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Archives for: April 2009


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Categories: Amateur Studio, Fetish

Food Fuck

by Marc

Ok, so the title grabbed my attention! Food, sex, cum: mixing it all together. I love that!

Scene one involves whipped cream, maple syrup and chocolate sauce. Now I'm not one that believes chocolate sauce should ever go below the waist for obvious reasons. But this video had a lot of chocolate sauce down there and at times it looked really rude, especially when it was used for rimming and I just kept hoping they wouldn't use if for lube prior to fucking! They didn't. Then from the freezer appeared the rainbow colored "Rocket Pop(sicle)" and how gay friendly is that? Just as I thought it would be going up Frank Parker's ass, Korry ate most of it, or it melted, not sure which, and Frank shoved it up Korry's ass. Unfortunately, there wasn't a cum shot in this scene and every opportunity was there to have one. That was a disappointment! So much for this scene.

Food FuckBilly Boy is Banana Boy in scene two. Billy is one hot hairy stud and I was very anxious to see how well he worked it in front of the camera with bananas and hot dogs all by himself. The bananas didn't amount to much. He just sucked on those. But the jumbo hot dog went up his ass very easily! At one point the camera cuts away and then comes back to Billy Boy with his legs up in the air, and from out of his ass a hot dog appears! It slides out of his ass and he catches it. He then takes the very same hot dog and starts sucking on it. I wasn't too fazed by that, but some viewers, well, beware! Billy Boy then sits on a dildo, shoots his load and licks the load up off the table. Hot!

An apple pie from mom awaits David Astor when he arrives home in scene three. But instead of eating it, he proceeds to fuck it on the counter top. Buzz walks in and catches him doing it and proceeds to lick the drippings off of David's rock solid cock! After a lot of sucking, Buzz finds a watermelon on the counter, cuts a hole in it and proceeds to fuck it. Soon he cuts another hole in the melon and they both begin to fuck it. This scene then flows into a continuation of the action into scene four. Why there is a break in the scenes, I don't know. It is really all one scene. It isn't long before David is up on the table with Buzz's cock up his ass and he's getting pounded. It's a hot fuck scene with David using the watermelon again which he fucks while he is getting fucked by Buzz. Soon Buzz is cumming on the watermelon and David licks up every drop. David then blows his load in the pie and the two of them eat the pie. THAT was my favorite part! YUM!

Overall it wasn't a bad video. It wasn't great either. There are some ideas there that could turn into a whole series of videos however and that might be what food and cum freaks like me would like to see in the future!


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