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Archives for: September 2008


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Manville - Scene 3

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This is a great scene. Jason Kingsley is wandering around Manville and passes Marcello Lars and Matthieu Costa (M & M!). He looks at them, but shows no interest. Still the two begin to follow him, stalking him down a street. Jason comes to a house with Max Veneziano on the balcony and Max throws Jason his keys and Jason enters the house.

M & M follow shortly and Max motions for them to come to the side of the house. Jason comes into the house where he and Max embrace in a doorway. Max then lowers Jason’s jeans, then his own and they rub cocks and kiss. Jason then sucks on Max who has totally shaved even his pubs. At first that was distracting to me. For whatever reason, twinks can be shaved and it doesn't bother me, but for virile men to shave not only their balls, but their pubs is a bit of a turnoff. I soon forgot it and enjoyed the action.

Max turns and sucks on Jason while M & M watch and Costa begins to rub Lars' ass. After watching Jason and Max continue to go at it, Costa lowers his pants and Lars sucks, plays with and strokes Costa's cock. Jason switches and goes down on Max. For a while it switches back and forth between the two couples. Eventually Max pulls Jason into another room and out of the sight of M & M. It looks like Costa cums as Lars positions his chest to receive Costa's cum and Costa gets intense, but I can never make out any cum in this part of the scene.

The scene switches to Max laying on a bed and he and Jason are doing some hot 69. Jason plays with Max's cock, licks, blows air on it, and more. Eventually he jerks Max to climax. They continue doing 69 when Jason then pulls Max up with Max's legs on his shoulders and Jason rims him. Max switches from rimming to fucking Jason from behind. He then rolls him over and fucks him with Jason's legs up in the air. It appears to be hurting him at first, but eventually Jason begins to enjoy it and even cums while he is being fucked.

M & M are still at the same window and Costa fucks Lars. Eventually Lars jerks himself and cums. Costa then jerks and cums on Lars' ass. Max comes out and sees the two love birds and calls them inside to join them. Costa gets on top of Max while they kiss. Then Jason sucks both cocks while Lars rubs and licks Costa's ass and rims him. Lars continues to stroke Max and do oral on him. Jason and Max then double fuck Costa while he sucks on Lars. Really hot to watch! A prolonged scene of hot man sex. Great scene!!!

Eventually Costa jerks Lars to cum and they kiss. Costa cums and then Lars jerks Max to climax. After all have cum, they switch to the table for yet some more play. Lars and Max kiss while Jason fucks Max and Costa strokes him. Lars plays with Max's nipples and there are some good close-ups of Jason moving in and out of Max while he fucks him. Eventually Max cums and then Jason cums on Max.

I really recommend this scene!


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Categories: Pro Studio, Vanilla Suck & Fuck

Starting Young 2 - Scene 3

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This clip stars Josh Vaughn as the employee and Christian Owen as the boss. After a quick intro of Josh telling the story of his first day at work the real scene begins. Josh and his boss are in the office. Both are very blond and well formed young men. Josh comments that his boss is really young to be a boss. With a sly look, Christian insinuates how he has “quickly worked his way up the ladder.”

The two begin kissing almost immediately and then they stand and rub each other through their clothes. Owen removes Vaughn’s tie and starts to unbutton his shirt. Vaughn reciprocates for Owen and pulls up his shirt. Owen sits down in the office chair and Vaughn begins to eat Owen through his dress pants. Finally he works on the belt and loosens up the pants, leaving the underwear in place. He continues to fondle him through his underwear while he licks Christians belly and moves up to kiss him. Josh slowly releases Owen’s cock and begins to suck on the meat. It is not super long, but is thick and meaty. Josh takes the whole shaft into his mouth down to the balls. After a while of enjoying Josh pleasuring him, Christian grabs Josh’s tie and pulls him up to kiss him. Josh isn’t done, however, and quickly returns to the rod.

Christian stands and finishes undressing while Josh never takes his mouth off Owen’s cock. His balls are shaved, but there is still a tuft of hair at his pubes. The shots are good from all angles. The shots from underneath are particularly effective.

Eventually Owen kneels down and releases Josh’s meat. Oddly, we don’t see Vaughn’s manhood until the clip is almost half over! Owen reciprocates what he has been enjoying and begins to go to down on Vaughn’s man-meat. Both cocks are shaved similarly. If it weren’t for how the hair on their heads were cut, and Josh’s tattoo, it would be hard to tell these two apart. These guys are obviously seasoned pros at giving head. Owen stands and places the two men’s meat together and jerks then off together while the two kiss.

Owen lays back on the desk and raises his legs while Josh rims him. Again there is a variety of camera angles so that we see all of the action. They shift and Christian puts his knees on the office chair and leans his head and shoulders on the table. Josh now rims him from this angle with Christian’s tongue doing an expert probe.

Next Christian lays back on the table with his legs up and Josh mounts him. We see his cock slide in the asshole -- a shot I always like -- and Josh wastes no time in pumping this guy’s hole. The pumping and the man noises get faster and faster and louder and louder. You can see the sweat on Josh’s ass he is working so hard! The scene ends with the two blonds seated on the desk together. Christian cums first, shooting a quick squirt of cum on the floor. Josh follows with a little more cum, but just enough to drip down his hands. The two of them kiss and Owen plays with Josh’s still erect cock.

This is a nice scene. It is more tame than others I have seen, but don’t get me wrong: this is a scene absolutely worth seeing and cumming to. It features two beautiful men and is well shot.


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