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Archives for: February 2009


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Too Big For His Britches

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Sometimes it’s good to go back in time to the porn of yesteryear. This film is more than twenty years old and takes us back to a different time for porn and fantasy. Each of these scenes has our hot bodied lead, Jim Reeves, playing with himself and thinking about what he'd like to be happening.

Jim is supposed to be going for an interview but is delayed playing with himself and his fantasies in the first scene. And in the second scene his car won’t start and so he is forced to hitchhike. Luckily he is picked up by a hot hunk. Jim then goes into his fantasy mode and starts to fondle the driver, leading to a hot blowjob in the front seat. Although they are observed by a cop, this is a cop with a big dick who doesn’t mind taking a good licking front and back. Ultimately, the driver gets fucked by the policeman (has this ever happened to you?) while still in uniform and helmet. The cop is versatile and takes it spread-eagled over the car! By the end there is a three way chain fuck that gets that car rocking.

Jim finally gets to the interview and has to wait while this hot young blonde boy goes in first. Jim, of course, thinks about the hot sex scene that is taking place in the next room as the cute blonde gets on his knees for this interview. This is not only a hot young slim blonde, but also a manly thick dicked boss who intends to take full advantage of this boy not only on his knees, but also spread over the desk. There is an explosive orgasm at the end of this scene that is just amazing! A very hot duo, you can understand why Jim is awakened from his fantasy to find that his cock is bulging through his tight jeans, enough so that he is embarrassed and has to run away from the receptionist.

After Jim runs out of the interview, he needs to get back home. Looking on the street he sees only hot men and he thinks about how they would be matched up in a hot steamy fantasy scene. Hard bodies and big thick cocks coming together in sensuous filming. Forceful man sex at its best! Lots of big thick meat ramming man ass until culminating in huge explosions of cum. Of course Jim wanders into a male focused adult bookstore where he can’t help but grope himself into another fantasy. Here two hot bodied young men with big hard cocks enjoy each other orally until they can’t wait any longer. It is hard to take all of that big cock but with patience everything fits in and then the ass pounding begins in earnest. It is so hot watching that big hard cock go sliding in and out. This fantasy culminates in two big dicks coming together in one huge explosion.

Jim is now at home with his adult bookstore purchase and this leads to another fantasy with two hard bodied young men with big cocks who suck and fuck each other into a sweaty oblivion of sexual ecstasy. And then to heighten the sexual energy Jim adds a third hard bodied young man into the scene and the pounding increases.

Finally, Jim’s fantasy life brings hunky boss, Mr. Sawyer, into his bedroom fully naked and sporting a huge cock that needs attention. Jim slurps up that big dick but Mr. Sawyer shows his management skills by turning Jim over and sliding that huge cock right in. Jim takes it like a man until both men explode their stuff.

This is a very hot movie with attractive men, big thick cocks and some sweet little asses. Maybe the 80’s were a good time for you, too?


Want to watch this movie now? Go here to watch a scene or the entire movie:

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