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Archives for: March 2010


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Bi Sex Party 5: Fuck Club

This movie starts out as a group of sexy 20 somethings gather in a local dance club for some fun drinking and dancing. It takes a little time for people to get comfortable that there is going to be some serious physical action here, but hang on for the good stuff. You know that you are going to want to see these sexy people naked and having hot sex!

Bi Sex Party 5: Fuck ClubThe action starts with guy on guy and girl on girl. Zippers come undone and hands and lips start to move in on those sexy body parts! Before long it’s male and female lips sliding up and down a nice hard cock or gently licking a pussy to bring it to its proper stage of fully wet.

You will wish sometimes that there were more closeup shots of the action, but part of what makes this scene very hot is that there are 30 shapely people in this one room who are all getting worked up and worked over. This is a fully bisexual movie with just as many men sliding up and down on hard cocks as there are women. All of the bodies are in great shape and some are actually spectacular. Boy’s and girl’s asses are equally worth plowing and everybody gets into the action.

About halfway through the movie, the condoms come out and serious penetration of ass and pussy is underway. This is a movie with no holes barred and all holes bared, so you’d better know what you are doing if you bend over to suck on a cock. In addition to one on one pairings, there are hot groups of threes with MMF, MFM, FMF, FFM, MMM and then there are groups of more than three. With so many good looking bodies, you are sure to have some favorites that really get you worked up.

As the movies heads into the back end, you can feel the room get hotter and the sweat starts to flow freely on the hot young bodies. The men have tremendous stamina and are able to hold off their orgasm until the concluding section of the movie. But rest assured, when the cum starts flowing these young guys know how to pump out huge, hot loads.

This is equality of the sexes! Full equal opportunity!


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