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Archives for: January 2009


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Men Hunt

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To say I love this movie would be an understatement! Menhunt (or Men Hunt as it is called on the box cover or Manhunt which is what is used in the opening credits of the film) is one of the best professional studio solo jack-off productions I have ever seen! If you like to watch men in suits (and stripping out of suits) jacking off, this video is a "must have" for your collection! The men are hot and the manner in which they play with themselves and work their cocks in front of the camera is mind-blowing!

I was initially drawn to this video because of cover model Matthew Cameron. I had seen photos of him in emails that I had received. The photos alone got me off several times so imagine my excitement when I found there was an actual video from the photo shoot! Immediately it was on my must watch list and there were NO regrets there! Not only did I get one of the hottest studs in video today, but I also received five other men in the video in separate scenes along with Matthew.

From the moment the camera started rolling and I saw Matthew's hairy chest, my cock was rock hard. He has a look that is so phenomenal that I can't describe it! Needless to say, he is my ultimate type of guy. I have watched this scene a few times now, and damn it, I may have to rent this video a few more times before I'm done watching this man! So anyway, here is this gorgeous man in a conference room in a business complex buck naked (eventually), jacking off in front of the camera.

Behind the bar stands Mason Daniels. Mason has been watching Matthew get hard, strip and shoot his load, so obviously Mason needs to relieve himself as well. In time Mason strips and is soon naked beating his meat and spitting on his cock for lube. This boy is cute, with a bit of hair on his chest as well. Once the cameras have allowed us to see all angles of Mason, he stands up on two chairs and squirts his jizz into a drink from the bar. He then proceeds to drink about half the drink and frankly this is when I needed to walk away from my computer to cool down a little bit.

When I start up the video again, Angelo Gonzales is seen walking into the conference room where Matthew and Mason had just gotten off. Angelo spots the notebook with cum on it from Matthew. He sniffs it and then tastes it. Sure enough, it's cum. He then walks over to the bar and takes a taste of the half gone drink. He then sniffs it and realizes it too has the taste and smell of cum. He finishes the drink. Hard now (he and I both) he then takes this massive cock out of his pants and proceeds to jack off. If that weren't enough, he then wraps his tie around his cock and plays with his cock. Sound boring? It's not! Trust me. His balls expand, his cock bobs up and down, and he becomes the number one cock tease in this video! When he cums on himself he is sure a drop isn't wasted and licks up his entire load by scooping it up with his fingers and licking off every drop.

What does one do when you get on an elevator all alone? Oh, I don't know, pull out your dick and start beating off? Why the hell not? That's what Kristoff Caine did for about 15 minutes in the next scene and it was nothing less than hot! As I have already expressed, I love seeing a guy in a suit pulling his cock out of his pants and getting off. Oh my God, I don't know if there is anything hotter than that. Add to it a man that looks like Kristoff and I am in heaven! Caine is an incredible stud with an equally incredible body and cock! Plus he blew a pretty good load on the wall of the elevator as well!

Augusto Damon couldn't wait long enough for the elevator. He was too damn horny for that. So there in the hallway, outside the elevator, right outside the conference room, Augusto pulls out his cock and starts beating off. No one is around except for the cameraman video-taping all of this and thank God the cameraman is there! Augusto is a beautiful man with a beautiful cock to match. Put him in a suit and watch him strip out of it and you will see the beauty unfold before your eyes. With nowhere else to shoot, he unloads right on the glass doors to the conference room.

Together in the conference room is Gabriel Stone and Matthew Cameron with all of the hair on his body now shaved off! Why oh why did Matthew shave?!?! Setting aside my frustration over that point, I continued to watch as Gabriel removed his black suit and white tie and started stroking his hard tool for Matthew (and us) to watch. Gabriel has a hot treasure trail leading down to his solid rock tool and he loves showing off. Gabriel is close to perfection and probably my second favorite star in this video (second only to Matthew). It was a great performance and one that I am sure to watch a few more times!

As for Matthew with his hairless body, I have to give it to him: it's not that bad. Granted I would much rather see him in his natural look, but I still wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers! He watches Gabriel, strips out of his own suit and shoots a massive load on the door in front of him. What more can I say about him that I haven't already said? He's hot, he's perfect and I'm going to watch this video again and again and again!


Want to watch this movie now? Go here to watch a scene or the entire movie:

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