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Archives for: May 2008


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Fuckin to the Music

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This little film stars Blaine Moore, Tristan Lawler and Brandon Aguilar. Unfortunately you are never told who is who even in the credits. I tried to find them on internet searches, but to no avail. I am reduced to just referring to them as Bald (shaved head), Balding, and Hair. Pretty lame labels, but it helped me keep track of whose dick was inside of whom.

Atticmen Productions says this film was shot and then the audio lost. They decided to market the video and just add some audio. Pretty bad choice, or at last poor execution of that choice. The music is tedious and mediocre. The shots are confusing. Over and over something happens (cum shots, entering an ass) off camera and so they quickly switch to show what comes next.

Three young men are standing in a circle and kissing as the movie opens. They remove shirts and shorts and Balding begins to suck first on one nipple and then the other. They remove their pants and get down to business. Two of them have on cockrings.

Balding begins to stroke himself. He has on a silver cock-band. Hair begins to suck on Bald’s cock which is standing nicely erect. It is thin and not extra long, but still nice. Balding begins kissing Hair and stroking self while Bald sucks on Hairs cock. Bald trades off between sucking Balding and Hair while the other two kiss.

Balding has a nice short cock with a large head. Bald treats it tenderly. Balding begins to blow Hair while Hair first kisses and then blows Bald. Bald’s cock and balls are shaved as well as his head. They trade off sucking. Balding goes back to sucking Bald. This goes on for sometime and Hair and Bald kiss. Bald strokes Hair’s cock.

Balding then switches to suck on Hair while Bald rims Balding. He gets underneath and, I presume, he is sucking on Baldings balls because he sticks his thumb up Balding’s asshole. He then follows by fingering Balding while he rims Hair at the same time. Hair and Balding kiss and Bald just goes back and forth between rimming first one and then the other.

Hair then rims Balding while Bald gets behind him. It is presumed that he is stroking Hair because he takes his hand up and takes spit and puts it back down on Hairs crotch where it can’t be seen. Bald then backs up and fingers Hair. Sometimes the shots are too close to really get a good idea of what is happening. We see Bald doing something in the back, but it is never clear what it is. Eventually Bald sits down on the couch and has a condom on his cock. Balding moves and slowly sits down on it and Bald begins to slowly fuck him from that position.

While he is doing this Hair sucks on Bald’s balls. He switches between Bald’s balls and Baldings crack. Bald gets very vigorous in his fucking. Hair seems not quite sure what to do, but finally he gets into stroking Balding while Bald sucks on Hair all the while fucking Balding. Balding switches over and sucks on Hairs cock. Balding dismounts and moves around so that Bald can mount Hair from the back while they are standing.

Next Hair eats Balding while Bald and Balding kiss. It appears as if Hair enters and begins to fuck Balding, but it never shows him entering and so you only presume that is what has happened. Hair thrusts vigorously. And Balding seems to be enjoying it thoroughly. He continues to blow Bald and kiss his belly. He jerks himself briefly while Bald gets down in between the two men’s legs. At first it is not apparent what he is doing. He is apparently eating someone, but you can’t really tell which one. Finally Hair pulls back and Bald is obviously rimming Balding while Balding jerks him off. There is an asshole shot that could be sexy but it too out of focus.

Hair is still on his knees sucking on Balding and suddenly it is apparent that Balding is cumming. Hair quickly takes his mouth away and jerks him very briefly while Balding cums all over Hair’s face. Bald continues fucking Balding all throughout this. He then comes around and kisses Hair and sucks on Balding’s spent meat.

Hair and Bald then begin to focus their attention on one another while Balding watches and slowly jerks himself. Hair lays on his back while Bald kisses him and then he spreads his legs as it appears that Bald has entered him. What do these guys have against showing the entry itself! It is disappointing and confusing.

Throughout the movie there are flashes from a still camera. These flashes are very bright and happen way too often. A bit too much. Some nice bodies, some good dick, good for a quick jerk-off, but not the best made film.


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Wild Rangers - Scenes 2, 4, 6

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This film takes place in a very pastoral park where the rangers hunt down their prey! Scene two opens with Ranger Brock Masters grabbing Clay Fox and telling him because he has trespassed on park property, he is going to violate him in return. He pulls out his cock and forces Clay to suck it. While he is being given head, Brock sheds his shirt. His arms are massive and he has a beautiful cock with large blood vessels, a nice upturn and shaved balls. While continuing to give directions roughly, Masters loosens his belt and pants and continues to actively face-fuck Fox. Brock stands, eyes closed, hands behind his head enjoying being given head. While leaving his belt, gun and nightstick on, he lowers his pants. “You suck a good dick." We get occasional shots of Clay’s cock and asshole.

