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Archives for: December 2008


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Gag That Fag Volume 1

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One of the things that I like to see most in porn videos is a beautiful hard cock shooting a load into a wide open hungry mouth. Add to that the enjoyment and look on the receiver's face, and in my opinion you have a great video that is sure to get me off.

This is exactly what I found from Male Flixxx this week with Gag That Fag Volume 1 starring Symon Sledge. Symon is a seasoned cocksucker who actually enjoys the taste of a good load and he brings with that a talent of performing in front of the camera plus a great look. He is a hot man with a willingness to please...and I LOVE that!

My frustration with this video is in the aspect of wanting more. No matter how beautiful Symon is, I wanted to see more cocks being sucked. Seven, eight or nine minutes of watching him work over the same cock in various ways until you get a cum shot seemed a bit long. And that is virtually all you see: Symon and the cock. You never see the top's body or face; only the pants opening up and the cock coming out. You do get to see 8 different cocks (my assumption is they were all different), however I wanted more. And I truly believe Symon could have and would have been willing to deliver more.

In the world of porn these days, there are always guys willing to shove a cock into someone's mouth for little or no pay. A few free videos from the production company is often enough to pop a load. Especially if you aren't showing their face on camera. So why not line up a dozen guys or more and pop some loads for Symon in the same 65 minute time-frame? It would have been a much more entertaining video had this been the case.

Having said that, I did enjoy this video and it did get me off. By the way, Symon, I would be willing to be one of the dozen guys that I was speaking of to blow a few loads for you!


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Categories: Pro Studio, Fetish

Drunk On Cum Volumes 1 and 2

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One of the things I've always liked about Treasure Island Media is, when they do a video about fucking, you better believe you are getting a video about fucking. The same holds true for cum eating. Drunk On Cum, Volumes 1 and 2 is all about cum eating, and Treasure Island gets you up close and personal with the cocks, the loads and the wide open cum catcher of mouths that are going to take every load and swallow every drop! I love watching loads of cum shooting into the open mouths of hungry cum pigs, because that's what I am! I can relate to this more than anything in the world of porn. So when I see it done and I see it done right, I love every minute of it!

In scene 1 Billy Wilde is all about getting those loads. All 6 of them -- cum flying into his mouth and if a drop is missed, co-star Jay Long is there to catch the remains and bring them orally back to Billy's starving mouth. The cocks are hard and they are ready for action when this video begins. From the moment the action starts, Wilde is right there with his lips wrapped around the cum-sicle, licking, teasing and begging for that moment when the balls tighten and the flow of jizz is released. If it lands on his chin, that left hand of his is quickly there to swipe it up and lick it clean! A man after my own heart! At the end of scene 1, Jay is right there servicing Billy, but when Billy unloads into Jay's mouth, Jay doesn't hang on to it. No, Jay makes his way to Billy's mouth, Billy opens up and Jay lets the cum flow from his mouth right into the center of Billy's. It's amazingly hot and caused me amazing convulsions!

Scene 2 takes us to the Powerhouse in San Francisco, a place that I have been many times to patronize and to shoot videos in. Many fun memories were brought back to life in this video! An added bonus was seeing Erich Lange in this scene. I've always thought highly of him and have craved his cock in my mouth for years. Also in this scene was Brian who does an amazing job sucking up load after load at the gloryhole. I started counting how many loads were shot just with Brian alone in this scene and quickly lost track. He's a little blonde pig! I loved watching him go to town!

The biggest turn-on for me was Mike O'Neil! Damn he's good! Again, load after load went pouring into his gullet and he eagerly sucked up every drop. Cocks of all shapes, sizes and colors were here squirting their warm liquid into mouths, like these guys were baby birds waiting to be fed. There was sex happening everywhere at the Powerhouse! I can't imagine trying to be the cameraman and trying to catch all the action. Let me tell you, there were a lot more loads being fed to guys too numerous to mention here. Every few minutes there was another name of another eater or feeder being given credit on the screen. Amazing!

In scene 3 we have Eric Bordon swallowing 5 loads. Andy Dill and Ben are featured (and by featured I mean we actually see the faces of the two of them). These are both very hot guys! The disappointing part of this scene is the final 2 cum shots are not very well captured on video and you really don't see much of the load, although Eric tells us they were huge loads. Was that the truth, or was he just saying that to make the lack-luster cum shots seem more real to us than they actually were? We will never know I guess. Of course the highlight of this scene was Eric producing 5 simultaneous cum shots while jacking off on the sofa. I've never seen someone have multi-orgasms like this before. Overall, this was my least favorite scene in the video, but when you have a video this good does it really matter?


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