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Archives for: April 2009


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by Massage Man

The opening scene is a good viewing of all of the hot smooth chested men that you will see in this film. All eleven are either giving or receiving blowjobs as the camera pans back to let you see this hot masculine group scene. While some of the men here are young, they are men, not boys. Although not all the chests are unbelievably chiseled, there are enough hot chests to get you going. Unfortunately they all have on shirts that are opened to expose their chests, but those shirts stay on throughout this scene. There is also some hot anal and toy action that will have you reaching for your dick. Be careful though because the end of this scene has everyone of these hot guys shooting a load on a smooth tan chest. You will have to figure out who you want to cum along with!

ChiseledScene two puts four of these fine looking men in a cruise ship cabin where they are slurping up dick while being fucked from behind. There’s no dialogue and if the Greek music in the background bothers you just put on the mute. If you enjoy all those moans and groans then you’d better get used to the music! Before long these men with good abs are taking big dick from behind and enjoying every minute of it.

Do you like smooth hard bodied young men? In scene 3 two hot guys are gonna make you wish that you were in the room with them to make it a threesome! This scene is definitely for those who like to watch two hot men fuck in multiple positions, seeing that hard cock go between those smooth ass cheeks over and over from every direction.

All that I will tell you about scene 4 is that it will show you the best way to drink a glass of champagne! These are big dicked hard bodied men enjoying themselves as best they can and so will you!

The last scene is all MEN; there are three hunky smooth men getting it on just for your pleasure. Well, they might be enjoying it themselves but so will you! Just make sure that you know which direction your dick is pointing when watching this scene!

If you like hard cock, big balls, and smooth chests, you need to catch Chiseled.


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