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Archives for: May 2010


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Inside Out

As Inside Out opens, we find two extremely hot, smooth-bodied musclemen, Eric and Jasper, in a bed situated in a beautiful green field. They are both wearing black Colt underwear which looks great on them. The bright sun is beating down on their tanned chests and you can sense that some sweaty sex is not far off. The premise of this movie is that bedroom activities can be even sexier when filmed outdoors and I found that premise to be true!

Inside OutJasper has an astonishingly beautiful and large uncut dick and when Eric starts to suck him into a full erection, you wish you were there to enjoy that sumptuous cock yourself. This is long slow sensuous sex that takes its time and brings you into the pleasure. When Eric gets his ass in the air you want to just take it yourself, it is so appealing. Jasper and Eric pleasure each other and when it comes to entry it is impressive that Eric can take that massive meat all the way inside. Be ready, though, because these men do a flip around that is really great. Watching Jasper’s ass be taken by Eric is fully hot because it is unexpected. They both pump out massive loads on their beautiful chests at the end and they are not the only ones smiling at that site!

Scene two brings on muscled hairy men, Tom and Darin, who are also making out in a bed in a green field. It is soon clear that Tom who has a very dark tan also has a very thick piece of meat between his legs. As Darin is sucking him you know that you are wondering can he take all of that thickness up his cute ass. Lots of hot oral action takes place between these two including some fine ass licking scenes that may give you an itch or two. When it’s time Tom lifts Darin’s legs into the air and glides that big dick into the waiting ass. Tom then proceeds to pound Darin in multiple positions until you won’t believe what comes next. These two are also versatile! Darin takes his time to loosen up Tom’s big dark ass but once that is accomplished, boy does he pound away unmercifully. Just when you think that Tom has had enough pounding, he rolls on his back and Darin slides right into him, almost sending him off the bed. These two hot sweaty men pump out their impressive loads at the end for a very hot climax.

In the next scene Mitch and Eric are in a bed that is mostly shaded by tall trees with just patches of sunlight coming through. The early tempo of the scene is soft and sensuous as these two muscled guys slowly gear themselves up for some hot passion. This is lovemaking more than physical sex. As these two hot guys orally and anally stimulate each other there is a hot connection between them that will keep you glued to the screen. When it comes to penetration, Eric holds onto the top bed posts and squats for Mitch to slide his hard cock up that smooth ass. Now that passion is here in full these two go at it with abandon. Hairy muscle pounding into smooth muscle is very hot! But you know at this point that turnabout is going to happen and you know it is just as stimulating to watch smooth muscle going into hairy ass.

Our bed is back out in the sunlight for our final three muscle men, Sky, Ricky and Luke to get it on in the great outdoors. Both Sky and Luke are big body builder type men while Ricky’s muscled body has less mass. All three of our hot men are in Colt jock straps that keep that meat bound up for only so long! These three hotties are barely able to keep their wild oral and anal stimulations on the bed. Three hard bodies with hard cocks means that there’s a lot to look at! And it isn’t Ricky who ends up in the middle. Sky takes those honors as he gobbles Ricky’s cock while being pounded by Luke. After a while Luke let’s Ricky have a go at Sky’s muscled ass. Luke then slides under Sky to get into a hot 69 position. Now we have a great camera shot of Luke sucking on Sky’s nice cock while Ricky pounds away at Sky’s ass. Just great!

Lots of muscled bodies, hard cocks and firm asses to make any many happy. Cum for it and you will enjoy this one.


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