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Archives for: January 2009


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The setting for this hot porn movie makes it special. The beautiful amber and orange rocks glow in the sunlight and offset the blue of the water spectacularly. This is not a travelogue though and you will quickly get aroused by the hunky naked men who strut their stuff in this rugged location and at 151 minutes of length you get a lot of action going on in this Gorge!

Dred Scott has a very tight muscular body with inked dorsals that exaggerate his pectorals nicely. We see him in a number of the scenes and he ties the movie together as some sort of native who oversees and gets involved in all of the goings on in the gorge. Ray Dragon who also appears in a number of scenes finds Scott on the rocks and proceeds to charge toward him with sexual passion. The two men engulf each other’s massive hardons with relish and a fair amount of spit. These hard bodied men use their muscles, mouths and spit to good end as both men pump out big loads to complete the scene.

With Chad Williams and Carlos Marquez we have some hot oral on the water in the next scene. Carlos decides that while Chad is driving the boat through the gorge he might as well get some hot head too. Carlos takes all of Chad’s enormous cock, working it to total erection. Then we move this scene to the camp on land and a lot more than oral takes place between these sexy men. It’s hard to believe that Carlos can take all of this cock up his sweet ass, but he does and enjoys every thick inch. Chad pumps that ass deep until he has to bust his nut all over Carlos’ workout chest.

The story line of the next three scenes works together as we get introduced to hot daddy Jake Marshall. He meets up with Scott and just hungrily devours all that hard man meat. They are observed by Ray Dragon and Matthew York. Scott turns the tables on Jake and soon gets a big load out of that hot daddy which then takes us to Dragon having his way with York who doesn’t seem to mind having all that hard cock sliding into his sexy little ass. By this time you are ready for some hardcore pumping and we are not disappointed with the hot men or the good camera work that brings your face right into that ass too. Scott and Marshall get all worked up watching and before long Marshall is taking cock up his ass, too. The sex shots taken in the gorge here are just terrific. Marshall and Scott fuck as Scott slides his wet tongue all over Marshall’s sexual equipment front and back, naturally lubing up that daddy hole. Marshall can’t wait to just back into Scott’s big dick and take that stick for a ride. This is up close and personal photography and Scott gets so aroused that he shoots like a geyser all over Marshall who proceeds to pump out his own prodigious load.

Three hot hikers in the gorge, Ben Jakks, Carlos Morales and Rick Hollander take a sex break from their travels and you’ll be glad they did in this, the sixth and hottest scene in the movie. These three sexy men go at one another like they haven’t cum in weeks. They all have sexy muscular tanned bodies with huge cocks. They start out getting each other fully erect with lots of oral that will have you grabbing your own cock. With all these hard cocks and rimmed holes there is bound to be some good sliding in action and sure enough they all take turns on the receiving end. One huge cock in the back door and another in your face for you to slurp on. Really hot!

The last scene brings us back to our opening duo of Dragon and Scott. Morales wants to get some of Scott’s big dick, but Dragon wants in too. Can Morales take on both of these big dicked men? Big cocks pumping from front and back? Morales takes on Dragon's cock with his mouth while Scott takes him from behind with his massive dick. Flipped onto his back Morales gets mercilessly pounded by Scott until all three of these guys have to release. Morales’ chiseled chest becomes cum covered in no time and all three have huge smiles as I’m sure you will as the camera fades to black.


Want to watch this movie now? Go here to watch a scene or the entire movie:

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