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Categories: Pro Studio, Vanilla Suck & Fuck

Chip Daniels Video Stud Book

Chip Daniels has taken some of his favorite suck and fuck sessions and grouped 10 of them together into a montage of 10 and 20 minute clips of naked man-sex. Chip introduces each one with a bit too much hyperbole for my taste, but he is truly excited about his work!

Scene one is from Hot Cops 1 and it stars Joe Romero and Jeff Jagger. Jagger is handcuffed and sitting in the back seat of a patrol car beating off while Romero is driving. This can’t last for long and so quickly the scene switches to outside the car and Jeff is on his knees blowing Joe. He licks the rod and face fucks it.

Stud BookRomero then takes off his shorts and he reveals his big chest. He moves to open the trunk of his patrol car and gets out a blanket. Then he puts Jeff up on the trunk of the car, rims him and tongue fucks his ass, thrusting his tongue in and out of Jagger’s hole. He then uses his thumb to fuck him, but is soon back rimming him.

The scene switches to Romero leaning against the car and Jagger stroking him. They switch and Romero is backed up against the car with Jeff’s legs wrapped around him. "Fuck me, fuck me,” Jeff pleads. Romero’s rod is thick and hard. Romero obliges and lifts Jeff up and lowers him down on his rod. The fucking is truly hot. Soon they switch with Joe laying on the cop car and Jeff on top riding his man-meat.

The background noises are a bit distracting. Whether it is wind on the mics or motorcycles or what is not clear. There are also airplane noises overheard that distracts from this otherwise great fuck scene. The audio production leaves a lot to be desired, but the visual sex is still great.

They switch with Jeff on his back on the ground and Joe continuing to fuck him. He thrusts harder and harder using several positions. He almost does push-ups on him. While Joe is fucking him, Jeff strokes himself faster and faster and finally cums with Joe’s meat deep inside his ass. Eventually Romero strokes himself and he shoots sweet jism all over Jagger. There are some good slow mo shots of his cum shooting in huge streams and globs. He finishes stroking and the scene fades out.

Scene two is from Hot Cops 2 and Shawn Justin and Kyle Brandon star in this master-meet-slave sequence. The film opens with Kyle naked and Shawn in cop uniform, in front of him. As Shawn takes off his shirt Kyle pinches his nips. At first this scene is a little jumpy: The scene switches to the cop (Shawn) blowing Kyle. There are lots of great cock shots, but then they switch to a bed and Shawn is laying on his back deep throating Kyle. Kyle face fucks him, thrusting his hips faster and faster. There is a little slo mo and color changes here that don’t seem altogether necessary.

They begin to 69 with Shawn on top and Kyle continuing to lay on his back. You get great shots from different angles. Kyle seems to have problems staying hard, but he begins to rim Kyle. There are some good asshole shots here. Shawn takes Kyle’s man-mean back into his mouth, determined to make him hard again.

Kyle then fingers Shawn’s hole, spreading it wider and wider. They switch with Shawn on his back with his legs up in the air on the edge of the bed and Kyle continues to rim him. Shawn demands that Kyle “fuck my ass”. Kyle jerks him up and slams his cock deep inside him and begins a vigorous fuck session. He pounds Shawn’s ass hard and long and fast. There is lots of verbal from Shawn, which I like. They switch with Kyle on his hands and knees on the bed. Shawn enters him from behind and then there is a combination of slo mo and real-time fucking. It is hot to see Shawn’s balls swing between his legs as he does Kyle.

Kyle eventually pulls out and fingers Shawn’s asshole while Shawn strokes himself. He soon cums all over Kyle’s chest and they switch to Kyle hand fucking himself. He seems to orgasm, but there does not appear to be any cum. Shawn continues to run his cock over the slippery cum on Kyle’s chest.

Scene three is also from Hot Cops 2 and KC Hart and Chad Donovan star is this great scene. They are both obviously into this and they seem almost ravenous in their desire for man-sex. The scene begins with both men shirtless with Chad kissing and licking all KC’s body. They switch and Chad rims KC while KC blows Chad. There is lots of man-laughter and grunting.

