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Archives for: March 2008


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Jungle Cruisers 2 - Scene 1

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Honestly, I don't know what it is that they eat down there, but Brazilian men tend to have some of the most distinctively humongous cocks, and one of the best examples resides between the legs of sexy tough guy Gomez Aguilar.

In this first scene of Jungle Cruisers 2, we meet shirtless buddies Antonio Pinto and Marcos Santos as they make their way into a jungle where they find an abandoned shack. After wandering around for a bit the men spy Gomez Aguilar stroking his crotch. When Gomez whips out his jungle beast, Antonio Pinto can't resist going to take a closer look. While Marcos watches from the bushes, Antonio walks up to Gomez and in no time stuffs himself with cock.

When they talk about cocks being so big they need their own zip code, this Brazilian meat pole would be one of them. The thing is like an alien creature, master of the body attached to it. Its shocking pink head, thick brown foreskin and heavy ripe balls make it seem like some obscene jungle fruit. Not a pretty cock, this one; it's the kind of brutal monster you'd expect to find prowling abandoned jungle shacks. Gomez rams himself into Antonio, stuffing him to full capacity and making him work for it. There's nothing like watching a huge dick thrusting into a hungry mouth and there's plenty of that here.

But Gomez doesn't just stand there being worshiped. He bends Antonio over and rims him, stopping to rub his cock along the wet crack, teasing Antonio with tongue and cock until Gomez finally fucks him from behind. Antonio does a great job taking all that huge meat inside him and we see shots of his friend Marcos watching the action, stroking himself and licking his lips.

Antonio shoots wonderful strings of cum into the air and takes Gomez's load on his face. The cum looks so hot coating that monster dong and I watched jealously as Antonio licked the juice from it. Gomez gives him a peck on the lips and walks away, leaving a happy satiated Antonio to return to his friend.

This scene is a great intro to a steamy movie, capturing the allure of the dangerous, sensual jungle of our fantasies, and showcasing one of Brazil's finest cocks!


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Categories: Amateur Studio, Fetish, Solos, Vanilla Suck & Fuck

Big Ben and the British Bears

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In Big Ben and the British Bears Ben Martin gives a unique tour of London, beginning with a shot of Big Ben, of course. Then, after showing us a few more sights Ben goes to visit Boyd Sommers in a hotel room where lots of hot slow kissing, cocksucking and rimming take place. After fucking each other, Ben cums on his stomach and eats Boyd's hole as the bear jacks to orgasm. Ben licks Boyd's cock clean and thanks him, making Boyd smile. Those Brits, so polite!

Scene two takes place inside a basement room with skateboarder punks Ryder Magnus and Zev Rounder. On the basement stairs, Zev sucks Ryder's plump uncut prick. Ryder obviously likes to be prepared, because later he breaks out tit clamps, a dildo and black gloves from his backpack. Zev takes gloved finger, dildo and Ryder's cock up his ass, and kissing they jerk each other off, Ryder shooting on his stomach and Zev sprinkling Ryder's belly.

In scene three we go to a London dance club where Craig Tennor meets Shaun. They end up in Craig's dungeon for the most aggressive sex so far in this video. Craig spits in Shaun's face and butt; there's lots of groaning, slapping and finger fucking. Craig gives Shaun a hard ramming on the sling and Shaun returns the favor, causing Craig to cry, "Jesus, fucking stiff cock!" The scene ends with Shaun cumming all over Craig's balls.

William Austin and Elvis star in scene four. The stereotype that all big guys have small dicks certainly doesn't apply to William. This huge bear has a thick meaty pole and Elvis sucks it enthusiastically. Elvis has a lean hairy body (technically an otter, not a bear) and curved cock. William sucks and rims Elvis before fucking his ass. Both spurt on William's stomach, with Elvis winning the cumshot of the day, his juice flying all over the place. Elvis then licks the man cream off William.

Ben Martin is on his way to visit buddy Kevin Sadler at his stable. In the meantime, Kevin's getting busy in one of the stalls with Devon Berks. He's riding Devon's ass when Ben walks in, and being a good host Kevin lets Ben have a go at Devon's hole. The scene builds nicely to Ben and Kevin drenching Devon with their cum.

In scene six, hunky Serge Scott does a solo photo shoot. Serge has a nice ass and hairy back and when he jacks off he spurts his load on the floor.

Overall, I enjoyed Big Ben and the British Bears. There's a good variety of bears and otters throughout and everyone seems hot and horny for each other. I enjoy hearing the British talk dirty so my one disappointment with the video was that it didn't have enough raunchy talk for my taste -- a very minor quibble. I hope that when I visit London I can have a guide like Ben Martin to show me all those hairy, horny monuments.


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