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Archives for: October 2008


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Firestarter - Scenes 2 and 3

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I started watching with scene two. A client (James Jordan) comes with the realtor and meets with Fernando Nielsen, showing him the house. The realtor leaves the house and leaves Jordan sitting on the couch with Nielsen. Both bemoan how busy their partners are and so there is no time left for sex. Jordan propositions him that perhaps if Fernando and his partner had an open relationship it wouldn’t be so stressful when they couldn’t have sex with one another. He agrees and of course the two begin to kiss.

Fernando is a huge specimen of a man. Not that James is small, but he is definitely smaller than Fernando. After a little touching the scene switches and both are naked. James is passionately doing a number on Fernando’s meat and he is quite eager to possess this man’s body! All Nielsen has to do is just lay back and enjoy it. Jordan moves up Nielsen’s body and offers his cock to Fernando, who lays back and lets Jordan face fuck him. Jordan gets very verbal while get gets blown.

The scene switches with Nielsen on his side and Jordan laying beside him and entering him to him. Jordan is just as intense in his fucking as he is in his sucking. It is clearly written all over their face's that they get into this!

Jordan lays back as Fernando stands up, straddles James and lowers his ass down on the rock-hard rod. We next find Fernando with his butt and legs up in the air against the sofa and James facing away from him with his cock pushed down between his legs fucking him from above. This is indeed a hard way to fuck and I don’t think I have seen fucking done this way in a video! It is sexy, but looks hard to me. They finally switch to a more common position with Fernando laying on his back, legs in the air and James on top of him fucking.

Suddenly James jumps up and pulls out, removes the condom and jerks like mad. He cums all over Nielsen’s legs. Nielsen, who is totally shaved, jerks his smaller dick and cums over his chest. These are huge men with beautiful bodies who know what to do with them. While Nielsen isn’t huge, they really focus on James’ cock. Both are totally into the session which just makes it fun to watch.

Moving to scene 3 Johnny Huzosh begins by lecturing Giovanni Floretto and Tom Long about bad investing advice in futures. When he leaves the two look at each other and laugh. They agree that he is uptight because he hasn’t had enough sex. They agree that lack of sex is not their problem, but they have never had sex in their office so, of course, they proceed to do it. They kiss, begin to undress one another, and Tom goes to work on Giovanni’a massive meat. It is huge, thick and uncut.

They finish undressing and stand in front of the couch while their cocks play. Giovanni then lays down on the floor and they get into the 69 position. Floretto’s body is hot -- every muscle shows clearly. We're treated to some nice closeups of the 69, each one showing how god-like Floretto’s body is. Everything that Giovanni’s body is, Tom Long’s is not. Tom looks pale and weak next to Floretto.

They switch and Tom puts Giovanni’s legs up in the air and gets down to rim him. Giovanni three-finger jerks off while being rimmed. They eventually switch and take up the same position on the couch, but this time Tom is fucking Floretto. Giovanni’s uncut cock lays there, still long, although no longer hard.

Long pulls out and they kiss, switch positions and then Long bends over and Floretto begins by slapping his butt and then inserts a huge dildo in his ass. That dildo goes in and out as Long grimaces and groans.

Finally, Floretto puts his own huge manhood inside Tom and makes Tom hurt even more. The man-vocals are great here. The passion in Giovanni and the pain in Tom with that huge meat up his ass are awesome to watch as Giovanni goes to town beating Long’s ass hard with his meat and growling as he does so.

Quickly cock comes out, condom comes off and Floretto creams on Long’s back. Not a lot of cum, but thick. Then Tom knees on the couch and jerks to climax while Giovanni rubs him down. Again, not a lot of cream, but thick.

Nice scene, but I kept wishing Giovanni had been matched to a more manly man.


Want to watch this movie now? Go here to watch a scene or the entire movie:

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