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Archives for: March 2009


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Categories: Amateur Studio, Fetish

Bukkake Returns to NYC - Scenes 2 and 3

by Marc

Scene 2 from Bukkake Returns to NYC brought back some great memories! Naked men standing around me wanking on their cocks. Each one ready to shoot their load at any time! I love parties like this and I love being the receiver of those loads!

Each one of the guys on their knees taking the loads did a great job of cock sucking and turning the load givers on. My favorite however, was the guy in the red baseball cap with the goatee. Not only was this guy extremely hot, but he was the true pig in the crowd that wasn't afraid to swallow a load or two or three or four. I love that!!! When a company advertises cum-eating I want to see cum-eating! I don't want to see the cock cum in a mouth and then watch that load spit out on the ground. What a waste of a good load! So my baseball cap comes off to the goatee'd man on his knees!

As with any party, there are some hot guys and then there are your average guys. The cool part about this scene is that the main emphasis was filming the cocks in the room and the guys doing the work on their knees. Most of the action was shot from the vantage point of looking down at the action, rather than capturing shots from below. Rarely did you see above the waist of the men getting their cocks sucked. In this particular scene, I liked that and it was well done.

The same goatee'd man was even better in scene 3! What a pig he is! I loved when he was done swallowing a load he often yelled out "NEXT!" Often times he was right there to get any leftovers that some other cocksucker left behind. At one point he lay on his back and captured the cum droppings of a guy shooting his load that another bukkake guy didn't catch while on his knees in front of him. A man after my own heart! This scene -- no, this one individual -- was a huge turn-on for me.

Honestly, in a bukkake video, I could have done without the fucking - that's not what I'm watching this video for. But I suppose when you are in that situation who wouldn't want to fuck and why not capture all the action you can get on film?

One thing you do get in scenes 2 and 3 is cum and more cum and that's what I came here for!


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Categories: Pro Studio, Vanilla Suck & Fuck

Barn Storm

When Allen Silver is out surveying storm damage to his deceased brother's barn he stumbles upon Andrew Justice, Jesse Santana, Dean Flynn and Justin Riddick in the barn. Andrew's been doing some work around the farm and wants to get cleaned up. He strips in front of the other four men and when he's gotten their attention he quickly brings other things to "attention" as well. Allen is invited to suck Andrew's cock and in the most gentlemanly fashion, takes his time going down on his cock. It isn't the usual "get down on your knees and start sucking" either. It was more of a slow, longing look and then a gentle taking of the cock into the mouth and enjoying every inch. I love that!

Jesse Santana is soon sitting on Dean Flynn's cock and riding it like he were a bull rider in a rodeo. I loved the way that Jesse didn't touch his cock at all and let it flop and slap his stomach as he rode Dean's cock. With Allen's help stroking his cock as he rode Dean's cock, Jesse blows a great load. Dean then gets it up the ass by Justin and Andrew while Allen watches and blows a great load all over the ground. While Andrew is taking his turn fucking Dean's ass, Justin then lets his geyser shoot all over his own stomach. Dean then lays on a bail of hay and gets the shit fucked out of him by Andrew. Andrew pulls out and blows a load over the top of Dean's head and Dean sends a hefty amount of jizz all over himself! In the meantime, I am at home watching this scene with a raging hard-on wishing I were a part of this action. Gentlemen, this is what great porn is all about!

Just when you thought you couldn't take anymore, in walks Brandon Monroe, Ty Lebeouf, Scott Tanner and Patrick O'Connor. Their cocks are hard and ready to go and soon these men are down on their knees working over each others cocks. Justin Riddick is here as well from the previous scene and soon all five men are going at it. While Patrick sucks off Scott and Brandon, Justin is taking on Ty. Soon Brandon is getting the rimming of his life by Patrick, who soon shoots an incredible amount of spunk into the air. When the cameras continue to roll they focus in on Scott bending over Patrick. With Patrick's cock in Scott's mouth and Justin's cock up his ass, Scott seems to be in ecstacy. It's apparent they are loving this scene and so am I! It isn't long before load after load of hot juice is gushing out of these men. Brandon and Scott are my favorites in this scene. You can tell there is some real chemistry there with the looks they exchange at the beginning of the scene. When there is good chemistry, there is good sex. Where there is good sex, there is a good video. This was a good video.

The third and final scene is dark. I don't mean dark as in dark and depressing. I mean dark as in the lighting is bad. I don't know what happened. Did the sun set from a long days shoot at the barn and Titan Media forgot to bring extra lighting? Anyway, the energy was going quickly (both in the energy to power more lights and the energy of the men in the video). I was a bit disappointed in this too, in that I was brought to this video from a photo I had seen of Justin Burkshire. It was this blond haired stud that I wanted to see perform, but when he appeared on the screen he looked hard and ready to go but then he was paired up with Allen Silver and all of his energy seemed zapped. There wasn't the chemistry that was so evident in previous scenes. And where there isn't good chemistry, there is boring sex. Where there is boring sex, there is a boring video. And unfortunately scene 3 was a boring scene.

I will say however, that I did like this video and would recommend it even with scene 3 being a disappointment. If nothing else, the first scene is certainly the one to watch. It was all I could do to make it through that scene without popping my own load.


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