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Archives for: May 2009


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Missile Fire Part 4, Scenes 1 and 4

by Northwest Daddy

This is a great jerk-off clip. Denny is a Marine and he flirts with the camera the entire time without really trying to. He has a killer smile and is fairly hairy. He is 20 years old (although he looks older to me). He is not picky about the girls he likes. He is a bit of a tease, drawing everything out every step.

Missile Fire Part 4Denny begins watching the video and rubbing himself through his jeans. He slowly unbuttons his shirt and the director encourages him to take everything off, but he only takes off each piece of clothing as the director encourages. After his shirt comes off, exposing his marvelously hairy chest, he begins to rub himself with his hand inside his jeans. He is pretty engrossed in the girlie video he is watching when the director encourages him to take off his pants. He slowly rubs himself through his underwear, all the while drawing on his cigarette and sipping on his beer. His hand goes inside his underwear and finally he takes them off.

His cock is not hard or long initially. The director asks him if he is ready to be sucked, and he responds that it makes it long and hard. I wonder if the director is going to risk heading towards it with his mouth, but he does not. Denny just focuses on the video and keeps stroking. He gets hard and longer fairly slowly. While the same camera angle has been used for the entire time up until now, eventually the camera begins to move around to take shots from different angles. Denny adds some lube which seems to help him add harness and length as well as visually adding some nice glisten. As he beats off he pays less and less attention to the video, closing his eyes and enjoying the experience more and more. The director gets more and more into side shots, showing the length of his body and the length of his cock as well. \

Part of what makes this clip so good is that Denny is so engrossed in his meat he takes such a long time to cum and he writhes for quite a long time. In fact his writhing is more convincing that just about anyone I've watched before. His face shows ecstasy for quite a long time before he cums. He continues to pump himself down to the last drop, eyes closed. The director has him open his green eyes and gets a close-up of his face -- incredibly handsome and sexy. Nice jerk-off clip. Wish I could see him sometime in action with another guy!

The fourth scene could not be more different from the first. Randy is laid back -- so laid back he comes across as totally stoned (which he probably is). He is guzzling beer the entire time. He is lethargic, can't figure out the questions the director asks him and has to be prodded 2-3 times to do anything. It is not that he doesn't have the body. He does. Randy is 25 5'6" and 170 lbs. Most of it is muscle. He has beautiful green eyes, cute face, muscular and is very hairy.

The director tries to get him hot by having him describe the types of girls he likes. He does, but very nonchalantly. When asked if he likes hand-jobs, blowjobs or fucking the best, he hesitates and finally settles on blowjobs. Throughout most of the clip he stares into the camera and shows us his beautiful eyes. He slowly strokes while the director chatters, trying to get to any subject that will turn Randy on: describe the best blowjob you every had, what do you like a girl to look like, to do to you? Randy gets hard, but it is almost in spite of himself.

Finally he asks how long he should wait to cum. The director tells him to cum anytime, and he does. The boy oozes globs of white cum down his cock head and hand. So much potential, but such a disappointment. Great body, great cock, but unfortunately an absolute stoner air-head.


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