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Archives for: March 2010


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XL Files, Part 1 - Scenes 3, 4, and 10

This film is basically casting shots of Czech guys with huge cocks beating off. Nice and simple, and great cocks for sure.

XL FilesI started with scene three, Martin, a slender, long, blonde-haired stud. He has interesting tan lines and just a bit of chest hair. He is not sure how long his dick is, but it is nice and unusually curved downwards. He kneels on the sofa and just slowly strokes himself. He hardly smiles which is too bad, because he'd be cute with a smile. He is uncut and pulls that foreskin over the head which looks sexy to me. He works himself slowly. His pee slit is really just a little hole, not a slit. The cameraman has some nice closeup shots that catch the texture of his piece of meat well. Martin begins to pick up the pace and then leaks out cum onto the floor. It does not really shoot, but his load just drops out.

Next come Zdenek, a muscular jock with shoulder length dark hair. He begins by stripping and sitting on a overstuffed chair and beating his 8 or 9 inch meat. He is handsome, in shape and has a very nice dick. It is both long and thick. He plays with his balls while he beats and then cums amazingly fast. He shoots a couple of short streams very quickly. This one leaves you wishing for more.

The scene then switches to a room where they are shaving Zdenek’s chest and trimming his pubs. Next he goes to the hair stylist who cuts and re-fashions his hair. After the makeover, Zdenek is again back to work. Lying back on a sofa covered with pillows, he is stroking that amazing cock. The shaving does add a touch of professional look to this shoot. This time our stud strokes himself long and slow. He uses one hand, and then two. Amazingly, both hands fit around his pole with a little room to spare. There are some interesting camera angles from the flight above where he lays. His hips thrust in anticipation of cumming, but he slows himself down and limits where he rubs for a while. He has beautiful green eyes. Finally he allows himself to speed up, thrusting his hips fast. He shoots faster and faster and finally cums all over his tight belly. This time there is lots of juice to cover his stomach. Much, much more satisfying.

In scene four we have Juraj, a pleasant looking guy: dark haired, a bit of a baby face. While not very muscular, he still has a pleasant cock -- not huge in length compared to other men in this video, but his dick has really nice thickness. Again, the cameraman gets some beautifully clear close-ups of his cock as he is stroking. He is pretty engrossed in the porn, but occasionally smiles, truly a killer smile. He lays back on the couch and continues to work his meat and it actually does seem to get a little longer as the clip goes on. He uses both hands and suddenly he is shooting and you miss most of the cum shot. The camera is at a poor angle to catch it and it doesn’t appear that Juraj gave any advance notice.

Scene ten begins with the director interviewing Radek. He has a nice chest and face. Eventually he undresses and we see his cock is uncut and fairly small while flaccid. He bends over the couch to show his asshole which is hairy and looks delicious and soon he has grown to full length. He is large and very thick and more creative in his jerk-off technique than almost anyone I've watched. Not weird, just creative. He uses both hands on either side to massage his meat. It helps that he is both so long and very wide. He uses several slightly different hand grasps that are more interesting than a basic pump. Finally he begins to pump more. The director asks him if he wants to cum slowly and he says definitely yes. Finally he shoots big white globs of thick cum on his belly. There are several camera shots afterwards, while his cock is still very thick and still pleasurably long. He moves into the washroom to shower and focuses on washing his cock with soap. Nice!

Next we come to Martin or Mato. He undresses, showing his very small waist. His cock, while long and truly extra large, is more ordinary, too. When he gets at it, he does a basic right hand stroke. Mato’s left ball consistently hangs lower than his right. I have no idea why this is distracting, but it was to me. Eventually he fingers his balls and then goes back to jerking. The camera zooms in and out. There is very nice variety. Finally he begins to make guttural noises and shoots a couple are some short squirts of cum, followed by thick oozing cum. He smiles and stands to show off for the camera.


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