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Categories: Amateur Studio, Vanilla Suck & Fuck, Bareback

Average Joe Orgy - Scenes 1, 2 and 3

This series of clips is a fun romp through several cities and some group orgies organized by the website, CRUISING for SEX. The Cruisemaster has invited special guests to come and just 'play,' and these are not the botoxed model types. These are real guys doing the nasty with each other.

Average Joe OrgyScene one has less variety than some of the others. It begins with two guys on a couch, one blowing the other. There are several couples in the background and it is not altogether clear what they are doing, but it seems sexual. On the couch, it is indeed a nice blowjob happening and the facial expressions on the one receiving are great. He sometimes fondles the other guy’s cock, but mostly focuses on receiving his pleasure.

The scene switches to two guys standing: one blowing the other. Beside them are four guys together. Two guys doing nipple play and one guy is blowing the fourth. Of the six of these guys, they periodically mix and match.

The scene then switches to four on the couch, one guy receiving a blowjob fingers a guy as he (the one being fingered) sucks someone else. There is some pretty intense kissing and finally, the guy who was fingering moves over and gels up the guy he was fingering, condoms up, mounts and begins fucking him. The camera switches to the 2 good looking guys on the couch. One of the guys is so close to orgasm, and you can see him breathe heavy and jerk as he tries to keep from cumming. He finally shoots his load as other guys jerk him off. Really hot!

Scene two begins with two guys on a bed, rubbing cocks together. The top guy moves and begins to blow the guy who is laying down. The scene broadens to show that there are a couple of guys on another bed playing and a fifth guy just sitting on the edge of the bed. The focus continues on first couple. Eventually, the paler one mounts and fucks the darker one. And boy does he do it vigorously! Hot to watch.

In the background you see three guys on another bed: one blowing, one rimming. A guy with a big tat is laying down while a red haired guy deep fingers him. Red head moves out of the way and a guy with a star tat moves in to fuck some ass. In the background you here the crowd urging him to "Fuck it harder."

Scene three begins with two guys on a blue covered couch, one sucking the other. The camera moves to a blonde guy standing and another guy blowing him. Blonde guy is fondling the cock of a third older guy standing nearby. The third guys moves and begins to suck the sucker.

We then move back to the blue couch, sports fans. The one sucking before is now being sucked. Two guys are standing and one guy alternating between sucking one another.
Now there are two new guys on the couch. One black guy being sucked by a white guy.

Next we head to the bedroom and a guy with a star tat is firming himself up before he finally mounts a guy laying on bed. Particularly good is the under shot of the cock entering the ass. A nice close-up.

You have more guys going at it on one couch and four on the other. There is a parade of sucking and fucking with legs and arms entangled. The sucking and fucking is, again, vigorous. The scene continues with pairings of more sucking cock and nipple play.

While I only watched the first few scenes, I can assure you that these are normal guys having some hot sex and you will get your rocks off.


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Categories: Amateur Studio, Vanilla Suck & Fuck

How to Seduce a Straight Man

I have watched this video several times and always find it quite satisfying. It offers four scenes, with each scene themed around a different way to seduce a straight man. Supposedly each scene has one gay man and one straight man, although the straight men are pretty proficient at gay sex!

How To Seduce a Straight ManScene 1 is "The Hot Tub." Tell them sex stories to get them horny. This scene features Nick Capra and Aaron Archer. Nick tells Aaron about a girl who he met in Vegas. She “jumped his bone.” Apparently she left in the middle of the night and left the door ajar, because when Nick awoke, the bellhop was blowing him. "I didn’t start it but I sure didn’t stop him from finishing!” Aaron replies, “I could never do that.”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never tried to suck your own dick?” asked Nick.

“Well, every guy tries that.“

Nick stands with his cock out of his trunks and says, “Hurry up before the girls get back." Aaron begins to suck Nicks’ meat. There is lots of hot sex in the hot tub, a great beginning for this video.

For scene 2 we have "Six Beers." Get them drunk. This scene begins with RC Ryan and Adam at the table in Adam’s kitchen. RC is mad because the woman he lives with kicked him out. They both have obviously been drinking a long time. Absentmindedly listening, Adam replies: “You’re so hot! What? You’re so right.”

