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Archives for: July 2009


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Filled UP with Big Black Cock

Jamie comes to Max Entertainment to deliver a package and discovers that they do business in gay porn. Since Jamie always wanted to be in porn, he is more than willing to demonstrate that he does have enough cock for the job! Josh provides some oral stimulation to get Jamie going and there is no way that he can deep throat all of that big black tool.

Filled UP with Big Black CockJosh is a thin smooth twink and he is a good match up for our hunky Jamie with all the BBC that anyone could fantasize about. Josh swings his cute ass around so that Jamie can get it all loosened up for some real action. You just know that Josh is thinking only about taking a ride on that big black cock while sucking Jamie as hard as he can.

About halfway through this movie, Josh can’t wait any longer and needs to be filled up ALL the way. It is amazing that he can take all of that big dick, but he is a great rider and we see him riding like a wild cowboy while his ass is smacked by Jamie. You would think that his eyes would pop out with all of that hard dick up his little ass!

At the three quarter point in this movie Josh turns around and rides Jamie from the front. Surprisingly Josh also has a good size dick that does a fine job flopping around while Jamie fills him up. Josh continues to stroke himself to an extreme point of pleasure. In the end, Josh shoots a nice load while he is still filled up with big black cock. We next see Jamie squirt out his own impressive load all over his own chest while his thick fingers are up Josh’s very white ass.

This film doesn’t have a lot of passion or great production values, but if you like to see white butt being totally filled by big black cock this is the movie for you.


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Categories: Pro Studio, Bareback

Bodybuilders Bareback

This movies goes right to it with musclemen Josh and Aidyn showing you what good muscles can look like. While Aidyn appreciates Josh’s hot muscled body, what he really wants is good head and a tight hole to plow. Josh readily gets on his knees and slurps up Aidyn’s cock until he is ready to bust a nut. What Josh really wants is that dick deep and hard up his sweet ass. In some really closeup shots that will have you pulling your dick out of your pants, Aidyn rams Josh from every position possible and all over the floor. Closeup shots of that big hardon sliding in and out of those sweet cheeks will keep your eyes glued to the screen. Ultimately Josh can’t take it any more without blowing his load all over his chest, but that doesn’t stop Aidyn who mercilessly keeps on going. Aidyn pops his cork all over Josh’s smooth ass and then plows his cum right back in. Really hot watching that cum covered cock sliding into that great ass!

Bodybuilders BarebackNext up Jason and Alex meet in the same room, but they are two very different men. Jason is the type of frosted blonde boy who is so cute that you just want to put him on his knees and think about how good he’s going to be when you ultimately bend him over. Alex is a beefy bodybuilder with great biceps that appeal to Jason. You’ll be glad to know that Jason does look pretty good bent over with a big cock sliding into his wet hole. Keep watching though, because he looks even better riding that big cock! Jason strokes out a nice load while being plowed on his back and Alex finishes himself off streaking cum all over his massive chest.

For the third scene, it is time to bring on BIG muscles and BBC! Fortunately the producers have decided that Adam needs two Tonys to take on his massive trunk. Lots of oral and muscle appreciation lead to some deep deep penetration. Luckily Tony Serrano can give it as much as he takes it so that Tony London can have big cocks at both ends! Lots of ass pounding takes place in every position until Adam and Tony spread big loads all over Tony London’s smooth ass.

Finally, Antonio struts his muscled stuff for the camera until he is joined by an appreciative Morgan. Morgan also knows how to appreciate that big cock of Antonio’s and slurps it up and down, making it totally wet and ready. Ultimately, Morgan needs to feel that big meat sliding in and sits right on top of Antonio and rides him big time. Morgan’s a big boy and Antonio is really verbal. Antonio takes him every which way and forces a load out of him while he is on his back. Muscleman Antonio then strokes out his own massive load.

This movie is full of hot men and hot scenes with good close up shots and good cum shots. Maybe you should tie up your hands before the movie starts or you might just end up making a mess of yourself.


Want to watch this movie now? Go here to watch a scene or the entire movie:

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