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Archives for: November 2009


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Man Island - Scenes 1, 2, 4, and 5

OK, so if you were stranded on a tropical island and you saw sex star D. O. come up on the shore, you would probably bend over pretty quickly, too! Fortunately for this movie the porn stars are really hot, because there are just so many huge (sometimes laughable) plot problems that you wish they had just made a straight (well, gay, really) porn movie in this nice setting without trying to make a story.

Man IslandNot only does D. O. wash up without any sand on him, Mario Perez is there looking for him from a tree that he climbed by using a ladder that looks like it was from Sears in 1950. These two hotties meet and have amazing sex (of course) which includes some simian fucking in a tree. Did D. O. have that condom tucked in his Speedos when he was washed ashore? Great for camera angles! You can feel all of D. O.’s large cock entering Mario you are so close and the camera work is so great. Ultimately D. O. gets Mario on his back on a tree stump, but somehow there is a Ralph Lauren looking towel on the stump to protect Mario’s back from the wood. It does not protect him from D. O.’s wood which just pounds him mercilessly. As I said, these are two very hot guys who make a great porn scene. Just enjoy or overlook the plot issues to have a good time (or a good laugh).

When you find a hot man washing up on shore on a log at the start of scene two, the first thing is to see if he has a firm ass. Don’t bother with his breathing, just slide your dick into his face and if he is OK, he will start to suck it. Much of this scene takes place in the water and it is pretty hot to watch these two hunks go at it orally and anally in the wild. Luckily Rocko has enough energy left to seriously ride Tim Kruger's cock in multiple positions on the dock.

This island is full of hot muscled smooth Latin men with big equipment. I gotta find out where this place is! Hot sexy scenes with lips all over big dicks and smooth asses getting eaten and plowed from all directions. It is just so hot to watch the tight bottom ass of Rocko get fucked by Tim while his own hard dick is swinging back and forth. In this movie the bottoms have dicks as big and as hard as the tops.

Skipping forward to scene four, this scene makes this movie. A sexy night scene that takes place totally in the water and even includes some underwater photography that catches big dicks in action. All of the oral sections are very sensuous and beautifully lit. You have plenty of opportunity to see that large dick belonging to Rafael Alencar which eventually gets used in the shallower water. The bottom man, Marco Paris, floats on his back and is penetrated repeatedly with this long beautiful shaft. Close up photography gets you right into the picture and you will love it.

The final scene, scene five, brings all of these hot Latin men inside for a sex man orgy. All naked, all hot oral, licking and fucking to their dicks content. Hot asses, big dicks and smooth muscle all in one room. Who needs anything more than that to be satisfied? Everything leads to a final gangbang that will have you coming back for more.


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