RC responds, “You gay guys are so lucky. You can fuck anyone you want.“ RC starts to get up to go to the bathroom but stumbles so Adam suggests, “You’d better spend the night. You’re in no condition to drive.“

The scene moves to the bedroom where RC is asleep. Adam is awake and moves in the bed to watch him. Slowly he moves his hand on RC’s stomach. When RC shifts, Adam jumps and plays possum. Again he puts his hand on RC’s stomach. When he doesn’t respond, Adam’s hand slowly goes down under the covers. He evidently is stroking him under the covers and eventually RC moans. You can see that RC is hard under the covers and then Adam pulls them back to reveal hard cock.

Suddenly RC’s eyes open, Adam freezes, until RC pulls him in tight to him. Adam begins to work RC’s nipples while stroking his meat and there is some really satisfying man sex here. Eventually, RC cums all over Adam’s balls, “Fuck, yeah.”
Adam is beating off hard, “God I’m gonna cum," and he shoots his load on his stomach and then rubs it in.” Again, another very nice scene.

For scene 3 we have "The Drive-in." The more they talk about pussy the more open they are to sucking dick. Jordan Vaughn and Christian Owen are in a car watching a drive-in movie. Jordan makes fun of Christian's “make-believe” girlfriend. The only sex he is having “is with his hand.” He reaches for some popcorn and finds Christians dick sticking up through the bottom of the popcorn box. "See, you can’t keep your hands off yourself for 2 minutes!"

“Only because there is no one here to suck it? Unless ...”

Jordan denies being gay but Christian says, “Everyone is a little bit gay. I’ll prove it. I’ll suck on your dick for 10 minutes and if you get hard, you’re gay." Jordan talks him down to 5 minutes and lowers his pants, exposing his limp cock.
Christian goes to town on Jordan’s meat. You can see Jordan harden up before your eyes. “Yes, that feels good.” There is a very long, nice suck session.

The scene switches and Christian has removed his shirt and Jordan raises his and begins to play with his own pecs and nipples. Christian goes faster on Jordan’s meat, focusing his tongues’ attention on Jordan’s cockhead while he massages his balls.

Jordan says, “Here sit back," and Christian removes his pants and Jordan takes off his shirt and then Jordan begins to work on Christians’ manhood. Lots of moaning, and eventually Christian looks like he is about to cum, but Jordan keeps working his shaft. Christian reaches around and plays with Jordan’s cock and there is a nice shot from the outside mirror reflecting what is happening inside the car.

The shot switches to Jordan leaning over the seat while Christian rims him. “Oh, that feels so good. Squeeze my ass, suck my ass.”

The scene switches again and Jordan is fucking Christian. I can’t figure out the logistics of how they are doing this. Probably they are in a convertible and Christian is standing leaning over the front windshield while Jordan ass-pounds him. Both are moaning in rhythm with Jordan’s penetrations.

Next Jordan is sitting and Christian is doing the cowgirl position, bouncing up and down on Jordan’s meat. Finally both guys are sitting side by side beating off. Christian cums lots of thick gooey cum and then Jordan shoots a few streams of hot, white cum, too.

Jordan says, “I told you I wasn’t gay.” Christian replies, “Alright, I believe you.” Good sex and cute corny ending.

Scene 4 is called "The Hitchhiker." Let them see your porn stash. This is a nice little scene featuring Brett Mathews and Zachary Pierce. Mathews is driving his pickup along a 2-lane highway. He eventually sees Pierce hitchhiking along the side of the road. It is fine, except it seems to take forever before Mathews finally meets up with Pierce. Let’s cut the driving sequences shorter and get to the action!

Once Pierce is in the truck, he pulls out his cigarettes, reaches down to where the cigarette lighter should be but nothing is there. Hoping it is in the glove box, he opens it. Instead of finding the lighter, he finds a magazine featuring naked men.

Now the scene switches to the two guys sitting on the back of the pickup. Each cannot understand what the other sees in men or women. Next, the scene switches to the two guys sleeping side by side. It is never clear where they are or why they are sleeping together, but Pierce still has the magazine with the naked guys. He lights a light, and begins to jerk off to the magazine. After a while, Mathews awakens and places his hand on Zachary’s cockhead. Zachary moves his hand away and Brett begins to stroke Zachary. They kiss while Brett strokes him. Zach has one of the most beautifully defined cockheads I have ever seen (and I have seen lots).

