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Archives for: June 2009


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Chicago Pig Orgy

If you ever wanted to know what a good sex party is like, take a good long look at this movie. We start with the party already in progress with various pairings of guys giving good oral to each other. Some of these guys are just regular Joe's and others are really very hot. These are real men and not porn stars but some of the dicks are a nice good size and some of the asses are really cute. Some men have on full leather and some just leather accents while others are completely naked. There is a sling in the room that gets some good use and fucking takes place on all the furniture in this hotel room.

Although the movie only starts with about six men, by the second scene there must be twenty or so guys going at it. The camera pans around the room periodically so that you can see all of the action that is taking place and then settles in on two hot guys who are really getting it on together. There are twinks and daddies along with some really hot guys in their thirties. Sometimes you can feel the heat of the room coming off the screen. There’s a lot of good cocksucking, ass licking and deep ass pounding to keep you stroking your way through this movie.

In scene three there is a hot twosome that takes place in the bedroom that eventually becomes a threesome, foursome and finally fivesome that includes some of the best sucking and fucking in this movie. This scene also contains a very hot threesome in the sling that has deep hard dicking in both holes of this hot bottom boy. His face gets covered with cum while his tight ass is full of big dick.

Scene four brings out the massive black dildos that you can’t believe these leather guys can take, but stuff them in they do. The ending is a very hot threesome where pig boy gets fucked deep on a table while his face gets loaded with cum. You will wish that you were in Chicago for this one!.

You’ve always heard that Chicago is a town where you can get some good meat and this movie proves that saying to be true! Gotta go catch my plane to Chicago now.


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Categories: Pro Studio, Bareback

Bare Under The Sun

It’s always exciting to have hot sex around the pool on a hot sunny day. This movie starts in just that place with well built Franco lounging next to the pool with his muscled ass on full display. Sandro, a lean black man with big equipment, can’t help but be attracted and moves into Franco’s view. Franco is enticed by all that man meat and Sandro grabs that sweet muscled ass to get things going. Sandro is so big and thick that Franco almost can’t take all of that hard cock in his mouth but he does. Franco’s muscled ass however has no problem taking all of the dark meat deep as he rides Sandro for a nice long session. Sandro, however, needs to be the stud he is and puts Franco on all fours and deeply fucks him from behind. It’s really hot watching all of that hard cock slide all the way out and then pounding its way back in. Sandro moves Franco into lots of other positions always stuffing that big hard cock deep into that nice muscled ass. In the end a hot, sweaty muscled Sandro pumps his load all over Franco’s waiting face. Very hot!

Bare Under the SunThe next scene shows that Franco knows how to do his own pounding. He meats up with muscleman Lee and soon has him fully bent over taking hard dick up that manly ass. Next Franco puts Lee on his back and mercilessly pounds that cock into that hole while holding Lee’s legs up in the air. Before Lee can pump his massive load all over his muscled chest, Franco puts him on his stomach and pisses all over his back. Franco then pumps out his own massive load all over Lee’s chest for a good finale.

Sandro has recovered enough now to take on another muscled ass. Jesse is a really masculine man with ink and a PA who is ready to take Sandro’s big dick. Sandro gets him pinned up against the metal bars on the window and slides that big cock all the way in. We get good shots from below to watch the full penetration while Jesse holds onto the metal grate. But the hottest part of this scene is when Jesse is bent over the lounge chair and Sandro slowly pumps him from behind. Sandro can’t stay at that speed though and it isn’t long before he is building up to a very fast rhythm of full bare fucking. When Sandro is done having his way, Jesse gets on his back and pumps out a hot load all over his hot chest.

Now we see Dave take on Lee. They are out on the open water in a sailboat when Dave takes Lee from behind. Lee is spread eagle on deck and Dave just slips him that big meat and pounds away using the rising waves as a way to pump in deeper. Jesse shows that he too can give as good as he gets. Jesse also pumps his way into Franco while on this sunny cruise. The lighting and camera angles for this hot scene out on the open water are especially good. This sailboat does get some heavy duty rocking!

Now comes the first threesome when Sandro decides to join in on the pumping of Franco. All of these hot men make good use of the prow where the bottom can lift up his ass by spreading on the metal bars providing good entry for all that big cock.

Back at the pool Sandro decides that Dave has a nice ass, too. Dave is also very interested in Sandro’s large dick and proceeds to suck it into its full length. Before long Dave is bent over and Sandro is sliding that big cock between those masculine ass cheeks. Dave can take it and Sandro proceeds to put him through a number of positions, each time getting that dick deeper and deeper. It is so hot watching Sandro’s great dick pounding away at that masculine ass! In the end Sandro pumps out a big load all over Dave’s waiting ass. The cum is dripping off as the camera pulls away.

Now that Dave has had Sandro he’s giving up his ass to Jesse again, only this time it’s poolside. Dave is a big muscle guy with large nips who can take a good pounding. After Jesse gives Dave all that cock up his ass, he slides it out and strokes a hot load all over Dave’s eager face.

You will have a great time watching these masculine men with big cocks pounding away whether it is at the side of the pool or out along the French coast. Some very hot men and some sexy sun filled scenes make this a movie that is good for your own cock.


Want to watch this movie now? Go here to watch a scene or the entire movie:

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