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Archives for: July 2009


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Minneapolis Cum

When I saw that Minneapolis Cum from Blue Alley Studios was now being offered online, I decided this was something that I needed to watch. Living in and being from Minneapolis you wonder if video producers will do justice to this great city that I live in and just how they are going to portray it. More than anything I wanted to find out if there was anyone that I knew in this video. How could anyone NOT wonder that if you saw a title like that floating around the internet and in the video stores? Being the cum pig that I am, it makes it even more intriguing. The one thing I discovered is we really need to get out in the sun more! You talk about your white boys! Rico, the star of this video, was Hispanic and probably flew in here from Los Angeles or Miami. This boy looked extremely dark compared to our boys here in my hometown!

Minneapolis CumThere were 10 men in this production, all of whom wanted to get their cocks sucked and there were a few that wanted to get their asses fucked, too. Unfortunately for some of them, getting a hard-on was difficult and the poor boy in scene 2 had a horrible time when it came time to get fucked. I don't ever think I've seen a boy in as much pain as this boy was! By the end of the scene, his cock was as limp as over-boiled noodles and there was no hope for the slightest bit of a cum shot from this young stud. Fortunately Rico was able to blow his load and save the day in this scene.

For the most part, the rest of the video was full of boys coming to hotel rooms somewhere in Minneapolis, opening their pants, letting their cocks fall out and allowing Rico to take over from there. I think a lot of these boys were expecting some kind of buff hot porn star on the other side of the door when the door opened, and then they saw Rico. As I said, Rico is a Latin boy and he wasn't "built" or even that great looking. I'm not saying he was ugly either. He just wasn't your typical idea of a hot porn star that one would hope to find if you were going to be enticed or talked into being featured in a video. Some boys appeared to be alright with that fact, others had a problem with it, and because of that there was obviously a lack of chemistry between the guys in the scene. That can be a boner killer every time!

My favorite scene was scene 3. The boys seemed more anxious to participate in this scene (there were actually 2 parts, two different boys in this scene). I must say the boys in this scene were extremely cute and fun to watch. They are both into shooting their loads and the second boy (the blonde one) was really anxious to get his ass fucked. I only wish he had moved off the sofa into a position that looked a bit more comfortable. He looked a bit contorted and pinned on the sofa, and it looked just a little bit awkward. But the energy was good and the butt slamming was hot. This is actually the scene I will go back to and watch again once I am done writing this review!

Scene 4 had a really hot hairy chested stud that I would love to find on the streets of Minneapolis someday. His name is one that I don't know, but his cock and body are something that I would love to be introduced to! The scene was a bit boring to watch only because they remained in the same position on the same sofa throughout the scene. Things could have easily been switched up a bit to give us a bit more action, but the guy that was featured was nothing less than hot! Hopefully one day I will run into this guy at the gym or another cruisy spot in the city! Not for sex, of course, but to tell him what a fine job he did in this video! Ha! Who am I kidding? Of course I want to drop down on my knees in front of him and get what Rico got!

Overall, this wasn't a bad video, however it wasn't an award winner either. But it served its purpose and what more can one ask for sometimes?


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Categories: Amateur Studio, Vanilla Suck & Fuck

Sexual Harassment 1 - Scene 1

Today I was looking for a good 'Suit Sex' video and decided to do a search on CRUISING for SEX for that particular category. Sexual Harassment 1 was one of the selections that came up in that category. David Astor stars in one of the scenes and he looked pretty hot from his picture, so I thought "Why not give it a try?"

Sexual Harassment 1Damn, am I glad I did. David is an amazing guy with a beautiful cock on him. Put him in a suit and with another great performer, and you have an incredible scene. Korry was the co-star in this scene and the two of them had great chemistry! They both liked sucking, rimming and fucking (giving and receiving), and when you have two boys that like to do all that with each other, great things can happen.

The scene starts with Korry under the desk sucking off David. David's pants were open and his beautiful cock moved slowly in and out of Korry's mouth. When David stood up, Korry followed and slowly David started removing Korry's clothes. The one thing that I liked here is that Korry became totally naked, yet David remained in his business suit the entire scene. If you are anything like me and are into suit sex, that is a perfect way to film this! One guy HAS to keep his suit on -- even during fucking -- and David did! And when Korry fucked David, the pants were dropped a bit, but the suit stayed on! Love that!

What I really liked was how the camera captured a lot of the details in the action throughout the video. When the cocks were being sucked you got to see not only the details of the cock, but the looks of pleasure on both boys faces. And when the cock entered the ass there were some good angles there as well. It was a hot scene and it ended with two great cum shots. Korry shot his massive load all over David's face and David eagerly accepted it. David shot on Korry's back and proceeded to rub the load into the boy's skin like it were some sort of lotion. I guess it kind of is! YUM!


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