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Rate My Cock!

Remember the website Rate My Cock? It was a huge success in no small part because, well frankly, it reduced our manhood down to the one thing many of us care about the most: the cock. All kinds of guys would upload their cock shots, straight, gay, bi, young, old, black, Asian, Latino, white, monster dicks, baby dicks. Anyone could rate the cocks. And legions of men and women did just that everyday.

Somewhere along the way it kind of got lost in the shuffle of websites and many of us stopped our daily visits. Now Rate My Cock has been folded into Raging Stallion, one of the larger porn producers, and they're determined to bring this cock rating service back to the fore-front. Those of us who enjoy amateur pictures and video clips of the biggest and the best will once again be drooling over Rate My Cock!

Below are two preview clips that are typical of what you can find right now at Rate My Cock:

Rate it!

Rate it!

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