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Archives for: April 2008


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Bareback Fuck and Gag 2

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Being a huge fan of Satyr Film's Bareback Fuck and Gag I wondered, "Can Bareback Fuck and Gag 2 possibly match or even surpass it?" With three performers returning from the first film and Jack Simmons (a longtime favorite of mine) joining the crew of lusty pigs, I was more than happy to find out.

Baxter Jones and Alexandre Carino, looking sexier than he did in the first film, with shorter hair but with that same delicious-looking cock, suck each other off before Jack Simmons and pig slut supreme Rock Bottom enter the room to fuck their throats, taking turns with each cocksucker. Meanwhile, TJ places himself on a tire swing, alerting us that this time around the big dicked top is going to get his ass mercilessly plowed. Kamrun gets busy readying TJ's hole for its deflowering, and Rock is the first to fuck him while Alexandre plunders Rock's own greedy butt.

What follows is a dizzying spectacle of all-out throat gagging and asshole stuffing. The interracial cast looks great and the action is relentless. Sound is an important factor here, as in the first installment, and if you can listen to this with headphones on you'll feel like you're right in the midst of the orgy, sweating and groaning along with these hunks. Engorged cocks glisten with spit and lube, mouths and assholes drool and leak, filled to the brim with man meat.

In Bareback Fuck and Gag, performer Erin was spun around on a "lazy susan" as the guys took turns destroying his hole; in this sequel, it's TJ who gets spun around (on a tire swing) and he takes on these cocks admirably well for an ass-virgin -- I'm amazed that he didn't pass out!

How does Bareback Fuck and Gag 2 compare to the original? While I have to admit that I probably enjoyed the first one much more (the throat gagging, fucking, and dialog seemed raunchier than in this film), I still recommend it without reservation. In fact, i think I need to watch it again.


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Collin O'Neal's Spain - Scene 2

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I couldn't get enough of hot Spaniard Aitor Crash in Street Dogs, so I was very eager to check out his scene in Collin O'Neal's Spain.

Aitor Crash and Dennis D'Nello find a guy on the internet for a threesome. Igor Bad is the lucky third man, and as soon as he enters this scene the couple is all over him, smacking his ass and licking and kissing his smooth body. Aitor is a delight to watch, whether he's spitting and munching on Igor's ass, throwing his head back as he gets blown, or simply grabbing Igor's head, kissing him deep and long. Aitor and Dennis take turns rimming Igor whose succulent round butt is a sight to behold. This is one great-looking threesome; the performers are hot and horny for each other, fierce and demanding in their lust but never rushing through the sex.

The threesome moves from living room to bedroom, lying on snow-white sheets. It's almost a half-hour into the scene before Aitor at last sticks his delicious uncut prick inside Igor's hole, and it is definitely worth the wait. Aitor fucks like a dream, knowing when to ram hard, when to slow down, and ever-attentive to pleasuring his partners. At one point Dennis is banging away at Igor and Aitor, unable to resist, fucks Dennis, who eventually shoots a load with Aitor's cock thrusting inside him.

Aitor, however, isn't ready to blow yet and so Igor's hard-working hole gets another serving of that insatiable cock. When he is ready to cum, Aitor does so across Igor's chest while Igor licks his nipples. Igor lets out his own load, pumping it from a thick brown pole, and smears the mess all over himself with both hands.

At over forty-five minutes, this scene from Collin O'Neal's Spain feels like a full movie. The actors fuck in a variety of positions and differing levels of intensity, keeping things from getting monotonous. And what can I say, I just want to be Aitor Crash's bitch. Watch him in this awesome scene and you, too, will be down on your knees in adoration!


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