The pairing continues with Chad the more vigorous of the two. Chad switches and pulls KCs cock down. He works his balls for a little bit and then works on KC’s rod. Both men seem hungry for each other’s meat. KC lays back on his back with Chad over him. Chad’s 9 inch meat is growing to full length and he sticks that dip stick into the warm lube of KC’s mouth over and over again. Chad’s snake is indeed a beauty to behold.

There is a little gymnastics and KC does a summersault while sucking on Chad’s rod and presenting his ass up in the air for Chad to work on. Interesting shots of KC upside down working on Chad’s meat while his ass is licked and worked by Chad. Very quickly Chad has that man-eel up in KC’s ass. You can tell that KC feels that pipe up deep inside him. Chad works KC’s balls while fucking him. Chad pounds KC hard and deep and long. KC particularly is working up a sweat being pounded by suck a long snake. The closeups show that Chad doesn’t have to really move a lot to get a strong reaction out of KC. The scene ends with both guys stroking fast and hard. They cum almost simultaneously, both spewing on KC’s belly and chest.

Our next scene is from Marine Crucible and for this, Bo Summers fucks Chad Knight. Things begin with Chad standing in the back seat of a jeep. Both he and Bo (with a military cap on ) are nude and Bo is already fucking him. Chad looks like he is working to impress by how much sound he can make as he is fucked. Bo has a very respectable rod, slender but long, and he leans back and continues to fill Chad’s hole.

Eventually Chad leans against the windshield and Bo fucks him from there while standing on the two front seats. There is slo mo, but the noise doesn’t match and so it seems a bit surreal. On the other hand, there is a nice shot of Bo’s abs and chest as he continues thrusting into Chad. Bo is almost silent throughout the entire scene, while Chad is a veritable sound machine of grunting. The pounding Bo does to Chad gets more intense. You can hear the metal of the jeep creak as the pounding continues faster and faster.

Unlike the other clips to this point, this is a one act show -- Chad leaning over in the jeep while Bo pounds him. It doesn’t switch up much when Chad gets out and lays on the hood of the jeep with his legs over his head and Bo continues his assault on Chad’s ass.

There is a nice close-up on Bo’s rod as he pounds Knight. Bo has a very nice body which is on good display here as he works with all his might to punish Chad’s asshole. He crawls up on the hood of the jeep so he can get his shaft even deeper down into Chad’s ass. The scene ends with both guys jerking off, Bo kneeling over Chad and he finally shoots, closing the scene.


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XL Files, Part 1 - Scenes 3, 4, and 10

This film is basically casting shots of Czech guys with huge cocks beating off. Nice and simple, and great cocks for sure.

XL FilesI started with scene three, Martin, a slender, long, blonde-haired stud. He has interesting tan lines and just a bit of chest hair. He is not sure how long his dick is, but it is nice and unusually curved downwards. He kneels on the sofa and just slowly strokes himself. He hardly smiles which is too bad, because he'd be cute with a smile. He is uncut and pulls that foreskin over the head which looks sexy to me. He works himself slowly. His pee slit is really just a little hole, not a slit. The cameraman has some nice closeup shots that catch the texture of his piece of meat well. Martin begins to pick up the pace and then leaks out cum onto the floor. It does not really shoot, but his load just drops out.

Next come Zdenek, a muscular jock with shoulder length dark hair. He begins by stripping and sitting on a overstuffed chair and beating his 8 or 9 inch meat. He is handsome, in shape and has a very nice dick. It is both long and thick. He plays with his balls while he beats and then cums amazingly fast. He shoots a couple of short streams very quickly. This one leaves you wishing for more.

