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Archives for: December 2007


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Bang That Ass

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Watching hot orgy sex never fails to excite me and Bang That Ass delivers the goods aplenty.

Max Schutler and Tyler Dawson are hosting a party. After gathering outside with their friends, our hosts go about the house dispensing condoms and lube in each room. How's that for party favors! To get the action going Tyler fucks Max long and hard with a fat dildo in the kitchen. Max gobbles up the dildo and shoots a load all over himself. Then it's time for the guests to have their fun, too.

The rest of the video takes place in different rooms throughout the house. In the dining room Tim Kruger, Carter Longway, CJ Knight, Alexy Tyler and Marcos David savor each other's cocks before any asses get banged. Director Michael Brandon gives us many close-ups of this oral fest, the better to see those hard meaty dicks plunging into eager mouths. And there are some stellar cocks here, including Carter Longway's long thick one, Marcos David's yummy uncut pole and (my favorite) German hunk Tim Kruger's big plump hardon which makes the mouth water as it fucks those lucky heads. CJ Knight adores cock and he's rewarded for his oral skills with a nice shower of jizz from his buddies.

The ass banging starts with Marcos giving host Max a real cock to shove up his ass. After cumming all over Max, horny Marcos goes to the living room to fuck Carter who's then replaced by lean and dark Alexy. After Marcos cums again Tim fucks Alexy's mouth and then Carter's mouth. Tim sucks Carter and gets a hot load squirted on his bearded face. Partners casually come and go throughout, keeping the pairings interesting and unpredictable.

In the bathroom, Carter bangs CJ, Tyler and Alexy, filling their holes without missing a beat. These guys love sex and it shows all over this video; see the lust in Tyler's face as he watches up close while CJ gets pounded by Carter and you'll know what I mean.

Ironically, one of my favorite scenes is not a group one but a bedroom tryst between Tim Kruger and Max Schutler, that ever-so-generous host who lets Tim have a go at his asshole. I could watch Tim Kruger fuck all day. His tall, lean, hairy body looks awesome as it bends over Max, banging away at that ass like a master fucker. The close-ups of his fat slab of beef thrusting in and out of Max made me want to shoot all over the screen. Tim's cumshots are also great, nice creamy ropes of it spurting and hanging from his prick.

Bang That Ass is an enjoyable release filled with mouthwatering cocks and enthusiastic, boner-inducing action. There's a good variety of attractive and hungry men that will have you wishing for a gang bang of your very own!


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Categories: Pro Studio, Bareback

Dungeon Gang Bang

At the beginning of Dungeon Gang Bang, Steve Tuck and Jarod Steel are the ones getting banged, but soon more men are offering up their holes, struck with a severe case of cock-fever. The video alternates between shots of group action and extended scenes focusing on several of the performers. The cum flows early and constantly throughout. Guys who at one moment are fucking ass without mercy are later getting plowed themselves; watching and hearing these men enjoying each other is enough to make one want to be part of the festivities.

While everyone's great here, Ardon Masters and Steve Tuck are the star pigs in this orgy. Their raunchy enthusiasm for sex is extraordinary and they share some of the hottest moments in Dungeon Gang Bang. Ardon is sinuously versatile, fucking ass as hard as he can take it himself. "Cum in those guts," he cries before Leo Sargent breeds his hole after a long hard fuck. When Jarod cums on Ardon's ass and back, Steve greedily laps the juice while getting fucked by Coby Kincade's meaty uncut dick.

Alan Gregory's also fine, fucking Steve good till he creams his hole, and later in the sling getting fucked by Jarod. Bull-necked Hank Cruz pounds Jarod balls-deep, blasting the night's first load and stuffing his prick back in over and over. I liked Tom Colt's devilish gaze and goateed face. He looks great plowing ass and I was sorry he wasn't shown more often.

One of my new favorites is bearded Duke Savage. Duke is one horny fucker, and I fell for his furry chest and his juicy plump cock. I loved the close-ups of Duke's cock sliding wetly in and out of Steve's greedy asshole. In the last scene he joins Ardon and Steve in a steamy threesome. Steve takes two loads from Ardon, and another load from Duke. Steve then fills Ardon's mouth with cum, bringing the video to an end.

Hot Desert Knights once again delivers some of the hottest bareback pig action out there. "I'm fucking cum-hungry," says Ardon Masters at one point; you'll be cum-hungry too after watching Dungeon Gang Bang.

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