The scene switches to Brock leaning over a cot and Clay rimming him. The photography is very clear, giving great closeups of his asshole. He pushes Clay down and pushes his nightstick up Clay’s ass. At first I thought that he wasn’t really sticking the nightstick up his ass, but eventually the shot moves to the back and he is indeed pounding that nightstick deep in Clay’s ass -- a pretty amazing scene. Finally Brock announces that he is ready to fuck ass. He pulls a condom out of his ammo belt and begins to actively fuck Clay.

The shots are good and varied. Clay rolls on his back and Brock enters him from on top. Clay announces he loves this, he should trespass more often. “Or not,” declares Ranger Brock. Masters gets more and more vocal as he nears climax. He grabs Clays ankles and pounds his ass even harder then quickly pulls Clay around and pulls the condom off and begins to jerk off. He shoots a big load all over Clay’s chest and then Clay jerks himself and cums as well. Suddenly he pushes Clay over to a no trespassing sign, handcuffs him to the post and marches off. A funny scene, with one massive, beautiful body on Ranger Brock!

Scene four features Clay Foxe who has been released from the sign pole by three other campers. Ranger Adam Wolfe is patrolling and looking for the escaped Foxe. He sees the naked young man run and then takes off in hot pursuit. He chases him through numerous campsites and eventually Foxe runs up a tree and dares Wolfe to follow him up. He does and gets Foxe to eat him through his pants. He then turns Foxe around, spanks him and begins to spit on his hole. He adjusts him, spreads his legs and begins to lick his asshole. The write-up on this scene says it is probably the first sex scene you’ve ever seen in a tree, and that is undoubtedly true!

Suddenly the scene shifts and both are naked and Wolfe is ready to enter Clays ass with his massive 8 inch meat. It is a beautiful thing to behold. Wolfe is very slender, tight, great chest and tiny waist. A fuck scene up in a tree! Who would have thought it would have worked, but it certainly does! They move from one part of the tree to another. Foxe begs Clay to fuck him and so Adam agrees that if they get out of the tree he will fuck him really good. Clay lays out on a wooden picnic table with his legs up and spread and Ranger Adam enters his ass and fucks him long, fast and hard. Adam even climbs up on the picnic table and literally fucks Foxe from on top. Pretty hot! Wolfe then orders Foxe to suck him until he cums, which he gladly does. He has a hard time taking the full length, but obviously enjoys working this meat. Wolfe pulls out just in time to jerk off all over Clay’s face.
Finally Clay jerks off and cums on his chest while Wolfe gets back to fingering him. The scene fades out as they kiss.

Kirk Kelley is fishing with headphones on, open shirt and short shorts at the start to scene six. Ranger Brock Masters sneaks up on him because he has stolen the fishing pole and backpack. He confronts him and immediately Brock’s cock is out. Brock forces Kirk to suck on it, and all the while Kelley’s cock and balls are hanging out of his short shorts. Brock keeps telling the twink to choke on that manly dick. Kelley slurps and keeps up a regular rhythm on the pole before Brock drags him over to a picnic table. He puts Kirk up on the table and spreads his (conveniently ripped) shorts so he can get access to his asshole.

In all of this video the camera work is excellent. You get great close-ups of Kelley’s asshole. Masters spreads his hole wide and alternates pumping his ass with one finger from one hand and then a finger from the other hand. Masters orders the boy to put a condom on his cock and then he begins to fuck him hard. Masters body is quite the contrast to Kelley’s. Masters is bulky, muscular and tanned. Kirks is pale, thin and not muscular. Most of the attention should (and does) focus on Brock’s beautiful massive body and meat.

Next Brock sits down on the bench at the table and Kelley mounts and rides him, jumping up and down on Ranger Brock’s pole. Brock lays back and completely enjoys fucking this boy. He then moves back to the position with Kirk on his back on the table and our bottom acts like he is in true pain. Kelly starts to jerk off and cums on his belly while Brock fingers him. He then pulls the condom off Brocks cock and sits while Brock shoots streams of cum all over his face and head -- a beautiful cum shot. One of the nicest I have ever seen. It gets all over Kelley’s face, but also shoots over his head. He rubs his cum-soaked cock all over Kelley’s face and then the camera pans away, the scene ends and the credits roll.


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