The scene then switches to a room where they are shaving Zdenek’s chest and trimming his pubs. Next he goes to the hair stylist who cuts and re-fashions his hair. After the makeover, Zdenek is again back to work. Lying back on a sofa covered with pillows, he is stroking that amazing cock. The shaving does add a touch of professional look to this shoot. This time our stud strokes himself long and slow. He uses one hand, and then two. Amazingly, both hands fit around his pole with a little room to spare. There are some interesting camera angles from the flight above where he lays. His hips thrust in anticipation of cumming, but he slows himself down and limits where he rubs for a while. He has beautiful green eyes. Finally he allows himself to speed up, thrusting his hips fast. He shoots faster and faster and finally cums all over his tight belly. This time there is lots of juice to cover his stomach. Much, much more satisfying.

In scene four we have Juraj, a pleasant looking guy: dark haired, a bit of a baby face. While not very muscular, he still has a pleasant cock -- not huge in length compared to other men in this video, but his dick has really nice thickness. Again, the cameraman gets some beautifully clear close-ups of his cock as he is stroking. He is pretty engrossed in the porn, but occasionally smiles, truly a killer smile. He lays back on the couch and continues to work his meat and it actually does seem to get a little longer as the clip goes on. He uses both hands and suddenly he is shooting and you miss most of the cum shot. The camera is at a poor angle to catch it and it doesn’t appear that Juraj gave any advance notice.

Scene ten begins with the director interviewing Radek. He has a nice chest and face. Eventually he undresses and we see his cock is uncut and fairly small while flaccid. He bends over the couch to show his asshole which is hairy and looks delicious and soon he has grown to full length. He is large and very thick and more creative in his jerk-off technique than almost anyone I've watched. Not weird, just creative. He uses both hands on either side to massage his meat. It helps that he is both so long and very wide. He uses several slightly different hand grasps that are more interesting than a basic pump. Finally he begins to pump more. The director asks him if he wants to cum slowly and he says definitely yes. Finally he shoots big white globs of thick cum on his belly. There are several camera shots afterwards, while his cock is still very thick and still pleasurably long. He moves into the washroom to shower and focuses on washing his cock with soap. Nice!

Next we come to Martin or Mato. He undresses, showing his very small waist. His cock, while long and truly extra large, is more ordinary, too. When he gets at it, he does a basic right hand stroke. Mato’s left ball consistently hangs lower than his right. I have no idea why this is distracting, but it was to me. Eventually he fingers his balls and then goes back to jerking. The camera zooms in and out. There is very nice variety. Finally he begins to make guttural noises and shoots a couple are some short squirts of cum, followed by thick oozing cum. He smiles and stands to show off for the camera.


Want to watch this movie now? Go here to watch a scene or the entire movie:


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Categories: Pro Studio, Solos, Vanilla Suck & Fuck

King Size - Scenes 1, 2 and 3

Scene one opens with Dean Phoenix in the front of the room leaning/half sitting on a table. He is shirtless and is rubbing his massive chest. Kyle King is in the background with his jeans unzipped and he is rubbing his cock through his red jock strap. He moves to the front and the two begin kissing, but very quickly Kyle kneels before Dean’s black jock strap, frees Dean’s meat and begins to blow him. There are lots of nice oral sounds from Dean here.

King SizeKyle releases his own manhood and begins to stroke it while continuing to suck on Dean. They briefly kiss and then Dean begins to tongue his way down Kyle’s body and ends up taking Kyle’s cock in his mouth. Kyle thrusts hard into Dean’s mouth. He face fucks him for a while and then Dean stands, throws Kyle over the table and begins to rim his ass. He spreads it wide for all to see and fingers it for the camera. He then returns to rimming. Kyle does a good job of responding to the oral servicing of his ass, writhing his body to the tongue action.

Phoenix has a tight waist, a tight ass and massive chest and cock to match his chest. While Kyle’s waist isn’t as small as Dean’s, it is tight and ripped. His arms are massive and he has just a beautiful body. His white bubble butt is especially luscious.

