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Tony’s Initiation

This black and white video is great!! It has such a classic feel. It begins with one guy (I believe it is Chris Burns) in a swimsuit laying on a towel playing with himself through his suit. Another young man (Tony played by Michael Christopher) is in jeans shorts when he comes upon him: “Hey you look like you’re having fun there, can I join?” The dialogue is stilted, but you don’t watch this video for the dialogue!

Tony’s InitiationThey rub bodies as one lay on top of the other. Quickly both loose their shorts. The quality of the video is not great (grainy even), but the action is fun. Michael Christopher begins serious sucking on Chris while he also rubs his ass. Burns strokes Christopher. The organ and guitar background music gives it such a retro feel (since it IS retro!!)

There is good sucking and stroking. Again, stilted dialogue to move the plot along: “Do you have a place we could go? My place? Do you live far from here?" The shot then switches to the two in an apartment laying side by side kissing and stroking. They end up in a 69 position and really go hard at it. There is side-by side 69-ing and then one on top of the other 69-ing. There is rimming, too. This is one time I wish the video were clearer.

This is pre-condom and one mounts the other in the reverse cowgirl position. The organ/guitar music gets loud and a bit annoying. I love to hear men fucking, but those sounds are covered up too much by the enthusiastic musicians. The face shots are good, though.

The fucking is vigorous and I like that! Christopher’s ass is very sweaty and glistening. Suddenly he pulls out and jerks to climax. He then rubs his cock along the crack of Chris' ass and re-enters him and begins fucking him again! We have a second ejaculation which flies everywhere. Fun to watch. The pumping after the cum shot is in slow motion, which is pretty cool to watch as his balls flop in slow motion. He continues to hump Burns’ crack and enters a third time! Finally he pulls out limp, all spent and begins to enthusiastically suck Chris. It is time to switch and then Chris rolls over Michael, fingers him, enters him, and starts fucking him at a 45 degree angle -- unusual. Finally Michael rolls up on his back and allows Chris to continue hard pumping. I’d think both guys would be worn out by now, but not so. He continues to pump just as hard as he has before. Finally he pulls out and cums as well. The man-noise is nice here.

They end up kissing and talking:

“I’m a DJ at a club, but you have to be initiated first."

“What does that involve?"

“You have to be tied up and wear a costume.”

“I’m very interested in joining the club.”

The second scene switches to Tony walking down a street. He sticks up his thumb to hitchhike, another guy nearby gives a signal and a van comes up to “kidnap” him.

He gets in the van where he is tied up in the back of the van and blindfolded. The van goes a little ways to a warehouse. Tony is led out of the van into the warehouse where a sharply dressed man in a suit is watching the door.

Tony is stretched out on a table where a guy massages him and tries to get him to relax. The guy keeps massaging him and telling him, “We are in control. Does that feel good to have a hot man touching you? You’re going to love this. Just relax.”

The masseuse begins to undress him, first his shirt and then his pants. He gently caresses his cock through his underwear and continues to massage him. “Just relax…” His hands go up and down Tony’s body, squeezing his cock every time he goes up or down.

Finally the scene switches to a group scene. There are men in suits and masks being served drinks by men in cod pieces and wrist cuffs (white cuffs with cuff links). The MC introduces the show. Two and then three men dressed only in cod-pieces come up to Tony who is dressed in riding boots, riding pants and coat. Piece by piece they begin to undress him. As more and more skin becomes exposed the two guys rub him and lick him. Finally his shorts come off and while Tony is dressed only in riding boots, one of the cod-piece guys begins to blow him while the other two continue to rub his body all over. One of the performers begins to suck Tony’s balls while another one continues to blow his shaft.

A round table/platform appears on the table and Tony is bent over it. A fourth performer, dressed in leather (Tim Kramer) comes up behind Tony. Two of the performers begin to rub him and blow him, presumably to get him “ready." Meanwhile one of the three original performers continues to rub and kiss Tony.

Finally Kramer seems ready. He begins to examine Tony’s ass and then quickly enters him. He fucks him while Tony shows great pain. The other performers focus their attention on Tony, rubbing, licking and kissing him.

This is truly a sexy scene!! There is some spanking and ass play that begins to take place, but mostly it is Tim Kramer fucking Tony. The three performers tradeoff paying attention to Tony and stroking themselves. Finally Tim cums all over Tony’s back (in slow motion). He writhes as he cums. The three performers and then Kramer move off of the stage, leaving Tony spent.

The announcer chimes in again: “The club proudly presents the three Alberts”. Three waiters are on stage and strip off their cod pieces and begin to focus their attention on each other. The background music is a tinny version of Bolero. There is group sucking. It is a bit amazing to me how hard these guys DON’T get. There is nipple play as the show goes on. The three move in constant motion between jerking off, sucking, nipple play, just moving from one to the other. The first one then shoots his wad.

More and more of the audience have their cocks out and are stroking themselves as they watch. Then number two cums in slow motion, jism arching out in black and white is kind of sensual as he continues to stroke himself.

The camera focuses on number three and his long cock with beautiful balls. He continues to stroke while he rubs the neck and shoulder of one of the other guys.

Tony reappears as one of the waiters (only with arms cuffs on) and laying on the platform. Tony comes and mounts him and allows him to fuck him from below. You mostly see the balls and part of the cock of the waiter. He is (of course) very goodlooking. The fucking becomes more and more intense. There continue to be shots of observers jerking off. Then one of the trio from the stage comes and begins to undress one of the observers and gives him a blowjob. It is a very nice, long and thick cock, the thickest we have seen all night.

Tony continues to ride the waiter on the stage, becoming more and more active in the fucking. Suddenly two other waiters appear on swings, again only with a blow tie and wrist cuffs. They swing to the middle and Tony, with the original waiter still fucking him below begins to suck and stroke the three waiters on swings. This is for me really hot! The fuck and blow fest continues, with shots just moving between Tony sucking the three trapeze artists, the fucker below him going at it and more and more performers blowing customers in the audience.

The performance begins to wind down as the fucker below Tony pulls out and begins to jerk off and two of the trapeze artists begin to jerk off while Tony continues to blow the third. The waiter below Tony cums and the visuals of him cumming and continuing to jerk off, only seeing his hands with the backdrop of Tony’s ass, is really hot!

The trapeze artists begin to cum and Tony fondles them as they do. You see that lots of mutual stroking and sucking is going on in the audience. The movie ends showing a fairly extended cum shot from one of the waiters.

This is a classic porn film!


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