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Categories: Amateur Studio, Fetish

Cum Suckers 8 - Scene 4

Cum Suckers 8
I had no choice when watching Cum Suckers 8 than to give it a 5 star rating! I watched scene 4 and back again is my favorite man with the hairy chest and the goatee. I have yet to find out his name, but when I do, I swear I am going to rent or buy every video I can find of his! He is a true cum-pig and a guy that totally gets me off every time I watch him! He is so eager to suck out every drop of cum out of every cock that comes (or cums) his way. If there were ever a contest to find the biggest cum-pig it might be difficult to find anyone more worthy than this man! On his knees, laying down or standing up, this man finds a hard cock, sucks the hell out of it and waits patiently for the cum to start squirting out. In addition to that, he speaks Spanish so well that he now has the Latin boys pumping their loads down his throat. He is a phenomenal find in the world of videos and cum eating, and why I haven't been able to find out his name baffles the hell out of me.

The cocks are hot, the cum shots are plentiful and rarely is a drop wasted. This scene ends with another hot young stud on his knees waiting for 2 other cocks to unload down his throat. He sucks and waits so patiently for the loads to fly his way and when they do he savors every drop. This boy has the potential to fly up to the top of my list of yet another great cum-eater.

Seriously, I don't think I have seen a better scene in a cum eating video than this one. It's definitely worth watching this scene if you like cum!


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Categories: Amateur Studio, Fetish

Minneapolis Cum

When I saw that Minneapolis Cum from Blue Alley Studios was now being offered online, I decided this was something that I needed to watch. Living in and being from Minneapolis you wonder if video producers will do justice to this great city that I live in and just how they are going to portray it. More than anything I wanted to find out if there was anyone that I knew in this video. How could anyone NOT wonder that if you saw a title like that floating around the internet and in the video stores? Being the cum pig that I am, it makes it even more intriguing. The one thing I discovered is we really need to get out in the sun more! You talk about your white boys! Rico, the star of this video, was Hispanic and probably flew in here from Los Angeles or Miami. This boy looked extremely dark compared to our boys here in my hometown!

Minneapolis CumThere were 10 men in this production, all of whom wanted to get their cocks sucked and there were a few that wanted to get their asses fucked, too. Unfortunately for some of them, getting a hard-on was difficult and the poor boy in scene 2 had a horrible time when it came time to get fucked. I don't ever think I've seen a boy in as much pain as this boy was! By the end of the scene, his cock was as limp as over-boiled noodles and there was no hope for the slightest bit of a cum shot from this young stud. Fortunately Rico was able to blow his load and save the day in this scene.

For the most part, the rest of the video was full of boys coming to hotel rooms somewhere in Minneapolis, opening their pants, letting their cocks fall out and allowing Rico to take over from there. I think a lot of these boys were expecting some kind of buff hot porn star on the other side of the door when the door opened, and then they saw Rico. As I said, Rico is a Latin boy and he wasn't "built" or even that great looking. I'm not saying he was ugly either. He just wasn't your typical idea of a hot porn star that one would hope to find if you were going to be enticed or talked into being featured in a video. Some boys appeared to be alright with that fact, others had a problem with it, and because of that there was obviously a lack of chemistry between the guys in the scene. That can be a boner killer every time!

My favorite scene was scene 3. The boys seemed more anxious to participate in this scene (there were actually 2 parts, two different boys in this scene). I must say the boys in this scene were extremely cute and fun to watch. They are both into shooting their loads and the second boy (the blonde one) was really anxious to get his ass fucked. I only wish he had moved off the sofa into a position that looked a bit more comfortable. He looked a bit contorted and pinned on the sofa, and it looked just a little bit awkward. But the energy was good and the butt slamming was hot. This is actually the scene I will go back to and watch again once I am done writing this review!

