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Archives for: February 2010


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How to Seduce a Straight Man

I have watched this video several times and always find it quite satisfying. It offers four scenes, with each scene themed around a different way to seduce a straight man. Supposedly each scene has one gay man and one straight man, although the straight men are pretty proficient at gay sex!

How To Seduce a Straight ManScene 1 is "The Hot Tub." Tell them sex stories to get them horny. This scene features Nick Capra and Aaron Archer. Nick tells Aaron about a girl who he met in Vegas. She “jumped his bone.” Apparently she left in the middle of the night and left the door ajar, because when Nick awoke, the bellhop was blowing him. "I didn’t start it but I sure didn’t stop him from finishing!” Aaron replies, “I could never do that.”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never tried to suck your own dick?” asked Nick.

“Well, every guy tries that.“

Nick stands with his cock out of his trunks and says, “Hurry up before the girls get back." Aaron begins to suck Nicks’ meat. There is lots of hot sex in the hot tub, a great beginning for this video.

For scene 2 we have "Six Beers." Get them drunk. This scene begins with RC Ryan and Adam at the table in Adam’s kitchen. RC is mad because the woman he lives with kicked him out. They both have obviously been drinking a long time. Absentmindedly listening, Adam replies: “You’re so hot! What? You’re so right.”

RC responds, “You gay guys are so lucky. You can fuck anyone you want.“ RC starts to get up to go to the bathroom but stumbles so Adam suggests, “You’d better spend the night. You’re in no condition to drive.“

The scene moves to the bedroom where RC is asleep. Adam is awake and moves in the bed to watch him. Slowly he moves his hand on RC’s stomach. When RC shifts, Adam jumps and plays possum. Again he puts his hand on RC’s stomach. When he doesn’t respond, Adam’s hand slowly goes down under the covers. He evidently is stroking him under the covers and eventually RC moans. You can see that RC is hard under the covers and then Adam pulls them back to reveal hard cock.

Suddenly RC’s eyes open, Adam freezes, until RC pulls him in tight to him. Adam begins to work RC’s nipples while stroking his meat and there is some really satisfying man sex here. Eventually, RC cums all over Adam’s balls, “Fuck, yeah.”
Adam is beating off hard, “God I’m gonna cum," and he shoots his load on his stomach and then rubs it in.” Again, another very nice scene.

For scene 3 we have "The Drive-in." The more they talk about pussy the more open they are to sucking dick. Jordan Vaughn and Christian Owen are in a car watching a drive-in movie. Jordan makes fun of Christian's “make-believe” girlfriend. The only sex he is having “is with his hand.” He reaches for some popcorn and finds Christians dick sticking up through the bottom of the popcorn box. "See, you can’t keep your hands off yourself for 2 minutes!"

“Only because there is no one here to suck it? Unless ...”

Jordan denies being gay but Christian says, “Everyone is a little bit gay. I’ll prove it. I’ll suck on your dick for 10 minutes and if you get hard, you’re gay." Jordan talks him down to 5 minutes and lowers his pants, exposing his limp cock.
Christian goes to town on Jordan’s meat. You can see Jordan harden up before your eyes. “Yes, that feels good.” There is a very long, nice suck session.

The scene switches and Christian has removed his shirt and Jordan raises his and begins to play with his own pecs and nipples. Christian goes faster on Jordan’s meat, focusing his tongues’ attention on Jordan’s cockhead while he massages his balls.

Jordan says, “Here sit back," and Christian removes his pants and Jordan takes off his shirt and then Jordan begins to work on Christians’ manhood. Lots of moaning, and eventually Christian looks like he is about to cum, but Jordan keeps working his shaft. Christian reaches around and plays with Jordan’s cock and there is a nice shot from the outside mirror reflecting what is happening inside the car.

The shot switches to Jordan leaning over the seat while Christian rims him. “Oh, that feels so good. Squeeze my ass, suck my ass.”

The scene switches again and Jordan is fucking Christian. I can’t figure out the logistics of how they are doing this. Probably they are in a convertible and Christian is standing leaning over the front windshield while Jordan ass-pounds him. Both are moaning in rhythm with Jordan’s penetrations.

Next Jordan is sitting and Christian is doing the cowgirl position, bouncing up and down on Jordan’s meat. Finally both guys are sitting side by side beating off. Christian cums lots of thick gooey cum and then Jordan shoots a few streams of hot, white cum, too.

Jordan says, “I told you I wasn’t gay.” Christian replies, “Alright, I believe you.” Good sex and cute corny ending.

Scene 4 is called "The Hitchhiker." Let them see your porn stash. This is a nice little scene featuring Brett Mathews and Zachary Pierce. Mathews is driving his pickup along a 2-lane highway. He eventually sees Pierce hitchhiking along the side of the road. It is fine, except it seems to take forever before Mathews finally meets up with Pierce. Let’s cut the driving sequences shorter and get to the action!

Once Pierce is in the truck, he pulls out his cigarettes, reaches down to where the cigarette lighter should be but nothing is there. Hoping it is in the glove box, he opens it. Instead of finding the lighter, he finds a magazine featuring naked men.

Now the scene switches to the two guys sitting on the back of the pickup. Each cannot understand what the other sees in men or women. Next, the scene switches to the two guys sleeping side by side. It is never clear where they are or why they are sleeping together, but Pierce still has the magazine with the naked guys. He lights a light, and begins to jerk off to the magazine. After a while, Mathews awakens and places his hand on Zachary’s cockhead. Zachary moves his hand away and Brett begins to stroke Zachary. They kiss while Brett strokes him. Zach has one of the most beautifully defined cockheads I have ever seen (and I have seen lots).

Eventually Brett raises Zachary's shirt and begins to suck on his nipples while continuing to stroke him. He kisses down Zachery’s belly and finally works his way onto his cock. It is slender, but beautiful. He begins slow, but picks up speed fast.
Zachery takes Brett’s head and pushes it down in rhythm on his cock.

After a while Zachery lowers his pants, Brett pulls out his own cock and begins to stroke himself. There is a nice shot of the two cocks laying side by side and then both guys go at it, beating themselves off while they kiss.

The next shot has the two in a 69 position. Brett is sucking up a storm while Zachary is stroking him. He is watching and wondering about trying it, too. Finally he takes a lick or two on Bretts cock and then dives in for the full 69

Eventually, Brett begins to focus on his buddies asshole. At first Zachary looks puzzled, but quickly begins to moan his appreciation for the rim job. “What else do you do?” Matthews doesn’t need Zachary to ask a second time. He is quickly condom covered and fucking Zachary. The scene ends with Matthew cumming all over Pierce and then Pierce cumming all over Brett’s ass. Nice. Very nice.


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