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Archives for: December 2008


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Knocked UP

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This movie is ass-bustingly hot! Three gangbangs filmed one after another. Each one is enough to make you drop a whole load.

The first scene will have any ass man going nuts. The close up rimming shots show us a hole that is readily primed for pumping. And once that hot hole is fully wet here come the hard bare cocks to fill it up. These are not muscle gods but hot looking real men with hard cocks aching to pound that bottom’s hole. Good closeup filming puts you right in the room. The background is full of other hot men waiting their turns to get at that primed ass. Sucking and stroking, just waiting to be next.

Before long we get to the hairy muscle men who don’t even bother with lube. This hole is so full of cum by this point they just plow right in bare to the bone. Watch the bottom’s eyes role in his head as the thick cocks slide in deeper and deeper. There is so much cum in his hole that you swear it is coming out through his eyes. Following each cum shot there is plenty of felching -- very hot to watch. Now that the bottom is full of cum in both holes, and just when you think that the bottom is done, back comes one more hard dick to leave another load. Rock hard cocks sliding in and out of a cum-filled hole. What more do you need?

Scene two brings us the sling! And a new hot bottom with a smooth hole aching to be filled by hard cocks and cum. The sling allows for hot closeup shots that really get to the meat of the matter as hard wet cocks slide over and over again into that sweet hole. There’s something very satisfying about seeing cum all over cock and hole. And these are ALL sizeable cocks! The atmosphere is that of a gay bathhouse with that leather sling and a line of men eager to pump their loads into this hot bottom.

Gangbang number three brings us a very cute young man with smooth butt cheeks to die for. He just gets pounded mercilessly by these large men with equally large dicks. This is aggressive back door entry that shows this bottom who the men are in the room. They take this boy in every position that you can think of, stuffing his holes until you think that he can’t take it any more, but he does. And hold onto your dick when the double penetration scene cums. OMG! The camera angles are not all that they could hope for, but the hot sex in the room more than makes up for this shortcoming.

This is not a film with big production values or interesting sets or plots, but there is more than enough hot raw action to keep you cumming and going. Hard cocks pounding cum-filled holes one after another. There are lots of climaxes in this film and one of them is guaranteed to be yours. What else do you need to get off?


Want to watch this movie now? Go here to watch a scene or the entire movie:

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