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Archives for: June 2010


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Chip Daniels Video Stud Book

Chip Daniels has taken some of his favorite suck and fuck sessions and grouped 10 of them together into a montage of 10 and 20 minute clips of naked man-sex. Chip introduces each one with a bit too much hyperbole for my taste, but he is truly excited about his work!

Scene one is from Hot Cops 1 and it stars Joe Romero and Jeff Jagger. Jagger is handcuffed and sitting in the back seat of a patrol car beating off while Romero is driving. This can’t last for long and so quickly the scene switches to outside the car and Jeff is on his knees blowing Joe. He licks the rod and face fucks it.

Stud BookRomero then takes off his shorts and he reveals his big chest. He moves to open the trunk of his patrol car and gets out a blanket. Then he puts Jeff up on the trunk of the car, rims him and tongue fucks his ass, thrusting his tongue in and out of Jagger’s hole. He then uses his thumb to fuck him, but is soon back rimming him.

The scene switches to Romero leaning against the car and Jagger stroking him. They switch and Romero is backed up against the car with Jeff’s legs wrapped around him. "Fuck me, fuck me,” Jeff pleads. Romero’s rod is thick and hard. Romero obliges and lifts Jeff up and lowers him down on his rod. The fucking is truly hot. Soon they switch with Joe laying on the cop car and Jeff on top riding his man-meat.

The background noises are a bit distracting. Whether it is wind on the mics or motorcycles or what is not clear. There are also airplane noises overheard that distracts from this otherwise great fuck scene. The audio production leaves a lot to be desired, but the visual sex is still great.

They switch with Jeff on his back on the ground and Joe continuing to fuck him. He thrusts harder and harder using several positions. He almost does push-ups on him. While Joe is fucking him, Jeff strokes himself faster and faster and finally cums with Joe’s meat deep inside his ass. Eventually Romero strokes himself and he shoots sweet jism all over Jagger. There are some good slow mo shots of his cum shooting in huge streams and globs. He finishes stroking and the scene fades out.

Scene two is from Hot Cops 2 and Shawn Justin and Kyle Brandon star in this master-meet-slave sequence. The film opens with Kyle naked and Shawn in cop uniform, in front of him. As Shawn takes off his shirt Kyle pinches his nips. At first this scene is a little jumpy: The scene switches to the cop (Shawn) blowing Kyle. There are lots of great cock shots, but then they switch to a bed and Shawn is laying on his back deep throating Kyle. Kyle face fucks him, thrusting his hips faster and faster. There is a little slo mo and color changes here that don’t seem altogether necessary.

They begin to 69 with Shawn on top and Kyle continuing to lay on his back. You get great shots from different angles. Kyle seems to have problems staying hard, but he begins to rim Kyle. There are some good asshole shots here. Shawn takes Kyle’s man-mean back into his mouth, determined to make him hard again.

Kyle then fingers Shawn’s hole, spreading it wider and wider. They switch with Shawn on his back with his legs up in the air on the edge of the bed and Kyle continues to rim him. Shawn demands that Kyle “fuck my ass”. Kyle jerks him up and slams his cock deep inside him and begins a vigorous fuck session. He pounds Shawn’s ass hard and long and fast. There is lots of verbal from Shawn, which I like. They switch with Kyle on his hands and knees on the bed. Shawn enters him from behind and then there is a combination of slo mo and real-time fucking. It is hot to see Shawn’s balls swing between his legs as he does Kyle.

Kyle eventually pulls out and fingers Shawn’s asshole while Shawn strokes himself. He soon cums all over Kyle’s chest and they switch to Kyle hand fucking himself. He seems to orgasm, but there does not appear to be any cum. Shawn continues to run his cock over the slippery cum on Kyle’s chest.

Scene three is also from Hot Cops 2 and KC Hart and Chad Donovan star is this great scene. They are both obviously into this and they seem almost ravenous in their desire for man-sex. The scene begins with both men shirtless with Chad kissing and licking all KC’s body. They switch and Chad rims KC while KC blows Chad. There is lots of man-laughter and grunting.

The pairing continues with Chad the more vigorous of the two. Chad switches and pulls KCs cock down. He works his balls for a little bit and then works on KC’s rod. Both men seem hungry for each other’s meat. KC lays back on his back with Chad over him. Chad’s 9 inch meat is growing to full length and he sticks that dip stick into the warm lube of KC’s mouth over and over again. Chad’s snake is indeed a beauty to behold.

There is a little gymnastics and KC does a summersault while sucking on Chad’s rod and presenting his ass up in the air for Chad to work on. Interesting shots of KC upside down working on Chad’s meat while his ass is licked and worked by Chad. Very quickly Chad has that man-eel up in KC’s ass. You can tell that KC feels that pipe up deep inside him. Chad works KC’s balls while fucking him. Chad pounds KC hard and deep and long. KC particularly is working up a sweat being pounded by suck a long snake. The closeups show that Chad doesn’t have to really move a lot to get a strong reaction out of KC. The scene ends with both guys stroking fast and hard. They cum almost simultaneously, both spewing on KC’s belly and chest.

Our next scene is from Marine Crucible and for this, Bo Summers fucks Chad Knight. Things begin with Chad standing in the back seat of a jeep. Both he and Bo (with a military cap on ) are nude and Bo is already fucking him. Chad looks like he is working to impress by how much sound he can make as he is fucked. Bo has a very respectable rod, slender but long, and he leans back and continues to fill Chad’s hole.

Eventually Chad leans against the windshield and Bo fucks him from there while standing on the two front seats. There is slo mo, but the noise doesn’t match and so it seems a bit surreal. On the other hand, there is a nice shot of Bo’s abs and chest as he continues thrusting into Chad. Bo is almost silent throughout the entire scene, while Chad is a veritable sound machine of grunting. The pounding Bo does to Chad gets more intense. You can hear the metal of the jeep creak as the pounding continues faster and faster.

Unlike the other clips to this point, this is a one act show -- Chad leaning over in the jeep while Bo pounds him. It doesn’t switch up much when Chad gets out and lays on the hood of the jeep with his legs over his head and Bo continues his assault on Chad’s ass.

There is a nice close-up on Bo’s rod as he pounds Knight. Bo has a very nice body which is on good display here as he works with all his might to punish Chad’s asshole. He crawls up on the hood of the jeep so he can get his shaft even deeper down into Chad’s ass. The scene ends with both guys jerking off, Bo kneeling over Chad and he finally shoots, closing the scene.


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