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Archives for: February 2010


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This movie opens right away with two hot smooth Latin men, Rick Gonzales and Mario Cruz, who are in a leather setup scene with sling and leather play area. Rick has a very large dick and before long he has Mario in the sling taking all of his thick meat. Mario’s cock is also sizeable and Rick pumps Mario and jerks him off at the same time with lots of hot moaning going on from both of the sexy men.

LeatherpunksMeanwhile Duke Rivers shows up and starts stroking himself while dripping hot wax on his chest. Roger Beaumont steps in and 69’s with Duke. Soon Owen Hawk and Jason Dean enter and we have a full blown orgy with leather men switching partners and positions including who is in the sling! These are mostly smooth hot leather men in various leather attire working each other into hot sweaty hunks. Plenty of ink is also visible even though some is clearly covered under the leather. This is hardcore man sex, so real that you can almost smell the sweat coming off these guys.

The group sex moves to the mattress where multiple fucks take place simultaneously. Muscle meets muscle and hard cock meets tight round ass. One hot part of this movie turns into a gang bang of Owen as he makes his cute ass available in the sling and then on the mattress, too.

The mattress has a number of large dildos and the bottom boys on the mattress show their skills by taking massive dildos up their asses. These toys are at least 4 inches around and 12 inches long. These hot sweaty guys suck, and fuck, and moan and grunt their way to orgasm. There is nothing gentle or feminine about these men. This is nonstop sex but I have to say that the best scenes all include hot man Rick and his massive dick. Make sure that you save your load for the back end of this movie for the very hot and penetrating double penetration scene. There is, of course a giant cum scene at the very end when each hot man pumps out his sweet load.


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