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Archives for: May 2010


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Cum Suckers 8 - Scene 4

Cum Suckers 8
I had no choice when watching Cum Suckers 8 than to give it a 5 star rating! I watched scene 4 and back again is my favorite man with the hairy chest and the goatee. I have yet to find out his name, but when I do, I swear I am going to rent or buy every video I can find of his! He is a true cum-pig and a guy that totally gets me off every time I watch him! He is so eager to suck out every drop of cum out of every cock that comes (or cums) his way. If there were ever a contest to find the biggest cum-pig it might be difficult to find anyone more worthy than this man! On his knees, laying down or standing up, this man finds a hard cock, sucks the hell out of it and waits patiently for the cum to start squirting out. In addition to that, he speaks Spanish so well that he now has the Latin boys pumping their loads down his throat. He is a phenomenal find in the world of videos and cum eating, and why I haven't been able to find out his name baffles the hell out of me.

The cocks are hot, the cum shots are plentiful and rarely is a drop wasted. This scene ends with another hot young stud on his knees waiting for 2 other cocks to unload down his throat. He sucks and waits so patiently for the loads to fly his way and when they do he savors every drop. This boy has the potential to fly up to the top of my list of yet another great cum-eater.

Seriously, I don't think I have seen a better scene in a cum eating video than this one. It's definitely worth watching this scene if you like cum!


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