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Archives for: March 2009


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Bareback Gang Bang

Cock after cock after cock. Calvin Hudson, our muscle bottom just gets filled constantly throughout this movie. He starts with Marco Paris, a muscle top with a huge cock but before long he is joined by another big dick that wants to be in his mouth. And so it goes with these smooth muscle men taking turns, one after another, and each holding back his load until the end. And you will be cumming yourself with that loaded ending!

Each top enters the room after 3 or 4 minutes and just puts his dick right in Calvin’s face. Those big dicks get eagerly gobbled while that muscled bottom ass just keeps on being filled with thick dick sliding in and out. There are lots of closeup shots of those big cocks pounding away at that hot ass and you will feel like you are there for the action.

After twenty minutes of this non-stop fucking, our bottom man is so tired that he has to lay flat on his stomach. That doesn’t stop those manly tops who just take him from behind anyway. Pushing their hard cocks right into that firm muscle ass, sliding in all the way to make sure that he gets the full impact.

Half way into the movie Calvin gets his energy back and starts to ride all of these big cocks while sitting on top. This position allows for great closeup camera angles and you are right in that ass with the rest of them. He has a hard time with Marco’s big dick, but eventually he really gets it all in there. Erik and Ethan Palmer also perform well at completely filling up that round firm ass with their massive dicks. There are 10 big dicks pounding away, being sucked or just stroking throughout this movie.

There are no great production values here when it comes to the set, but you wanted to just look at those big dicks sliding into smooth ass anyway didn’t you? All of the performers are smooth with a wide range of body types so there is sure to be one that will speak to you. At the end of this movie all of the big cocks just spray their loads all over Calvin. White cum all over his black skin is very hot.


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