Scene 4 had a really hot hairy chested stud that I would love to find on the streets of Minneapolis someday. His name is one that I don't know, but his cock and body are something that I would love to be introduced to! The scene was a bit boring to watch only because they remained in the same position on the same sofa throughout the scene. Things could have easily been switched up a bit to give us a bit more action, but the guy that was featured was nothing less than hot! Hopefully one day I will run into this guy at the gym or another cruisy spot in the city! Not for sex, of course, but to tell him what a fine job he did in this video! Ha! Who am I kidding? Of course I want to drop down on my knees in front of him and get what Rico got!

Overall, this wasn't a bad video, however it wasn't an award winner either. But it served its purpose and what more can one ask for sometimes?


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Categories: Amateur Studio, Fetish

Guide To Cum-Eating

I must say that the title of this movie is what brought me to viewing it. As a die-hard fan of the juices a cock will spew out, I wondered just how good this video could possibly be. It had a good start when I saw that Marc Sterling was "the host" for the video. I've always liked him anyway. The topics were good as well: snowballing, deep throating, cum on food, etc.

Guide to Cum EatingScene one covers the topic of snowballing which, for those of you that don't know, is when someone cums in your mouth and then you swap the load back and forth between you and your partner while kissing. Alex Cross was Marc's partner in this scene. Marc also proves in this scene that he is a master at the art of cocksucking as well. He certainly knows how to work a cock and Alex loves having it worked on! When Alex blows, it is fun to see how badly Marc wants to swallow the load and keep it all to himself. In the end he finally saves enough in his mouth to demonstrate the art of snowballing.

Scene two is all about drinking cum from a glass. Keith is the name of the co-star in this scene. The boy is cute and they seem to get along quite well with each other. In this scene Marc also demonstrates the art of playing with another guys balls and touching him in places that are sensitive to certain guys. So not only is this video good for learning about cum eating, it is also just a good guide to anyone wanting to know how to please their partner a bit more. When Keith cums his load is thick but quite large, and Marc is quite eager to drink down every drop that he can get out of the cup (as I would be also).

Eating the cum off of a guy's chest is covered in scene three with Frankie. Frankie is a hot little Latin boy that just leans back and starts jacking himself off. No real action here other than watching him jack himself off, but in some respects this too can be very hot! Within minutes Frankie cums and Marc is right there to lick it up. Because that went so quickly, Marc then demonstrates how to eat the cum off of your own chest -- as if we've never tried that. (Well maybe you haven't. Maybe you should!) Marc shoots a massive load into the air and onto his torso and chest, and eagerly proceeds to gather it all up on his fingers and swallow the load he has produced.

Scene four deals with my all time favorite, cum on food. Out comes the birthday cake and right behind the birthday cake is Alex from scene one. With Marc playing with Alex's balls and kissing him, Alex works his cock, producing a huge load for the cake. A little extra icing is always good on birthday cake!

Dalton, Rick and Austin enter into scene five with a hot demonstration of shooting loads onto Marc's face and into his mouth. Three hot studs standing over one guy, working their cocks and getting them ready to shoot massive loads into another guys mouth, does it get any better than this?!? Of course all three guys do a great job at aiming and shooting into Marc's mouth. Is that enough for Marc? Nope! Marc then remains on his back, lifts his legs in the air, works his own cock into a boiling mass of cum and shoots his own load directly into his own mouth. What a way to end a good video!

For the first time I truly felt I had watched an educational porn video! People always joke about that, but this one actually was and there were some good tips for some people on how to please their partner and themselves and enjoy cum. In addition to that, this was also a good sex video and it got me off as well!


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Categories: Amateur Studio, Fetish

Food Fuck

by Marc

Ok, so the title grabbed my attention! Food, sex, cum: mixing it all together. I love that!