Eventually Brett raises Zachary's shirt and begins to suck on his nipples while continuing to stroke him. He kisses down Zachery’s belly and finally works his way onto his cock. It is slender, but beautiful. He begins slow, but picks up speed fast.
Zachery takes Brett’s head and pushes it down in rhythm on his cock.

After a while Zachery lowers his pants, Brett pulls out his own cock and begins to stroke himself. There is a nice shot of the two cocks laying side by side and then both guys go at it, beating themselves off while they kiss.

The next shot has the two in a 69 position. Brett is sucking up a storm while Zachary is stroking him. He is watching and wondering about trying it, too. Finally he takes a lick or two on Bretts cock and then dives in for the full 69

Eventually, Brett begins to focus on his buddies asshole. At first Zachary looks puzzled, but quickly begins to moan his appreciation for the rim job. “What else do you do?” Matthews doesn’t need Zachary to ask a second time. He is quickly condom covered and fucking Zachary. The scene ends with Matthew cumming all over Pierce and then Pierce cumming all over Brett’s ass. Nice. Very nice.


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Categories: Amateur Studio, Vanilla Suck & Fuck

Fuckin to the Music

Want to watch this movie now? Go here to watch a scene or the entire movie:


This little film stars Blaine Moore, Tristan Lawler and Brandon Aguilar. Unfortunately you are never told who is who even in the credits. I tried to find them on internet searches, but to no avail. I am reduced to just referring to them as Bald (shaved head), Balding, and Hair. Pretty lame labels, but it helped me keep track of whose dick was inside of whom.

Atticmen Productions says this film was shot and then the audio lost. They decided to market the video and just add some audio. Pretty bad choice, or at last poor execution of that choice. The music is tedious and mediocre. The shots are confusing. Over and over something happens (cum shots, entering an ass) off camera and so they quickly switch to show what comes next.

Three young men are standing in a circle and kissing as the movie opens. They remove shirts and shorts and Balding begins to suck first on one nipple and then the other. They remove their pants and get down to business. Two of them have on cockrings.

Balding begins to stroke himself. He has on a silver cock-band. Hair begins to suck on Bald’s cock which is standing nicely erect. It is thin and not extra long, but still nice. Balding begins kissing Hair and stroking self while Bald sucks on Hairs cock. Bald trades off between sucking Balding and Hair while the other two kiss.

Balding has a nice short cock with a large head. Bald treats it tenderly. Balding begins to blow Hair while Hair first kisses and then blows Bald. Bald’s cock and balls are shaved as well as his head. They trade off sucking. Balding goes back to sucking Bald. This goes on for sometime and Hair and Bald kiss. Bald strokes Hair’s cock.

Balding then switches to suck on Hair while Bald rims Balding. He gets underneath and, I presume, he is sucking on Baldings balls because he sticks his thumb up Balding’s asshole. He then follows by fingering Balding while he rims Hair at the same time. Hair and Balding kiss and Bald just goes back and forth between rimming first one and then the other.

Hair then rims Balding while Bald gets behind him. It is presumed that he is stroking Hair because he takes his hand up and takes spit and puts it back down on Hairs crotch where it can’t be seen. Bald then backs up and fingers Hair. Sometimes the shots are too close to really get a good idea of what is happening. We see Bald doing something in the back, but it is never clear what it is. Eventually Bald sits down on the couch and has a condom on his cock. Balding moves and slowly sits down on it and Bald begins to slowly fuck him from that position.

While he is doing this Hair sucks on Bald’s balls. He switches between Bald’s balls and Baldings crack. Bald gets very vigorous in his fucking. Hair seems not quite sure what to do, but finally he gets into stroking Balding while Bald sucks on Hair all the while fucking Balding. Balding switches over and sucks on Hairs cock. Balding dismounts and moves around so that Bald can mount Hair from the back while they are standing.

Next Hair eats Balding while Bald and Balding kiss. It appears as if Hair enters and begins to fuck Balding, but it never shows him entering and so you only presume that is what has happened. Hair thrusts vigorously. And Balding seems to be enjoying it thoroughly. He continues to blow Bald and kiss his belly. He jerks himself briefly while Bald gets down in between the two men’s legs. At first it is not apparent what he is doing. He is apparently eating someone, but you can’t really tell which one. Finally Hair pulls back and Bald is obviously rimming Balding while Balding jerks him off. There is an asshole shot that could be sexy but it too out of focus.

