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Categories: Pro Studio, Vanilla Suck & Fuck

Inside Out

As Inside Out opens, we find two extremely hot, smooth-bodied musclemen, Eric and Jasper, in a bed situated in a beautiful green field. They are both wearing black Colt underwear which looks great on them. The bright sun is beating down on their tanned chests and you can sense that some sweaty sex is not far off. The premise of this movie is that bedroom activities can be even sexier when filmed outdoors and I found that premise to be true!

Inside OutJasper has an astonishingly beautiful and large uncut dick and when Eric starts to suck him into a full erection, you wish you were there to enjoy that sumptuous cock yourself. This is long slow sensuous sex that takes its time and brings you into the pleasure. When Eric gets his ass in the air you want to just take it yourself, it is so appealing. Jasper and Eric pleasure each other and when it comes to entry it is impressive that Eric can take that massive meat all the way inside. Be ready, though, because these men do a flip around that is really great. Watching Jasper’s ass be taken by Eric is fully hot because it is unexpected. They both pump out massive loads on their beautiful chests at the end and they are not the only ones smiling at that site!

Scene two brings on muscled hairy men, Tom and Darin, who are also making out in a bed in a green field. It is soon clear that Tom who has a very dark tan also has a very thick piece of meat between his legs. As Darin is sucking him you know that you are wondering can he take all of that thickness up his cute ass. Lots of hot oral action takes place between these two including some fine ass licking scenes that may give you an itch or two. When it’s time Tom lifts Darin’s legs into the air and glides that big dick into the waiting ass. Tom then proceeds to pound Darin in multiple positions until you won’t believe what comes next. These two are also versatile! Darin takes his time to loosen up Tom’s big dark ass but once that is accomplished, boy does he pound away unmercifully. Just when you think that Tom has had enough pounding, he rolls on his back and Darin slides right into him, almost sending him off the bed. These two hot sweaty men pump out their impressive loads at the end for a very hot climax.

In the next scene Mitch and Eric are in a bed that is mostly shaded by tall trees with just patches of sunlight coming through. The early tempo of the scene is soft and sensuous as these two muscled guys slowly gear themselves up for some hot passion. This is lovemaking more than physical sex. As these two hot guys orally and anally stimulate each other there is a hot connection between them that will keep you glued to the screen. When it comes to penetration, Eric holds onto the top bed posts and squats for Mitch to slide his hard cock up that smooth ass. Now that passion is here in full these two go at it with abandon. Hairy muscle pounding into smooth muscle is very hot! But you know at this point that turnabout is going to happen and you know it is just as stimulating to watch smooth muscle going into hairy ass.

Our bed is back out in the sunlight for our final three muscle men, Sky, Ricky and Luke to get it on in the great outdoors. Both Sky and Luke are big body builder type men while Ricky’s muscled body has less mass. All three of our hot men are in Colt jock straps that keep that meat bound up for only so long! These three hotties are barely able to keep their wild oral and anal stimulations on the bed. Three hard bodies with hard cocks means that there’s a lot to look at! And it isn’t Ricky who ends up in the middle. Sky takes those honors as he gobbles Ricky’s cock while being pounded by Luke. After a while Luke let’s Ricky have a go at Sky’s muscled ass. Luke then slides under Sky to get into a hot 69 position. Now we have a great camera shot of Luke sucking on Sky’s nice cock while Ricky pounds away at Sky’s ass. Just great!

Lots of muscled bodies, hard cocks and firm asses to make any many happy. Cum for it and you will enjoy this one.


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Categories: Pro Studio, Vanilla Suck & Fuck

Bi Sex Party 5: Fuck Club

This movie starts out as a group of sexy 20 somethings gather in a local dance club for some fun drinking and dancing. It takes a little time for people to get comfortable that there is going to be some serious physical action here, but hang on for the good stuff. You know that you are going to want to see these sexy people naked and having hot sex!

Bi Sex Party 5: Fuck ClubThe action starts with guy on guy and girl on girl. Zippers come undone and hands and lips start to move in on those sexy body parts! Before long it’s male and female lips sliding up and down a nice hard cock or gently licking a pussy to bring it to its proper stage of fully wet.