Scene one involves whipped cream, maple syrup and chocolate sauce. Now I'm not one that believes chocolate sauce should ever go below the waist for obvious reasons. But this video had a lot of chocolate sauce down there and at times it looked really rude, especially when it was used for rimming and I just kept hoping they wouldn't use if for lube prior to fucking! They didn't. Then from the freezer appeared the rainbow colored "Rocket Pop(sicle)" and how gay friendly is that? Just as I thought it would be going up Frank Parker's ass, Korry ate most of it, or it melted, not sure which, and Frank shoved it up Korry's ass. Unfortunately, there wasn't a cum shot in this scene and every opportunity was there to have one. That was a disappointment! So much for this scene.

Food FuckBilly Boy is Banana Boy in scene two. Billy is one hot hairy stud and I was very anxious to see how well he worked it in front of the camera with bananas and hot dogs all by himself. The bananas didn't amount to much. He just sucked on those. But the jumbo hot dog went up his ass very easily! At one point the camera cuts away and then comes back to Billy Boy with his legs up in the air, and from out of his ass a hot dog appears! It slides out of his ass and he catches it. He then takes the very same hot dog and starts sucking on it. I wasn't too fazed by that, but some viewers, well, beware! Billy Boy then sits on a dildo, shoots his load and licks the load up off the table. Hot!

An apple pie from mom awaits David Astor when he arrives home in scene three. But instead of eating it, he proceeds to fuck it on the counter top. Buzz walks in and catches him doing it and proceeds to lick the drippings off of David's rock solid cock! After a lot of sucking, Buzz finds a watermelon on the counter, cuts a hole in it and proceeds to fuck it. Soon he cuts another hole in the melon and they both begin to fuck it. This scene then flows into a continuation of the action into scene four. Why there is a break in the scenes, I don't know. It is really all one scene. It isn't long before David is up on the table with Buzz's cock up his ass and he's getting pounded. It's a hot fuck scene with David using the watermelon again which he fucks while he is getting fucked by Buzz. Soon Buzz is cumming on the watermelon and David licks up every drop. David then blows his load in the pie and the two of them eat the pie. THAT was my favorite part! YUM!

Overall it wasn't a bad video. It wasn't great either. There are some ideas there that could turn into a whole series of videos however and that might be what food and cum freaks like me would like to see in the future!


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Categories: Amateur Studio, Fetish

Bukkake Returns to NYC - Scenes 2 and 3

by Marc

Scene 2 from Bukkake Returns to NYC brought back some great memories! Naked men standing around me wanking on their cocks. Each one ready to shoot their load at any time! I love parties like this and I love being the receiver of those loads!

Each one of the guys on their knees taking the loads did a great job of cock sucking and turning the load givers on. My favorite however, was the guy in the red baseball cap with the goatee. Not only was this guy extremely hot, but he was the true pig in the crowd that wasn't afraid to swallow a load or two or three or four. I love that!!! When a company advertises cum-eating I want to see cum-eating! I don't want to see the cock cum in a mouth and then watch that load spit out on the ground. What a waste of a good load! So my baseball cap comes off to the goatee'd man on his knees!

As with any party, there are some hot guys and then there are your average guys. The cool part about this scene is that the main emphasis was filming the cocks in the room and the guys doing the work on their knees. Most of the action was shot from the vantage point of looking down at the action, rather than capturing shots from below. Rarely did you see above the waist of the men getting their cocks sucked. In this particular scene, I liked that and it was well done.

The same goatee'd man was even better in scene 3! What a pig he is! I loved when he was done swallowing a load he often yelled out "NEXT!" Often times he was right there to get any leftovers that some other cocksucker left behind. At one point he lay on his back and captured the cum droppings of a guy shooting his load that another bukkake guy didn't catch while on his knees in front of him. A man after my own heart! This scene -- no, this one individual -- was a huge turn-on for me.

Honestly, in a bukkake video, I could have done without the fucking - that's not what I'm watching this video for. But I suppose when you are in that situation who wouldn't want to fuck and why not capture all the action you can get on film?

One thing you do get in scenes 2 and 3 is cum and more cum and that's what I came here for!


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