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Average Joe Orgy - Scenes 1, 2 and 3

This series of clips is a fun romp through several cities and some group orgies organized by the website, CRUISING for SEX. The Cruisemaster has invited special guests to come and just 'play,' and these are not the botoxed model types. These are real guys doing the nasty with each other.

Average Joe OrgyScene one has less variety than some of the others. It begins with two guys on a couch, one blowing the other. There are several couples in the background and it is not altogether clear what they are doing, but it seems sexual. On the couch, it is indeed a nice blowjob happening and the facial expressions on the one receiving are great. He sometimes fondles the other guy’s cock, but mostly focuses on receiving his pleasure.

The scene switches to two guys standing: one blowing the other. Beside them are four guys together. Two guys doing nipple play and one guy is blowing the fourth. Of the six of these guys, they periodically mix and match.

The scene then switches to four on the couch, one guy receiving a blowjob fingers a guy as he (the one being fingered) sucks someone else. There is some pretty intense kissing and finally, the guy who was fingering moves over and gels up the guy he was fingering, condoms up, mounts and begins fucking him. The camera switches to the 2 good looking guys on the couch. One of the guys is so close to orgasm, and you can see him breathe heavy and jerk as he tries to keep from cumming. He finally shoots his load as other guys jerk him off. Really hot!

Scene two begins with two guys on a bed, rubbing cocks together. The top guy moves and begins to blow the guy who is laying down. The scene broadens to show that there are a couple of guys on another bed playing and a fifth guy just sitting on the edge of the bed. The focus continues on first couple. Eventually, the paler one mounts and fucks the darker one. And boy does he do it vigorously! Hot to watch.

In the background you see three guys on another bed: one blowing, one rimming. A guy with a big tat is laying down while a red haired guy deep fingers him. Red head moves out of the way and a guy with a star tat moves in to fuck some ass. In the background you here the crowd urging him to "Fuck it harder."

Scene three begins with two guys on a blue covered couch, one sucking the other. The camera moves to a blonde guy standing and another guy blowing him. Blonde guy is fondling the cock of a third older guy standing nearby. The third guys moves and begins to suck the sucker.

We then move back to the blue couch, sports fans. The one sucking before is now being sucked. Two guys are standing and one guy alternating between sucking one another.
Now there are two new guys on the couch. One black guy being sucked by a white guy.

Next we head to the bedroom and a guy with a star tat is firming himself up before he finally mounts a guy laying on bed. Particularly good is the under shot of the cock entering the ass. A nice close-up.

You have more guys going at it on one couch and four on the other. There is a parade of sucking and fucking with legs and arms entangled. The sucking and fucking is, again, vigorous. The scene continues with pairings of more sucking cock and nipple play.

While I only watched the first few scenes, I can assure you that these are normal guys having some hot sex and you will get your rocks off.


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