You will wish sometimes that there were more closeup shots of the action, but part of what makes this scene very hot is that there are 30 shapely people in this one room who are all getting worked up and worked over. This is a fully bisexual movie with just as many men sliding up and down on hard cocks as there are women. All of the bodies are in great shape and some are actually spectacular. Boy’s and girl’s asses are equally worth plowing and everybody gets into the action.

About halfway through the movie, the condoms come out and serious penetration of ass and pussy is underway. This is a movie with no holes barred and all holes bared, so you’d better know what you are doing if you bend over to suck on a cock. In addition to one on one pairings, there are hot groups of threes with MMF, MFM, FMF, FFM, MMM and then there are groups of more than three. With so many good looking bodies, you are sure to have some favorites that really get you worked up.

As the movies heads into the back end, you can feel the room get hotter and the sweat starts to flow freely on the hot young bodies. The men have tremendous stamina and are able to hold off their orgasm until the concluding section of the movie. But rest assured, when the cum starts flowing these young guys know how to pump out huge, hot loads.

This is equality of the sexes! Full equal opportunity!


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Categories: Pro Studio, Fetish, Vanilla Suck & Fuck


This movie opens right away with two hot smooth Latin men, Rick Gonzales and Mario Cruz, who are in a leather setup scene with sling and leather play area. Rick has a very large dick and before long he has Mario in the sling taking all of his thick meat. Mario’s cock is also sizeable and Rick pumps Mario and jerks him off at the same time with lots of hot moaning going on from both of the sexy men.

LeatherpunksMeanwhile Duke Rivers shows up and starts stroking himself while dripping hot wax on his chest. Roger Beaumont steps in and 69’s with Duke. Soon Owen Hawk and Jason Dean enter and we have a full blown orgy with leather men switching partners and positions including who is in the sling! These are mostly smooth hot leather men in various leather attire working each other into hot sweaty hunks. Plenty of ink is also visible even though some is clearly covered under the leather. This is hardcore man sex, so real that you can almost smell the sweat coming off these guys.

The group sex moves to the mattress where multiple fucks take place simultaneously. Muscle meets muscle and hard cock meets tight round ass. One hot part of this movie turns into a gang bang of Owen as he makes his cute ass available in the sling and then on the mattress, too.

The mattress has a number of large dildos and the bottom boys on the mattress show their skills by taking massive dildos up their asses. These toys are at least 4 inches around and 12 inches long. These hot sweaty guys suck, and fuck, and moan and grunt their way to orgasm. There is nothing gentle or feminine about these men. This is nonstop sex but I have to say that the best scenes all include hot man Rick and his massive dick. Make sure that you save your load for the back end of this movie for the very hot and penetrating double penetration scene. There is, of course a giant cum scene at the very end when each hot man pumps out his sweet load.


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Categories: Pro Studio, Vanilla Suck & Fuck

Man Island - Scenes 1, 2, 4, and 5

OK, so if you were stranded on a tropical island and you saw sex star D. O. come up on the shore, you would probably bend over pretty quickly, too! Fortunately for this movie the porn stars are really hot, because there are just so many huge (sometimes laughable) plot problems that you wish they had just made a straight (well, gay, really) porn movie in this nice setting without trying to make a story.

Man IslandNot only does D. O. wash up without any sand on him, Mario Perez is there looking for him from a tree that he climbed by using a ladder that looks like it was from Sears in 1950. These two hotties meet and have amazing sex (of course) which includes some simian fucking in a tree. Did D. O. have that condom tucked in his Speedos when he was washed ashore? Great for camera angles! You can feel all of D. O.’s large cock entering Mario you are so close and the camera work is so great. Ultimately D. O. gets Mario on his back on a tree stump, but somehow there is a Ralph Lauren looking towel on the stump to protect Mario’s back from the wood. It does not protect him from D. O.’s wood which just pounds him mercilessly. As I said, these are two very hot guys who make a great porn scene. Just enjoy or overlook the plot issues to have a good time (or a good laugh).