Phoenix moves King up on the table so King can get on all fours and Phoenix takes his massive rod, enters Kyle and begins to vigorously fuck him. King responds so actively to the fucking, however, that it seems almost as if HE is the one fucking Dean, not the other way around. He is very active and very much enjoying this. You can see Phoenix’s balls flop back and forth as he fucks Kyle faster and faster. The fuck session goes on for quite some time, and although I personally much prefer for the sex to move from one thing to the other, I did not grow tired of this. It is so obvious that both men are totally into each others' body and into the fucking. They kiss and then shift positions again. Kyle is still on the bottom, but he has one leg on the table and one leg on the floor. Dean stands on the floor and re-enters Kyle and fucks him just as vigorously as before. Kyle reaches under himself and strokes himself as he is being fucked. There is a nice under-shot between Phoenix’s legs of him fucking and Kyle stroking. The view shifts back to a front view, but you can see King is as hard as a rock.

Finally Dean can’t wait any longer and he strokes himself and cums all over Kyle’s white ass and back. He rubs his cum into King, who is stroking himself. He quickly rolls over and cums on his hard belly. Dean is positioned over him, holding his own cock and encouraging him on. The scene ends with Phoenix rubbing King’s cum on his chest and the two kiss.

Scene two begins with Raphael Alencar leaning against a table with his monster cock sticking out of his blue jock strap. Very quickly Ross Hurston enters in a white jock with his cock sticking out. They eye each other and Ross comes and kneels before Raphael’s tower of power and then begins to blow him. He works all over this man-meat; probably no one could take this entire rod, it is so big. He kisses it, works it with his tongue. “This tastes good.“ He puts his mouth on the head and strokes it with his hand.

Raphael has a beautiful chest and face. Ross strips both men of their jock straps and then lays Raphael down and crawls on top of him and the two 69. Ross sits up and Raphael begins to do some serious work on Ross’s balls. Eventually Ross gets back down into the 69 position and works over Raphael’s cock. Ross sticks one leg up so we can see Raphael blow him better. Finally he sits back on his haunches and Alencar continues working his shaft. They kiss and it is back to 69 again. This never seems repetitive! Alencar particularly works on Hurston’s balls during the 69 play.

Raphael pulls back, wets his fingers and puts 1, 2, 3 and then 4 fingers up Hurston’s ass. He spreads the hole wide and then begins to rim him with his mouth. Ross pulls back and puts his shaft in Alencar’s mouth and face fucks him while Raphael strokes himself. Next Ross crawls on top of Raphael and then gently guides Alencar’s hard meat into his ass. He rides Raphael slowly at first. His bubble butt makes a great site with a long shaft stuck up in it! Raphael just lays back with his arms behind his head, enjoying the fuck. Ross goes deeper and deep onto Alencar’s meat and rides him faster and faster. He is up and down like a bucking bronco on that shaft! They kiss some more and get off the table. Ross leans over it and encourages Raphael to enter him from behind which he does. He pushes the entire 10 or 11 inches inside him. Raphael fucks him the entire length, totally pulling out and then slapping his balls on Ross’s ass as he slams back in. You can see the determination on his face. There is an especially good bottom shot of him fucking Ross from below.

Alencar fucks him for a good long time. Ross leans back to kiss Raphael (and does), but it is clear that Raphael only wants one thing and that is HIS meat pounding inside of Hurston. Raphael eventually rolls Ross over on his back, laying on a tire with his legs spread in the air and fucks him facing him. This position is a bit more awkward than before and Alencar stabilizes himself by holding onto Ross’s shoes and fucks him slower. Eventually, however, he works up faster and harder. The scene ends with both spewing huge loads on top of one another. Really hot!

Scene three is actually a solo scene that begins with Kyle King looking deep into the camera. He looks down and the camera pans down to his package: he is wearing his red jock strap and he is rubbing himself through the strap. Soon, however, he frees his rod and slowly strokes it different ways. He continues to look longingly into the camera while he focuses his attention more and more on his hard, stiff shaft.

The scene shifts and Kyle is next on his back, and still in his red jock strap, but his cock is free. He plays with his asshole, patting it, spreading it, fingering it. “Come on, fuck me!” he says as he spreads his hole and lubes it with his spit.

