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Archives for: May 2009


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Cruisemaster Road Trip 4

by Massage Man

So what kind of trouble can three hot versatile men get into in a men’s room? The scene opens with Tigger (Tigger changed his name to Tober Brandt shortly after this was filmed) feeding Chris Neal his big dick in the stall of an office men’s room. Chris Neal’s own massive dick is in full display as he sits on the toilet and wolf’s down Tigger’s man meat. This is hot action even with their clothes mostly on! Before long Josh Kole enters the men’s room and tries to make a connection with these hot guys in the neighboring stall. Soon Josh is right in there with them. Each are taking turns on a dick and Chris working on them both which gets turned around when both of them are sliding wet lips all over Chris’s inked cock. Amazing that all that dick can fit into one stall!

Road Trip 4Kole suggests that they move the fun to his office not far away. If you thought that these guys were hot with their clothes on, be careful that you don’t shoot too soon when you see these three masculine men go at it full bore naked! Hot oral action continues but you know that anal is not far off on their minds. Since they are all versatile, everyone of them gets plowed before the end, but there are two especially hot scenes. The first comes when Josh gets double dicked by these two enormous cocks! That is closely followed by a fuck train with Chris in the middle. These three men steam up that office and blow their huge loads at the end. Unbelievable! Terrific!

Now we move to a hotel room in Tyson’s Corner, VA. Young Mark and Toby are just getting their trick going when the scene begins. These hot young guys are fully clothed as we begin, but slowly clothing comes off revealing smooth muscles. As we get down to just briefs, the pace slows as they each explore the other’s sexy body, enjoying the feel and taste. Soon there is a rip in the back of Toby’s Perry Ellis whites. Mark is moving in on that bubble butt with tongue and finger, getting Toby ready for what comes next. It’s almost like taking a cherry when you see that hard cock slide into the tight lubed-up hole while Toby is still wearing what’s left of his briefs. Toby is no novice; he is thoroughly enjoying all those hard thrusts. Mark wants to take him from the front too, so he clears the table and slides Toby onto his back with his legs fully up. These are two smiling boys!

The final scene shows heavily inked Mike Flynt naked and stroking his massive cock when Justin enters the room. Justin has a sweet smile on his face when he sees the huge cock that he is going to have fun with. Only a small amount of oral gets Mike ready to do some ass play on Justin. Licking, fingering, lubing up that smooth hole is necessary when you have that much dick that is going to be sliding in. Justin is up for it and moans in real pleasure when he feels all of that hard cock come sliding right in all the way up to the nuts. If you like to see smooth white ass getting plowed by big dick, make sure that you get in this scene. Surprisingly, half way through these hot guys change positions and Flynt has his ass in the air getting worked by a huge dildo! More massive toys come out and you won’t believe that all that could fit in!


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