When you find a hot man washing up on shore on a log at the start of scene two, the first thing is to see if he has a firm ass. Don’t bother with his breathing, just slide your dick into his face and if he is OK, he will start to suck it. Much of this scene takes place in the water and it is pretty hot to watch these two hunks go at it orally and anally in the wild. Luckily Rocko has enough energy left to seriously ride Tim Kruger's cock in multiple positions on the dock.

This island is full of hot muscled smooth Latin men with big equipment. I gotta find out where this place is! Hot sexy scenes with lips all over big dicks and smooth asses getting eaten and plowed from all directions. It is just so hot to watch the tight bottom ass of Rocko get fucked by Tim while his own hard dick is swinging back and forth. In this movie the bottoms have dicks as big and as hard as the tops.

Skipping forward to scene four, this scene makes this movie. A sexy night scene that takes place totally in the water and even includes some underwater photography that catches big dicks in action. All of the oral sections are very sensuous and beautifully lit. You have plenty of opportunity to see that large dick belonging to Rafael Alencar which eventually gets used in the shallower water. The bottom man, Marco Paris, floats on his back and is penetrated repeatedly with this long beautiful shaft. Close up photography gets you right into the picture and you will love it.

The final scene, scene five, brings all of these hot Latin men inside for a sex man orgy. All naked, all hot oral, licking and fucking to their dicks content. Hot asses, big dicks and smooth muscle all in one room. Who needs anything more than that to be satisfied? Everything leads to a final gangbang that will have you coming back for more.


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Categories: Pro Studio, Bareback

Bodybuilders Bareback

This movies goes right to it with musclemen Josh and Aidyn showing you what good muscles can look like. While Aidyn appreciates Josh’s hot muscled body, what he really wants is good head and a tight hole to plow. Josh readily gets on his knees and slurps up Aidyn’s cock until he is ready to bust a nut. What Josh really wants is that dick deep and hard up his sweet ass. In some really closeup shots that will have you pulling your dick out of your pants, Aidyn rams Josh from every position possible and all over the floor. Closeup shots of that big hardon sliding in and out of those sweet cheeks will keep your eyes glued to the screen. Ultimately Josh can’t take it any more without blowing his load all over his chest, but that doesn’t stop Aidyn who mercilessly keeps on going. Aidyn pops his cork all over Josh’s smooth ass and then plows his cum right back in. Really hot watching that cum covered cock sliding into that great ass!

Bodybuilders BarebackNext up Jason and Alex meet in the same room, but they are two very different men. Jason is the type of frosted blonde boy who is so cute that you just want to put him on his knees and think about how good he’s going to be when you ultimately bend him over. Alex is a beefy bodybuilder with great biceps that appeal to Jason. You’ll be glad to know that Jason does look pretty good bent over with a big cock sliding into his wet hole. Keep watching though, because he looks even better riding that big cock! Jason strokes out a nice load while being plowed on his back and Alex finishes himself off streaking cum all over his massive chest.

For the third scene, it is time to bring on BIG muscles and BBC! Fortunately the producers have decided that Adam needs two Tonys to take on his massive trunk. Lots of oral and muscle appreciation lead to some deep deep penetration. Luckily Tony Serrano can give it as much as he takes it so that Tony London can have big cocks at both ends! Lots of ass pounding takes place in every position until Adam and Tony spread big loads all over Tony London’s smooth ass.

Finally, Antonio struts his muscled stuff for the camera until he is joined by an appreciative Morgan. Morgan also knows how to appreciate that big cock of Antonio’s and slurps it up and down, making it totally wet and ready. Ultimately, Morgan needs to feel that big meat sliding in and sits right on top of Antonio and rides him big time. Morgan’s a big boy and Antonio is really verbal. Antonio takes him every which way and forces a load out of him while he is on his back. Muscleman Antonio then strokes out his own massive load.

This movie is full of hot men and hot scenes with good close up shots and good cum shots. Maybe you should tie up your hands before the movie starts or you might just end up making a mess of yourself.


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