Hank tells Joe to lie down on the bunk bed and he leaves the door open. Soon a bunch of faceless truckers enter the darkroom and gather round the bed stroking their cocks. Is this really happening? Is Joe dreaming again or is this part of Hank's fantasy? You'll be too caught up with the fantastic visuals to care!

One of my favorite porn moments ever is when we see a meaty uncut prick swinging against the darkness; Richard Locke's head emerges from the bottom of the screen and his tongue reaches out to lick the head, leaving a trail of spit glistening against the dark, and then he takes the whole prick down his throat -- this is porn imagery at its best, both symbolic and uniquely erotic, the kind that sticks in your head and becomes part of your own fantasies. As the music throbs with swelling urgency we're treated to increasingly dream-like flashes of big-dicked men in jeans and flannel, slurping mouths and cum showers galore, all the way to the strangely haunting end.

If you've read this far, you can tell that I can't recommend Kansas City Trucking Co. highly enough, and if you enjoy it (and how couldn't you?) I encourage you to watch its equally brilliant sequels, all starring that sexy hunk of man Richard Locke as Hank in his continuing quest for hot sex and love, something all of us can certainly relate to.


Want to watch this movie now? Go here to watch a scene or the entire movie:

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