Hair is still on his knees sucking on Balding and suddenly it is apparent that Balding is cumming. Hair quickly takes his mouth away and jerks him very briefly while Balding cums all over Hair’s face. Bald continues fucking Balding all throughout this. He then comes around and kisses Hair and sucks on Balding’s spent meat.

Hair and Bald then begin to focus their attention on one another while Balding watches and slowly jerks himself. Hair lays on his back while Bald kisses him and then he spreads his legs as it appears that Bald has entered him. What do these guys have against showing the entry itself! It is disappointing and confusing.

Throughout the movie there are flashes from a still camera. These flashes are very bright and happen way too often. A bit too much. Some nice bodies, some good dick, good for a quick jerk-off, but not the best made film.


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Categories: Amateur Studio, Vanilla Suck & Fuck

Muscle Men Fucking

Want to watch this movie now? Go here to watch a scene or the entire movie:


Marco Paris and Marc Williams are a real couple. They state that they are not sure what they are going to do, "Just what comes naturally,” and then they begin sitting on the bed kissing. They stand and feel each others chest and remove their shirts. These guys have definitely spent plenty of time at the gym.

Marc lowers Marcos pants and feels him through his underwear, first in the front and then from the back. Marco lowers Marc's pants and feels and then eats Marc's cock through his briefs. He briefly lowers the back of the shorts to expose Marc’s ass. They stand side by side making traditional muscle poses. (A little hokey, but it does show off their muscles). Marc finishes undressing Marco down to his underwear (pants, shoes, socks), and Marco does the same thing for Marc. They embrace and fondle each other briefly through their briefs.

Marco asks, “Are you ready to see something?” and he takes down Marc's shorts and exposes a very nice dong. Not overly hard, but still long and easy on the eyes. Marco takes the cock in his mouth and begins to suck while fondling himself. Marco loses his shorts and Marc returns the favor. Marco is shaved and not as long as Marc, but still nice looking. Marc begins to blow Marco in earnest. A quick shot of Marc’s black meat shows it is still 9 inches or so and not hard. They again switch positions and Marco again goes down on Marc’s man meat. You can see Marcos cock stiffen and thicken.

They lay down on the bed in the 69 position, both seriously focusing on the others cock. After an initial joint blow, they trade times when one lays back and enjoys while the other blows and then they switch. Next Marc lays back on the pillows and Marco gets on top of him and they continue to 69 from this new position. They next switch with Marc on top of the 69. Marc’s cock gets more of the camera attention -- and it should -- it is nice and huge.

Marc lays face down on the bed and Marco begins to eat his ass. His cock is laid out behind him and so Marco switches between rimming Marc and sucking on his cock. Marco then lays face down on the bed with his ass up in the air. Williams takes his cock and uses it as a stick to beat Paris’ ass and run it up and down his crack. Williams begins to hump Marco.

Marco asks him to fuck him, so Marc condoms up and enters Paris and begins to fuck him. Williams is definitely the more vocal of the two. He moans and talks about how big Paris is inside him. Paris thrusts hard and moves and fucks him from several different positions. Eventually Paris dismounts and lays flat on the bed. Marco warms his ass up with an ass rubdown, massaging down his thighs to his knees. After focusing attention back on his ass, he begins to kiss his ass.

The scene switches to Paris standing by the bed jerking off and Williams laying on his bed sucking Paris' nipples. Paris then gets back up on the bed and again mounts Williams from behind and again fucks him hard. The shots from the back are some of the best as he thrusts long and deep. Finally Williams jerks to climax while Paris is fucking him. Paris continues fucking him and then pulls out and cums all over Marco’s ass. In what is a very tender moment, he then takes a towel and wipes the cum off of Marco’s ass and stomach. They end kissing and snuggling. Nice scene between two hot guys who obviously are hot for each other.

Next comes Nick Marino and Joey Milano. There is a middle scene with Nick (dark shirt) and Joey (white shirt). Frankly, it didn't hold my attention and I skipped to the third scene.