He begins again to pay attention to his man-meat. He continues to say “Come on, fuck me!” while he strokes and pats his ass. Next he reaches over and gets a big metal flashlight. and sticks it up his ass a couple of inches and just holds it there while he jerks off. Finally, he begins to fuck himself with the big flashlight. I’m not sure how much he eventually sticks up inside himself, but it is probably a good 5 inches. He just continues to move it in and out slowly while he groans and strokes. Kyle eventually pulls it out and continues to massage his checks and spread his hole.

Kyle stands, still wearing that red jockstrap and jerks himself off. He beats himself off pretty fast and then slows back down, pacing himself. Finally he gets down to it, kneeling on the table and hand-pumps himself until he cums. His cum spews on the table on which he is kneeling. He reaches down and wipes it up with his fingers and licks it off. Looking back in the camera he asks, “Like that?” as he continues to lick his cum off of the table. He licks his lips and smiles as the scene fades to black. Yes, I liked it, Kyle!


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The Unlawful

This video is just a fun romp with lots of good looking guys in beautiful venues having excellent sex. Scene one begins with two beautiful men in a jacuzzi. The first model (names are not clear) is rubbing oil all over Chance Caldwell, who is at his very muscular finest. They begin to kiss and as they do, there is a shot of a policeman (Max Grand) watching them. They begin to rub each other through their swimming suits and rub their cocks together through their suits. Very quickly they begin to hump each other through their suits. The first guy rubs his hands down inside the back of Chance’s suit and begins to suck his nipples. Caldwell, by now with his suit half down his ass, moves and sits on the side of the jacuzzi, while the younger guy eats him through his suit.

The scene shifts to Chance laying totally naked on the deck stroking. At first Chance’s cock is not big for the size of his body. But he quickly “grows into it.” Meanwhile, the watching cop rubs his cock through his pants. Caldwell begins to stroke the younger guy while the younger guy sucks Chance who eventually stands up and the two switch positions. The younger guy is a bit distracting, because he has a really bad complexion, especially on his ass.

The scene switches and the two are laying on an air mattress and the smaller guy rims and fingers Chance’s hole. He then enters Chance, fucks him hard from on top and we get some nice camera work from all different angles. After fucking the younger guy cums on Caldwell’s chest. Chance continues to jerk while the young guy plays with Caldwell’s balls, until Chance comes all over his own chest. This scene ends with the young guy laying on top of Caldwell, and the peeping officer going back to his squad car where his blonde partner wonders what took him so long.

Pretty nice scene.

Scene two begins with the officers back in the squad car. Grand gets out of the car and comes upon two guys, one blonde fucking a dark haired guy who is leaning over a lawn chair.
I hate to says it, but the scene is pretty boring. The fucking is fairly average. The dark headed guy looks like he is bored.

The real action that moves the movie forward is between the officers. The scene switches to Grand who pulls out his cock and begins to beat off as he watches. Unknown to Grand, the blonde officer comes up from behind and catches Max stroking off. He tries to say he is just taking a leak, but the blond officer asks him if he always strokes his cock when he is taking a leak. “Just a bunch of fags in there” is the reply. The other officer looks quickly and then heads back to the car. More fucking continues between the boring duo.

The two officers are again in the car for scene three. Max Grand tries to give excuses why he was watching the two guys suck each other off, but finally after a little prodding, he admits that he has thought about being with a guy. The other officer says that he had a guy suck him off once. “I’m not gay, but it was better than any pussy.“

Intrigued, Max wants to see his partner’s cock so of course he pulls it out. It doesn’t take much for Max to go down on his partner. The scene switches to both guys outside the police car naked. Blonde leans against the car while Grand sucks his cock and strokes himself. The blonde seems to have a pretty limited vocabulary: he just keeps saying “Suck my dick” over and over. Grand strokes his uncut cock while continuing to suck the blonde partner. Eventually they both begin jerking themselves off. Blonde cums on the trunk of car while Grand cums on the tail light. Christening the squad car, I guess?


