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Archives for: June 2009


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The Unlawful

This video is just a fun romp with lots of good looking guys in beautiful venues having excellent sex. Scene one begins with two beautiful men in a jacuzzi. The first model (names are not clear) is rubbing oil all over Chance Caldwell, who is at his very muscular finest. They begin to kiss and as they do, there is a shot of a policeman (Max Grand) watching them. They begin to rub each other through their swimming suits and rub their cocks together through their suits. Very quickly they begin to hump each other through their suits. The first guy rubs his hands down inside the back of Chance’s suit and begins to suck his nipples. Caldwell, by now with his suit half down his ass, moves and sits on the side of the jacuzzi, while the younger guy eats him through his suit.

The scene shifts to Chance laying totally naked on the deck stroking. At first Chance’s cock is not big for the size of his body. But he quickly “grows into it.” Meanwhile, the watching cop rubs his cock through his pants. Caldwell begins to stroke the younger guy while the younger guy sucks Chance who eventually stands up and the two switch positions. The younger guy is a bit distracting, because he has a really bad complexion, especially on his ass.

The scene switches and the two are laying on an air mattress and the smaller guy rims and fingers Chance’s hole. He then enters Chance, fucks him hard from on top and we get some nice camera work from all different angles. After fucking the younger guy cums on Caldwell’s chest. Chance continues to jerk while the young guy plays with Caldwell’s balls, until Chance comes all over his own chest. This scene ends with the young guy laying on top of Caldwell, and the peeping officer going back to his squad car where his blonde partner wonders what took him so long.

Pretty nice scene.

Scene two begins with the officers back in the squad car. Grand gets out of the car and comes upon two guys, one blonde fucking a dark haired guy who is leaning over a lawn chair.
I hate to says it, but the scene is pretty boring. The fucking is fairly average. The dark headed guy looks like he is bored.

The real action that moves the movie forward is between the officers. The scene switches to Grand who pulls out his cock and begins to beat off as he watches. Unknown to Grand, the blonde officer comes up from behind and catches Max stroking off. He tries to say he is just taking a leak, but the blond officer asks him if he always strokes his cock when he is taking a leak. “Just a bunch of fags in there” is the reply. The other officer looks quickly and then heads back to the car. More fucking continues between the boring duo.

The two officers are again in the car for scene three. Max Grand tries to give excuses why he was watching the two guys suck each other off, but finally after a little prodding, he admits that he has thought about being with a guy. The other officer says that he had a guy suck him off once. “I’m not gay, but it was better than any pussy.“

Intrigued, Max wants to see his partner’s cock so of course he pulls it out. It doesn’t take much for Max to go down on his partner. The scene switches to both guys outside the police car naked. Blonde leans against the car while Grand sucks his cock and strokes himself. The blonde seems to have a pretty limited vocabulary: he just keeps saying “Suck my dick” over and over. Grand strokes his uncut cock while continuing to suck the blonde partner. Eventually they both begin jerking themselves off. Blonde cums on the trunk of car while Grand cums on the tail light. Christening the squad car, I guess?


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