For the third scene, Jay and Nickolay are introduced by the producer and when he steps out of the way as they start to touch and kiss. Jay is bald and Nickolay is black headed and darker skinned. Both are very slender. Jay first removes Nickolay’s short and then he reciprocates and plays with Jay’s nipples. Jay kisses his way down Nickolay’s chest, rubbing all over as he goes down. Finally, he begins to undo Nickolay’s belt but he keeps going back and kissing his belly. He undoes the belt and pants and we don’t see what he does, but Nickolay’s face is ecstatic. I can’t figure out why they keep focusing on Nickolay’s face and upper torso, when something is obviously happening down below. Eventually they do move the focus and Jay has lowered Nickolay’s underwear and is sucking on his still mostly soft, uncut cock. He continues to work the cock and it hardens as he does.

Eventually Jay sits back on his knees, and straddles Nickolay and rubs their two shafts together. He then massages Nickolay’s chest, who then massages back. The camera moves around, revealing that Nickolay is already fucking Jay. For whatever reason he has a hard time keeping himself inside of him. Eventually, they seem to get it and Nickolay really humps Jay from below.

Maybe a different position is tried. There are some close-up shots, but they are hard to make out other than flesh rubbing against flesh. Suddenly Jay says, “Oh shit!” and streams of cum juice shoot out all over his chest and belly. There are actually a couple of slo-mo replays of his cum shoots. Sounds stupid, but it is actually kind of fun. He really does shoot well.

Finally it is time for Nickolay to cum. He grabs his meat and beats like crazy, and acts like he is about to cum several times, but doesn’t. Finally after what seems to be an excruciatingly long time, he shoots a few spurts. He smiles, seems very impressed with himself, and the two finish up by wiping themselves off and kissing.


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Guys Go Crazy 5: Boys Go Wild

Want to watch this movie now? Go here to watch a scene or the entire movie:


This is just one huge orgy film. Pretty much the same for the rest of films in this genre, a bar is filled with fairly good looking men and strippers and alcohol gets them in the mood to bare all.

The video begins with a guy in military fatigues prancing and doing acrobatics. He begins to show his belly and has a guy in the audience help him remove his shirt. He pours beer and champagne over his body and continues to thrust and prance along the runway. The camouflage pants begin to be lowered, revealing a thong. He gets on his knees and invites a couple of guys to fondle his ass while he thrusts against the runway. He is very well built, a great dancer and performer. Eventually he loses his pants and boots and begins to have different guys come up to kiss him.

The camera focuses on a couple who begin passionately kissing. The focus then returns to the dancer who continues to jerk off with the champagne bottles between his legs. He invites different guys to come play with his chest and legs, but not touch his crotch. A few more guys begin to partially undress and kiss and fondle one another’s chests. Finally the thong comes down revealing the dancers ass. His cock continues to be covered and he thrusts, but he sticks his ass in guys faces, including sticking a bottle up his ass. Different guys shake up the champagne and spray his asshole with it.

The undressing in the audience continues as you see a few begin to blow one another. Most are focusing attention on the dancer, however. Another guy gets up on the runway and the dancer takes off the new guys shirt and begins to focus attention on undressing him. The danger begins to suck on the other guy’s balls, while the new guy strokes himself. You increasingly see guys undressing, kissing and sucking in the background. The new guy on the stage begins to be sucked by the dancer.

Finally the dancer lays back and lets the new guy stroke him. The dancer puts the new guy on his back and begins to rim him. Meanwhile other guys are coming and rubbing their bodies on him. Different guys come and pour champagne on the new guy’s ass and the dancer licks it off. The two on the runway continue to rub bodies together, but it is not always clear what they are doing -- the camera is too far away and the lighting is poor. The dancer mimics butt fucking the new guy, but I don’t think this is actually happening.

The film just kind of builds from there, with more and more people getting into the action on and off the stage. Periodically the announcer clears the stage for another performer to come and strip, but he is quickly mobbed by the guys around the stage. Very quickly each performer becomes a group performance as guys are getting horny beyond control and joining whoever is performing on the stage.

Groups and couples form and disband fairly quickly. There are just naked guys and cocks everywhere you look. The film goes on for about two hours and is pretty much more of the same: good looking men in group sex all over the room. Sometimes I wish the camera were closer and/or the lighting better, but it is still man-sex all over the room for two solid hours.


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