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Archives for: August 2008


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Greek Holiday, Part 1 - Scenes 1, 3 and 5

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Tim Hamilton and Tommy Hansen are lounging on the deck of a Greek cruise ship at the start of scene 1, when Tommy decides to head to the gift shop to buy some fragrance, “…so I would tantalize you with my aroma. Wait here and be a good boy.” Tim continues to sit on the deck, being watched by a deck officer, played by Julian Armanis, who approaches him and sits down. They talk, flirt, and agree to retire to Hamilton’s cabin. He fondles the officer as they go down the hall.

Once in the cabin Tim comments how jealous his boyfriend would be if he knew what was going on. They rub one another's chests and kiss. Tim removes Julian's shirt. He then lowers the officers pants and begins to blow him -- very passionate on this beautiful shaft of meat. He pays attention to the balls and there are some good closeups of him eating the officer's balls. The sailor takes down Tim's shorts and Hamilton lays back on the bed as Julian begins to work on his cock. Fairly quickly, they switch and Tim fucks Armanis as he is spread on all fours on the bed. Hamilton finally cums all over the sailor and very quickly throws his shorts back on and runs back to the deck. He barely arrives before his Tommy returns and shows him the fragrance he has purchased. I won't give away the last line, but it shows that the boyfriend knew what had happened all along.

There is so much to like about scene 3, it is too bad that it is so disappointing in the end.
The scene begins with Tim and Tommy in a jeep looking for a private place to have sex. They search out several places and finally pick a rocky place overlooking the bay. They kiss and Tommy begins takes off Tim’s shirt and shorts. Actually Tommy does pretty much all of the action here. And even worse, he does it without ever losing those yellow swim trunks -- never even showing a bulge in them.

Tommy jerks Hamilton off briefly and then sucks him. He sucks the head for a while and hand pumps Tim. He moves up and sucks his nipples, but then returns to sucking the cock. They watch a boat down in the bay and fantasize what is happening on it and realize the boat can probably see them having sex. Tommy returns to sucking on Tim and they kiss while Tommy continues to hand-job Tim, presumably to orgasm. We never see the cum shot. I thought this was almost a cardinal rule in porn -- you've got to see the cum shot. We see grimacing and ecstasy on the face of Tim but never see his cock or the cum. This really is a beautiful scene, but I felt ultimately disappointed in the ending.

Scene 5 begins with two guys out who have been hiking, sitting with drinks. Soon Tim and Tommy drive by in their car and the two ask for a ride. Even as they are driving, they play with each other, pulling down one another’s shorts. They come into town where they drive through the village, eventually being approached by other guys who introduce themselves and ask if they can hitch a ride with them to Mikonos.

The scene switches to a beautiful sailboat. There are some terrific shots of the sea and the boat. The boys are all stretched out sunbathing on the deck of the sailboat. Some are nude and some are in shorts. Eventually they all are nude and they dive off of the boat into the sea. Again, the scenery is stunning. They swim to the shore onto a beautiful beach of white sand. The number of people keeps changing. Six, seven, eight, it is not clear. They play a net-less volleyball in a circle all in the nude. There are lots of great cock shots and male body shots, even though there is no sex in this scene. As the scene ends, two of the guys pair off, put their arms around one another and head off to an old abandoned ship that lies further up on the beach, presumably to spend some quality time together. Again, no sex in scene 5 and a disappointing ending to scene 3.


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