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Archives for: June 2009


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Guide To Cum-Eating

I must say that the title of this movie is what brought me to viewing it. As a die-hard fan of the juices a cock will spew out, I wondered just how good this video could possibly be. It had a good start when I saw that Marc Sterling was "the host" for the video. I've always liked him anyway. The topics were good as well: snowballing, deep throating, cum on food, etc.

Guide to Cum EatingScene one covers the topic of snowballing which, for those of you that don't know, is when someone cums in your mouth and then you swap the load back and forth between you and your partner while kissing. Alex Cross was Marc's partner in this scene. Marc also proves in this scene that he is a master at the art of cocksucking as well. He certainly knows how to work a cock and Alex loves having it worked on! When Alex blows, it is fun to see how badly Marc wants to swallow the load and keep it all to himself. In the end he finally saves enough in his mouth to demonstrate the art of snowballing.

Scene two is all about drinking cum from a glass. Keith is the name of the co-star in this scene. The boy is cute and they seem to get along quite well with each other. In this scene Marc also demonstrates the art of playing with another guys balls and touching him in places that are sensitive to certain guys. So not only is this video good for learning about cum eating, it is also just a good guide to anyone wanting to know how to please their partner a bit more. When Keith cums his load is thick but quite large, and Marc is quite eager to drink down every drop that he can get out of the cup (as I would be also).

Eating the cum off of a guy's chest is covered in scene three with Frankie. Frankie is a hot little Latin boy that just leans back and starts jacking himself off. No real action here other than watching him jack himself off, but in some respects this too can be very hot! Within minutes Frankie cums and Marc is right there to lick it up. Because that went so quickly, Marc then demonstrates how to eat the cum off of your own chest -- as if we've never tried that. (Well maybe you haven't. Maybe you should!) Marc shoots a massive load into the air and onto his torso and chest, and eagerly proceeds to gather it all up on his fingers and swallow the load he has produced.

Scene four deals with my all time favorite, cum on food. Out comes the birthday cake and right behind the birthday cake is Alex from scene one. With Marc playing with Alex's balls and kissing him, Alex works his cock, producing a huge load for the cake. A little extra icing is always good on birthday cake!

Dalton, Rick and Austin enter into scene five with a hot demonstration of shooting loads onto Marc's face and into his mouth. Three hot studs standing over one guy, working their cocks and getting them ready to shoot massive loads into another guys mouth, does it get any better than this?!? Of course all three guys do a great job at aiming and shooting into Marc's mouth. Is that enough for Marc? Nope! Marc then remains on his back, lifts his legs in the air, works his own cock into a boiling mass of cum and shoots his own load directly into his own mouth. What a way to end a good video!

For the first time I truly felt I had watched an educational porn video! People always joke about that, but this one actually was and there were some good tips for some people on how to please their partner and themselves and enjoy cum. In addition to that, this was also a good sex video and it got me off as well!


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