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Archives for: February 2008


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Street Dogs

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Poor Joe Groc. It's his party and no one has shown up yet. He even got a gardener (Boxeador) to spruce up the patio for the event. But what ensues when Joe decides to seek out one of his friends is probably more thrilling than the party itself would've been.

Joe leaves the gardener to finish up and goes to his friend Armando's who is not answering the doorbell. As Joe rightly guesses, Armando is fucking around in his apartment. Earlier, Armando had looked out of his balcony and thrown his keys to three hunks across the street and accepting the invitation Aitor Crash, Macanao and Ricky Ramos swaggered into Armando's apartment.

The sex is hot from the start. Armando gobbles up those street dog cocks with obvious pleasure. Lots of cock sucking and rimming (I loved watching hunky Aitor rub his shaved head between Armando's butt cheeks); these guys are hungry for each other, and you hear it in the rousing sounds of their sucking, spitting, and slapping throughout. Armando growls and shouts as he gets fucked by his guests, who not only work him hard but also take turns pleasuring him, sucking his cock, licking his hole and even his toes. I almost lost it watching hairy-faced cutie Macanao eating Armando's ass, his wet tongue probing deep. The guys shoot milky loads all over Armando's ass and back, causing him to spill his own cream on himself, big balls bouncing away.

In the meantime, the gardener Boxeador decides not only to steal one of Joe's CDs but also to jerk off with Joe's porn magazines until he spills his load all over a beer can. After saying, in Spanish, "This one's for you, cabron!" Boxeador takes the CD and leaves the beer can on the coffee table.

Joe, maybe turned on by the idea of his friend Armando fucking away upstairs, decides to go to a sex shop called Zeus, where we meet customers Tony Duque and Hugo Costa. Tony, swarthy and muscular in a red shirt, sits in a barber's chair inside a cell-like room complete with a urinal. Hugo wanders in and soon his goateed face is in Tony's crotch, pulling out a plump juicy cock to suck on. Tony sits back and lets Hugo worship his substantial hardon, smiling at the loving attention. We leave the duo to watch shop clerk Rovitoni help customer Tom Louis find the right cock ring and also a piss video in booth 4, where Tom strokes and slaps his cock around. After watching Tony and Hugo through a peephole, Joe finds himself at a gloryhole and gets pissed on by two cocks. He revels in the shower of piss, making sure he gets thoroughly drenched in it, and then he creams all over his ripped wet jeans.

Before we return to Tony and Hugo, Rovitoni shoots cum into Tom's mouth. Back in the room, Tony and Hugo are naked and ready for more action. Tony fucks Hugo really hard and they're wonderful to watch. At the end Tony cums all over Hugo then fucks him some more while Hugo scoops up cum and eats it with a grin, to Tony's pleasure.

In the last scene, Aitor's prowling the streets again when he spots Austin Firefox through a window. Austin's working out and when he catches Aitor watching him he smiles and gives him a show. Aitor licks the window pane like a hungry dog and Austin lets him in. They fall into each other's arms and give a long, raunchy and vigorous performance. Their mutual body worship covers cocksucking, pissing, rimming, dildo play, fucking and cum eating. There's something primal about seeing a guy pelted with seemingly endless streams of piss; in Street Dogs the piss flows abundantly and the men receive it like divine rain on a scorching summer day. Aitor and Austin take a double-ended dong and stick the ends into each other, smacking bottoms as they take the huge dildo deep inside. Then they take turns fucking each other with their own cocks as well. After Aitor cums on Austin's face we're given a great shot of Austin's cock splashing an awesome cum shower on Aitor's chest.

Joe goes back home and finding the cum-drizzled beer can, he does what any good pig would do: he licks the cream and guzzles it down! Fans of Spanish men, facial hair, tattoos, and dildo and piss play will enjoy this tasty offering from Barcelona.


Want to watch this movie now? Go here to watch a scene or the entire movie:

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