Want to watch this movie now? Go here to watch a scene or the entire movie:


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Firestarter - Scenes 2 and 3

Want to watch this movie now? Go here to watch a scene or the entire movie:


I started watching with scene two. A client (James Jordan) comes with the realtor and meets with Fernando Nielsen, showing him the house. The realtor leaves the house and leaves Jordan sitting on the couch with Nielsen. Both bemoan how busy their partners are and so there is no time left for sex. Jordan propositions him that perhaps if Fernando and his partner had an open relationship it wouldn’t be so stressful when they couldn’t have sex with one another. He agrees and of course the two begin to kiss.

Fernando is a huge specimen of a man. Not that James is small, but he is definitely smaller than Fernando. After a little touching the scene switches and both are naked. James is passionately doing a number on Fernando’s meat and he is quite eager to possess this man’s body! All Nielsen has to do is just lay back and enjoy it. Jordan moves up Nielsen’s body and offers his cock to Fernando, who lays back and lets Jordan face fuck him. Jordan gets very verbal while get gets blown.

The scene switches with Nielsen on his side and Jordan laying beside him and entering him to him. Jordan is just as intense in his fucking as he is in his sucking. It is clearly written all over their face's that they get into this!

Jordan lays back as Fernando stands up, straddles James and lowers his ass down on the rock-hard rod. We next find Fernando with his butt and legs up in the air against the sofa and James facing away from him with his cock pushed down between his legs fucking him from above. This is indeed a hard way to fuck and I don’t think I have seen fucking done this way in a video! It is sexy, but looks hard to me. They finally switch to a more common position with Fernando laying on his back, legs in the air and James on top of him fucking.

Suddenly James jumps up and pulls out, removes the condom and jerks like mad. He cums all over Nielsen’s legs. Nielsen, who is totally shaved, jerks his smaller dick and cums over his chest. These are huge men with beautiful bodies who know what to do with them. While Nielsen isn’t huge, they really focus on James’ cock. Both are totally into the session which just makes it fun to watch.

Moving to scene 3 Johnny Huzosh begins by lecturing Giovanni Floretto and Tom Long about bad investing advice in futures. When he leaves the two look at each other and laugh. They agree that he is uptight because he hasn’t had enough sex. They agree that lack of sex is not their problem, but they have never had sex in their office so, of course, they proceed to do it. They kiss, begin to undress one another, and Tom goes to work on Giovanni’a massive meat. It is huge, thick and uncut.

They finish undressing and stand in front of the couch while their cocks play. Giovanni then lays down on the floor and they get into the 69 position. Floretto’s body is hot -- every muscle shows clearly. We're treated to some nice closeups of the 69, each one showing how god-like Floretto’s body is. Everything that Giovanni’s body is, Tom Long’s is not. Tom looks pale and weak next to Floretto.

They switch and Tom puts Giovanni’s legs up in the air and gets down to rim him. Giovanni three-finger jerks off while being rimmed. They eventually switch and take up the same position on the couch, but this time Tom is fucking Floretto. Giovanni’s uncut cock lays there, still long, although no longer hard.

Long pulls out and they kiss, switch positions and then Long bends over and Floretto begins by slapping his butt and then inserts a huge dildo in his ass. That dildo goes in and out as Long grimaces and groans.

Finally, Floretto puts his own huge manhood inside Tom and makes Tom hurt even more. The man-vocals are great here. The passion in Giovanni and the pain in Tom with that huge meat up his ass are awesome to watch as Giovanni goes to town beating Long’s ass hard with his meat and growling as he does so.

Quickly cock comes out, condom comes off and Floretto creams on Long’s back. Not a lot of cum, but thick. Then Tom knees on the couch and jerks to climax while Giovanni rubs him down. Again, not a lot of cream, but thick.

Nice scene, but I kept wishing Giovanni had been matched to a more manly man.


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