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Archives for: November 2007


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Categories: Pro Studio, Fetish, Vanilla Suck & Fuck

Captured: Director's Cut

Be still my throbbing cock! I knew this would be a yummy video to watch but I had no idea what I was truly in for with the Director's Cut of Captured.

Scenes one and two begin innocently enough. Densely tattooed Steve Cannon can shape-shift from dog to man, and as a dog he meets hunky Dillon Press sprawled invitingly across the ground. Good bitch dog that he is, Steve lies at Dillon's crotch and turns human, the better to suck Dillon's meat and take his new buddy's fingers (up to four) into his hole, which later gets a good, deep fucking (doggy-style, of course). I like how Dillon shoots his spunk all over Steve's cock and works those nipples till Steve creams all over himself.

In scene two, Steve the dog is the catalyst to a pool-side threesome featuring Kevin Brown, Marcos Pirelli and Chad Savage. I really enjoyed the underwater cocksucking shots and watching darkly handsome Marcos Pirelli's body being worshiped, but it's the next scene that really got me working up a sweat.

Hitchhiker Joshua Adams gets picked up by a Q-Haul truck driven by Jacob Slader and in no time they're in the back of the truck having some deliriously intense sex. If you haven't seen Jacob Slader in action before prepare yourself; Jacob is one of the most gleefully nasty fuckers in gay porn and here he spits and growls like the fuck machine that he is. He even bitch-slaps his own cock (that naughty meat pole), which tirelessly rams Joshua's throat and asshole, at times seeming to fuck as if on fast-forward -- it's a wonder Joshua doesn't pass out!

Speaking of passing out, there are moments in the last scene that would make those with weaker hearts lose consciousness, but our fearless performers rise to the occasion with jaw-dropping endurance. Steve the dog is back and he's found a new friend, blond Billy Cochran, who takes him into a dungeon and locks Steve (back in human form) inside a cage. Billy then joins the fun already in progress. Luca Di Corso gets blown by Billy before a Saint Peter's Cross while Shane Rollins gets rimmed by Alex Leon and Rod Barry sits on a sling getting serviced by Vin Nolan.

Shane and Rod make a dangerously sexy duo. No manhole is safe around these two. Shane taunts poor Steve, who rattles his cage as Shane tells him he must wait his turn. And Rod is one aggressive fuck, doling out verbal abuse like the raunchiest poetry. One of my favorite shots is when he and Shane finally turn their attention to Steve, still inside the cage. While Steve chokes on Shane's big hard-on, Rod takes his foot to the back of Steve's head to make him swallow even deeper.

Steve is finally let out of his cage and placed in the sling where he gets the pounding of a lifetime (by everyone except Billy Cochran). This part will make you pant like a dog in heat if you haven't been doing so already. Steve gets taken violently and relentlessly, his fuckers spitting and shouting with insane animal abandon, Steve's greedy hole drooling lube as those huge cocks mark their territory.

Just when I thought it couldn't get more intense director Doug Jeffries throws in a scene where Shane and Rod take turns stuffing Billy's hole with first a 14-inch dildo ("Oink oink, motherfucker," shouts Shane), then with a humongous green bat, and finally with their own fists. If this isn't your cup of tea you might want to watch the edited version of Captured instead or just hit fast-forward. I'm not into fisting at all, but Shane and Rod are so amazingly perverse I couldn't help being both appalled and mesmerized.

For the grand finale, Steve Cannon gets showered in cum and piss, and by the time the last splash trickles out you'll agree that he's been a very bad dog -- so bad you'll want to reward him with many treats!

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